Liberals Attack Breyer, Demand Resignation Now

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has just turned the liberal world on its head.

During a recent interview, McConnell stated that if the GOP gets back the Senate majority, he will not support a Biden SCOTUS during an election year.

Well, let’s say this put a massive target on the head of Justice Breyer.

Here Come the Threats

As the oldest liberal justice, Breyer has had a bit of a target on his head when Biden took office.

After the RBG disaster, allowing Trump to nominate his third justice at the end of his term, Democrats are terrified of Breyer not leaving the bench while Biden has time to nominate a replacement.

If Breyer were to retire before the 2022 election cycle, it is all but guaranteed that a Biden nominee would pass the Senate.

If, however, Republicans take the Senate back in 2022, which seems very likely, it will be tough to get a true progressive on the bench, which is exactly what the left wants from Biden.

If Breyer remains and then decides to retire at the end of Biden’s term or passes away in the last year, McConnell’s statement means the seat would remain open until after the 2024 election has been decided.

If Republicans take back the White House, this would mean a 7-2 edge for a conservative ideology, which would have the left burning down the Supreme Court.

Now they are doing the next best thing in their eyes, demanding the Breyer step down right now.

Here are just a few of the posts we have seen on social media…

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has also joined the mob on this front.

Regarding Breyer stepping down right now, she stated, “You know, I – it’s something that I’d think about but I, I would probably lean towards yes. But yes, you’re asking me this question so I’ve just, I would give more thought to it, but, but I’m inclined to say yes.”

Robert Cruickshank, the campaign director at Demand Progress, stated, “If Breyer refuses to retire, he’s not making some noble statement about the judiciary. He is saying he wants Mitch McConnell to handpick his replacement.”

Vox writer Matthew Yglesias added, “Justice Breyer is playing a reckless and irresponsible gamble with the future of hundreds of millions of people.”

This is a legitimate meltdown by the left to the point we are starting to get worried about Breyer and his safety because we have all seen what the left does when it gets upset, and right now, they are FUMING.

Source: Fox News

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23 Responses

  1. I seriously think that Justice Beyer should retire either volunteering or be forced on ONE CONDITION that being – the entire bunch of crooks from Biden down to all Leadership positions in the Democrat party. Big Joe should also take little Hunter with them. Now that’s pretty Democratic – Isn’t It?

  2. If you all think he needs to retire right now then howabout Nancy, shumer Nader and all the rest that’s his age too. That’s what is wrong now you are all power and money hungry. Wonder what you all would do if Jesus came tomorrow.

  3. Oops, I got so excited I forgot to complete my thought. The condition is they should all RESIGN before Justice Beyer resigns.

    1. You are right about that!! They all need to GO!. Also TERM LIMITS! Its ridiculous to let these demented idiots run our country into the ground just because they are still alive and haven’t kicked off yet. They are destroying America. And replacing Americans with Illegals!

      1. Linda,
        Y O U ………… Have an Opinion, as Henry and Others HAVE.. THE SUPREME COURT JURISTS …………
        CONSTITUTIONALY HAVE THE RIGHT To BE THERE FOR LIFE !! They Are NOT Voted In Like Other Judges !!
        Term Limit’s are NOT even set for those In the 2 Houses ( The Senate, House Of Representitives ) If THOSE
        out there in La La Land Think, for a Minute … anyone in the House of Representitives, will bring This UP, your
        fooling Yourself … why shoot THEMSELVES In The Foot ?
        THE SUPREME COURT Is THE Highest Court In The LAND !! Their Word IS LAW …. Agree Or NOT …
        Is Unimportant to me …. YOU ALL Need To Read The CONSTITUTION, Get Inlightened … and see How The FOREFATHERS Came To Write The CONSTITUTION …. By The Way ….. THE 1ST CONSTITUTION Was CALLED
        The Articles Of Confederation ! YES, This ONE Used NOW, The Constitution .. the failure of the 1st one after about 9 years in use …. didn’t work as they had hoped … Rewriting …. The Gave US THE CONSTITUTION !!
        Back T H E N, WERE SMARTER Than What Has Come AFTER … NOw, ALL THERE Is Is MAYHEM, LOOK Around
        A N D NOT JUST IN OUR C O U N T R Y ………………………… W O R L D W I D E !!

        1. demophiles are the disease…however unlike coFIB there is a cure…AIM/SQUEEZE!!!

    2. Gloria Crosby –
      maybe there are those out there, do NOT realize being a Supreme Court HAS that J O B FOR LIFE ! ( if THEY, So Wish ! Ruth Batter Ginsberg is a Perfect Example Of That !!
      THEY are the ONLY Branch that HAS that Option !
      Rightly or Wrongly …. It Is What It Is.. Constitutionly .Speaking

    3. Henry D –
      Constitutionaly, THEY Don’t HAVE TOO !! THIS IS A LIFE TIME JOB ( as long as they feel they are up to it )
      it’s NOT UP To A N Y O N E …….. TO PUSH AN AGENDA, That Doesn’t Hold WATER !!
      YOU may NOT Like It ….. BUT YOU DON’T V O T E THEM IN! as Other Judges, A R E !!

