Liberal Protesters Storm, Breach Department of Interior

It’s January 6 all over again… only Democrats are not freaking out and the media is barely touching it.

That would be because this time, it was liberal protesters doing the breaching.

Dozens of activists broke from the group to storm and penetrate the Department of Interior on Thursday, and reports are just now showing up about the incident.

Where Is the Outrage?

The media just proved how biased it is in its reporting.

On Thursday, climate change protesters turned rioters turned insurrectionists stormed the Department of the Interior.

The building was breached, officers were injured, the property was vandalized, etc.

It had all the makings of January 6, only it was barely covered.

CNN did not cover the story at all…

But this is what went down…

I did some searches, and this is how media outlets covered the event, and take note of the framing by The Hill…

Notice how this was never escalated to insurrection or riot, always a protest or, as The Hill framed it, a “sit-in.”

I used the same language to search for the January 6 “protest” in the days that followed the event, and look what I found…

So, considering how this actually went down, why are there no Democrats railing about it?

Why is Pelosi not demanding an investigation into the insurrection? Why hasn’t Joe Biden commented on it?

Why has the mainstream media not gone after Jen Psaki during her daily briefing on this?

Why did the media use significantly less inflammatory language for the October 14 event than it did the January 6 event?

The bias in the media, in Congress, and this administration for identical events is sickening.

Sources: Fox News, The Blaze, The Hill, & Newsweek

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9 Responses

  1. There is no excuse for this sort of conduct NOT to be roundly
    condemned by all media outlets.
    We need no further example to prove the bias that exists.

    1. Just two days ago it was reported that CNN’s ratings were the lowest ever. People have finally started waking up to reality and see what’s going on around them when it comes to the liberal media. What people don’t know though is that the news media is controlled through the FCC (47 U.S.C. Section 151). When being granted a liscense, CNN (and all other news media) had to agree to reporting an issue fairly and give both sides equal opportunity to report on any one issue. The FCC retains broad powers in regulating these news media, and if they should choose to do so, can impose severe penalties (and ever forfeiture) to these media that faill to report (and hide) the news.

  2. Patriots next March on DC will be armed,and these demonrat POS will be run out of town on rails,tarred & feathered. No National Guard troops will stop us either,they will probably join in.

  3. Typical liberal bias. When radical insurrectionests storm a Federal building , destroy property and attack police its called a
    “PROTEST” They should be jailed or release the Jan 6th protesters that are still being held without being charged.
    Two tiered justice.
    Democrats get away with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.

  4. Did you see the white woman spraying paint all over the federal building? She is a disgrace to the white people. We white people call that “white trash.” The onle reason these liberal protestors even think about doinig something like that is because they know the police have been ordered to stand down. I wish she would try to come to Kentuckyy and try that stupid stuff. No police needed here for that kind of stupidity. We take care of it on our own. I have a profound respect for a woman who is polite and respectful, but I have no respect for a woman like that.

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