Lee Zeldin: Biden Didn’t Want to Hear ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

A sitting president attending the annual Army-Navy game is tradition.

This year, Joe Biden decided to skip the game for more important things… like hanging out in Delaware.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) believes he knows why.

Can’t Take the Heat

When Donald Trump appeared at these games, we all remember the greetings.

Trump loved the troops and the troops loved him, regardless of the outside temperature from the rest of the nation.

Joe Biden is something different entirely.

Joe Biden just approved a mandate that will lead to tens of thousands of troops being discharged or relieved of duty.

I would imagine that is not sitting too well with the Cadets and Midshipmen.

Additionally, fans at college games have been breaking out in “Let’s Go Brandon” chants all around the nation.

Zeldin believes that is more than likely why Biden did not want to attend the game.

He stated, “I don’t know exactly why he did not attend.

“However, I will say this –, and I’ll state it as my opinion, and it could very well be a fact — if President Biden showed up at yesterday’s game, there’s a good possibility that you would have had the largest ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant that has taken place.”

He continued, “That entire arena might have roasted him right out of MetLife Stadium. I’m not saying this to be hyperbolic or incendiary.

“It might have been a calculation made by the White House that if he went to the game — I think — it was a pretty good chance that he was going get roasted out of the stadium.”

I have to say, since I reported exactly that yesterday, I 100 percent agree with Zeldin.

What do you think? Did Biden avoid the game for fear of being embarrassed on national TV?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Breitbart

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31 Responses

    1. LETS GO BRANDON is not welcomed ANYWHERE!! He is a 2 legged fool that should be 6 feet under. GOD, WHEN WILL THAT HAPPEN?? PLEASE PLEASE MAKE IT SOONER THEN LATER FOR THE GOOD OF THE WORLD!!

    2. To deep into Alzheimer to even have our hatred of him register, he only knows that he has to do only what his handlers and Jill tell him to say and do. The pooping and gas were Biden’s contribution to the American people.

  1. Hasn’t got a clue to reality
    Spineless and corrupt President.
    I’m a veteran and discussed with the way America is being ruined.
    Mandates should not happen, especially to are military who protect him and this country.

  2. Agree!!! What does he care about the military and the people and country the protect. He has his own personal security. FJB

  3. I hope China Joe Obribem doesn’t have to depend on the military, cuz I’ll bet they tell him to take a hike when he needs them!
    You don’t treat people like this and then turn around and order them to do something. If Obribem has to depend on the military, with Russia and China showing aggression, he might just have to throw in the towel.
    By the end of Obribems’ term,there won’t be a military left, just a bunch of wokaristas who don’t have a clue about how to even do the jobs they signed up for!! Keep on going the way you’re going Joe, you’re doing a helluva job of destroying the United States!!!!!
    FJB FJB FJB FJB FJB FJB FJB FJB FJB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. IMO, before biden takes leave of the WH, America will see the biggest violation of the Constitution ever, Communist U.N. troops (Chinese) on American soil to institute “crowd control”.

    1. The v.p., harris, is not Constitutionally eligible to be v.p., or p., neither of her parents were American citizens. (as are a couple of others, Rubio and Haley, come quicky to mind, and of course obama, the Indonesian citizen/illegal immigrant to America)

  4. I have to agree that FJB would have been roasted right out of MetLife Stadium.
    Our troops deserve the respect from a president not like Joe Biden.
    Let’s Go Brandon
    Let’s Go Brandon

  5. Biden is ‘president’ in name only. The Ultra Liberals, from behind the scenes, are coaching him, and this should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. There is ample evidence the last election was stolen from Trump, but other cowardly individuals, also controlled by the ultrapowerful rich of the world, would have us believe Biden was the choice of Americans. The election was stolen by the rich and powerful, all who want to rule the world and have the financial power to do so. These individuals could have placed anyone in that position, Biden happened to be a convenient stooge.
    There are six ultra-powerful men who are running the world, and who will continue to do so, for evil will rule, until God intervenes in his time to crush all his foes, destroy this world and create a perfect one, over which he will rule for 1000 years, before bring an end to allhis extra Heavenly creations.

  6. Biden thinks he is doing a great job, but the truth is he is failing at just about everything so him not going to the game was a wise move, one of the better moves made by his handlers

  7. What many of the DemocRAT Biden Administration, keep forgetting, we don’t work for them, they work for us! And iof we could fire the entire administration, we would. Most of these politicians have done nothing except collect an exorbitant salary, like Al Sharpton, VP Harris, and the the rest of the swamp and squad. We are sick of it, and it will come to a sudden stop. FJB ………

  8. Biden hasn’t told the truth since his college days. Plagiarism is dishonesty. He began being dishonest before stealing someone else’s work and claiming it as his own.


  10. There was nothing at the football game that he could blame on Trump. So why should he bother going?

  11. Let’s Go Brandon. Our military did not vote for this village idiot because Biden does not support them. I doubt if he ever attends any Army/Navy games. He would steal the coin flip and sell it to China.

  12. he is a chicken and don’t want to face the truth, he needs impeached and 25 amendments, for almost 800 billion dollars’ Worth of equipment he left in Afghanistan and killing American soldiers, he is incompetent, ignorant, oh, can i say he hurt my feelings too, because he said he don’t work for us

  13. Let’s not forget, we still have our folks in Afghanistan are still there…Brandon never addresses this. He is not unifying America. He could not lead a 2 car funeral procession! Hopefully he will die and the laughing hyena-cackler will disappear.


  14. Nobody wants to talk about it but everybody knows he’s illegitimate that’s why he gets the let’s go Brandon chant he did not get 81 million votes everyone knows it and that’s more than him destroying the country but that’s part of it

  15. Biden is really brain-dead Go see the great oz. Biden says if I only had brain Most democrats are really very stupid stop listening to the far let crap its all garbage so they can live high on the hog they are greedy.And they what power to rule over us,Take them out or die

  16. Let’s go Brandon Your Donkey says it all AS* hole I can’t believe that people voted for a brain-dead president America wake up you have the power to vote him out

  17. Yes, the rich and powerful got him illegitimately elected! Why? They’re afraid of Trump! He upsets their world financial dominance plans. They can control Brandon! So, they conspired and got him elected! Why aren’t we hearing more about the recounts? Same reason! THEY are controlling what happens and the media. I also think Jill is up to her neck in this entire fiasco! She is in a position to monitor him and report! She doesn’t give a hoot for this senile old man, only the prestige of being, “First Lady!” They are all, “Denying Death!”

    I’m only sorry I can’t strike him dead today…working on Putin.

  19. Brain dead, nasty, disrespectful, hateful, disgraceful, evil, Biden is not welcomed anywhere.

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