Lightfoot Calls for Order, with Caveat

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was just as disappointed in the Rittenhouse verdict as any other Democrat.

She did mask her words a bit better than most, however.

Lightfoot started out on the right foot, calling for law and order and only peaceful protests, then she went down the rabbit hole.

It’s All About the Presentation

Once again, a Democrat is twisting the narrative of what went down that night that Rittenhouse shot three men.

Rittenhouse was not the aggressor in any of the attacks.

He did not fire his first shot until someone came at him, then he was defending himself from a mob, and he was lucky to do so successfully.

A man stood over Rittenhouse with a gun, aimed it at him, yet prosecutors say he should have fought the man with his fists.

Rittenhouse was on the ground when a man tried to stomp his head, so Rittenhouse fired.

Lightfoot, however, stated, “No one should ever take the law into their own hands, or attempt to make themselves the judge, jury, and executioner.”

I agree, but that is not what Rittenhouse did, so that statement is complete nonsense in this context.

It’s funny that we have heard more outrage from Democrats in 24 hours than we have heard in a year about the brutal violence that takes place every day in Lightfoot’s Chicago.

That should tell you just exactly how screwed up their priorities are right now.

Source: Fox News

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39 Responses

  1. Lightfoot is very much dedicated to Biden and the rest in Washington including Springfield as she made a statement “she follows orders”. She can’t even make her own decision because she has NO COMMON SENSE.

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    1. Just sayin’ …………
      Lori Lightfoot should be addressing her own crime wave in Chicago. How many people have been shot this year in your city mayor?

      So, Mayor Lightfoot didn’t sit in a courtroom for X number of days in Kenosha. Mayor Lightfoot did not sit in a juror’s chair and hear all of the testimony, questioning, and videos presented in the case. Mayor Lightfoot did not hear the judge’s side-bars or cautioning of the attorneys. I doubt if Mayor Lightfoot heard ALL of the opening or closing arguments in this case. I know that mayor Lightfoot did not sit in a jury room and deliberate this case for 26 hours! The jurors are complemented for not listening to public OPINION!

      1. Lightfoot is too incompetent to make a rational decision! She along with the other democrat nitwits who control large cities are taking orders from the Obozo/Soros machine with their plan to transform America and these idiots are helping them. Their after more government controls. The more chaos the need for government intervention.

  2. Typical racist black. Beetlejuice only cares what other blacks want to hear. Had Rittenhouse been black, she’d be beating the drum and leading the parade for racial justice. People like “it” have no business being in public office if the races are mixed.

  3. Lightfoot is a brainless, empty headed, woman that feeds the corruption in Chicago. I think she’s getting a kick back per murder. She’s getting rich while doing nothing to help her people or her community!

    1. Lightbrain should shut her ugly black mouth. How is the crime in Chicago? These f***king liberals think they know everything when they are really unaware of reality.

      Let’s go Brandon

  4. Lightfoot’s city burned and was looted last year. Squad cars were burned. The police were told to stand down just like in Kenosha. That’s why citizens took the law into their own hands. Is it a prerequisite to be a moron idiot if you’re a Democrat?

  5. Weren’t the guys attacking Kyle acting like judge, jury and executioners? They might have killed him. So I want to know…why isn’t Kyles life important to those politicians that are talking this BS? Does his life not count because he’s white?

    1. Lightfoot is probably the worst mayor in the country with deblasio right next to her.
      Here you have a queer democrat idiot inciting violence with her words. She has long needed to be thrown out of office and into prison! So does comrade deblasio!

  6. Yeah! I’m sure Rittenhouse’s fist would have stopped a bullet from killing him! Is this lady serious??? Maybe she has bullet proof hands like Superman! LOL!

  7. These ELECTED officials that dont stand behind the truth no matter what color you are, should be removed. I dont care what lies come from her mouth I seen the video and he had every right to DEFEND his self. Shame on you lightfoot. You should be removed from your post. Looks like your on the side of CRIMINALS

  8. Not surprised at the response from any left wing radicals if they do it it is ok but let someone else do something they don’t like then they get on their high horse and complain

  9. What a shame, slander defamation of character, KR should sue her too. If this young man or his family are njured or threatened in any way, the media and the people who will make his life miserable in the name of politics s, should pay.

  10. Shamefully, we have heard more outrage in the last 24 hours from the “leftist radical propagandists) than we did when our President promised he would not leave ONE American behind; but, instead left thousands of Americans behind and we hear nothing about it.
    “Turn the page BIDEN”

  11. Someone should go at that pervert dem without all her paid guards…paid with taxpayer money…..the same way they did Rittenhouse and see what she does…

  12. Someone should go at that p*e*r*v*e*r*t p*o*w*e*r*h*u*n*g*r*y dem without all her paid guards…paid for with taxpayer money…..the same way they did Rittenhouse and see what she does…

  13. Typical dumbo crats B.S. Rittenhouse is a young man, white, mostly a future Republican and acquitted against the Democrats hopes. It is no surprise this is a great time for liberal turds to label him a white supremist . Black lives matters are black supremists but they are embraced by the radical goon dumbo crats. LET’S GO BRANDON! !!!!

  14. Inbred , dyke , trim chewing Beetlejuice , should worry about Chicago and all the murders they have there EVERY DAY !!! This ingrown tree swinger is playing back seat driver on Rittenhouse , when little kids are getting killed weekly in her city !! Hopefully , she’ll choke on some dyke nector !!!

  15. What a laugh, she condemns the very actions she continues to take!
    It appears she seems to think that she is above the law and is the all knowing guru!
    I am 84 and can’t remember in my lifetime someone who appears to have so little regards for others!
    Typical Democrat “my way or the highway “ “laws are made for thee and not for me”. Being her apparent motto!

    Chicago has had some bad Mayors in the past but she has out done most if not all of them!

  16. Lightfoot is dumber than a pile of stones. I can not understand why a persson that stupid is still in office.

  17. Light foot is racist against whites and republicans,she let all the chaos in many cities happen ,beating,burning,killing and stealing,and she did not follow the law,she did not protect her city and people,she is
    A disgrace,I too think she should be put in the same situation as Rittenhouse,she
    what she would do

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