  4. Funny how the demoncraps want Justice Breyer to resign ( Age is the excuse) but they never ever mention the same conditional circumstances for any of the Senators or members of the House of Representatives. Always a one way street for these two faced self-serving hypocrites. If these conditions are pushed upon this justice, then the same conditions should apply to the older members of Congress. This is a great argument for TERM LIMITS.

    1. Steve –
      Term Limit’s Are For Those TOO LAZY, To VOTE For Another Candidate !! The Constitution, SET Limits, per se..
      It’s The Duty of The V O T E R, to use Common Sense … T H E Y are ALL there TO DO, THEIR JOB for The American People …………….. PERIOD …………… If The Won’t Or CAN’T THEN when they are UP for RE-ELECTION
      S T O P Voting For Them Time After Time !! ……….. YOU Know The Power Of The Pen …. MAKE them UNDERSTAND ……….. YOU ARE Being Watched …… And I’m Going To REACT Accordingly ….. FOR TOO MANY DECADE’s THEY’VE Run AMOUCK ……….. AND This Is WHAT has Happened ….. why do the JOB, when the People
      ( VOTER ) keep’s Voting them in again, and again … WE THE VOTER …….. LET THEM, DO THIS , EVERYTIME !!
      THEY HAVE D E C A D E S Of EXPERIENCE in VOTER Mentality… i’m sorry about the bluntness …. just think about it!! 2024, is R I G H T around the Corner ……….. Meaning THE HOUSE Of REPRESENTITIVES ( 430 Members )
      A R E UP ( ONCE again for RE-ELECTION ) There Are Other Name’s On The Ballot ! A N D 2026 THE SENATORS ( The SENATE ) ARE Up FOR RE-ELECTION ( ALL 100 Of Them ) Total From The 2 Houses 5 3 0 !!

  5. Better be careful the dems may call on bill and hillery they seem to be able to get by with underhanded things

    1. Lyudmilla –
      The SCOTUS, HAS That Right ! THEY ARE ALL, THERE FOR LIFE, If THEY So Wish …. THEY Are NOTE Voted In By The VOTER …. A President ( WhomEver It May Be ) when there is an OPENING, a Sitting President Submits a Name and they go to a Conformation Commettee … question for days , then there is a yea or nay vote…. if it is
      nay, then the sitting president Selects another name … and the same process, til one is selected …
      by The Constitution, THIS, IS THE ONLY JOB, That Is FOR L I F E !! biden want’s to PACK the Court … which means adding More Judges to The Supreme Court !! so far He Hasn’t tried to do this ..

  6. I do not feel anyone should be pressured to retire if they are not ready to. If you ask me Nancy Pelosi and her family need to retire NOW! I also believe Omar needs to be thrown out of Congress and the rest of the squad right now! None of these people care about the USA should not be here!

    1. Carol –
      Not To Worry … their TERM …. IS For LIFE, If THEY So WISH ….. Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a SOTUS til her
      Death at 90 !!
      those that are in C O N G R E S S, will NOT Be Thrown OUT !! BUT YOU VOTE CAN DO That !! they KNOW … The PEOPLE A R E In POWER …. B U T ….. SEEM WEAK MINDED To Vote For Another Candidate … Therefore the
      REVOLVING DOOR …. 2024 … Is Coming …….. Which Means ….. The House Of Representitives are UP For
      RE-ELECTION ! that is 430 Of Them !! WE CAN & Definitely, Re-Evaluate OUR Rep. Then Make A Better Decesion..
      this includes those WHO Have TORN OUR COUNTRY ….. in 2026 then It’s The Senate’s TERM !! all 100 of them !
      i’m N O T SAYING ……… THEY ARE ALL B A D ….. BUT Thei Record’s Show WNO THEY REALLY Are … POWER Of THE V O T E ….. Is BETWEEN US And Them …. remember What Has Happened So Far… If YOUR Happy With What
      Has Been And Is Going On ……….. Vote as Usual then.

  7. These cutthroat SOBs should all jump off the nearest cliff! The judge should resist these fools !

  8. Hang on Judge! Don’t Let them bully you into resigning or retiring, and be sure to have extra security protecting you at all times! You have a right to remain on the bench as long as you want to. They can’t force you out, but they will make your life miserable as much as they can, because they have no respect for you or anyone. They are a bunch of vipers demanding THEIR way! The oldies like Piglosi, clyburn, Schumer and the rest should resign or retire first, they are of NO use to our country! All they do is pad their pockets and do nothing for the people.

  9. Wounder what would happen if he nominated one of the Clinton’s or Obama to sit on the Supreme Court? It would be entertaining.

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