Lightfoot Loses It When Reporter Asks Her to Retract ‘Call to Arms’

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot looks like Beetlejuice on crack most days.

When a reporter gets her riled up, she gets even worse.

Point in hand, a reporter asked her to rescind her “call to arms” post regarding the leaked Supreme Court brief, and she just about lost her mind.

Take It Back

Lightfoot was holding a presser earlier this week to slap herself on the back over a casino being built in Chicago.

During the presser, a reporter challenged her on the casino and on her “violent” tweet.

He stated, “Mayor Lightfoot, you’re patting yourself on the back today for rushing through a casino that 80% of the people in the 42nd ward say they just don’t want.

“You’re saying that this is going to, if it’s ever built, that is, result in tourism, result in conventions, but the real reason why we don’t have the tourism or we don’t have conventions is because of violent crime.

“You issued a violent tweet ‘call to arms’ and since then, we’ve had multiple incidences of mob violence in downtown Chicago, we’ve had shootings, murders, mass shootings — you talk about Texas — mass shooting here in Chicago.”

As Lightfoot started to lose her cool, he asked, “You went to Texas to a gay and lesbian fundraiser, okay?

“I’ve talked to the taxpayers, the voters, the citizens of Chicago, mostly black and brown, they say that they resent that.

“Will you recall, rescind your violent tweet, to call to arms?”

This was the interaction…

I find it funny how she disproves him by proving him right.

When tourism is at 90 percent, you have a 10 percent fall off from numbers that were already dipping.

In terms of the Supreme Court ruling, Chicagoans would have no worries because abortion is readily available in that city and state.

So, sorry, Beetlejuice, I mean Mayor Lightfoot, but it is you that sounds stupider every time you open your mouth.

Source: The Blaze

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10 Responses

  1. If the people of Chicago don’t vote “Incompetent” Lightfoot out of office they will prove to everyone that they dumber then the people of New York and California !!!

    1. You are, who you vote for! This degenerate should have been thrown out by now!! Like the Biden crime family, she has the mob in her back pocket!! You deserve what you voted for!!!

  2. As a normal American, able to travel to anywhere in the country, Chicago is not on the list because of the rampant crime. Along with NYC, and LA.

  3. Did u say she cried? So what? She is a woman. She just preferred to look like a man. Do we have a problem with it? Nope, except that she doesn`t know what she is doing as a mayor.

  4. Before I make my comment, I want to be crystal clear. I am opposed to just about everything Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she stands for. Now to my comment. I do not think she “lost it” in this press conference. She spoke clearly of her beliefs and challenged the person who challenged her. It was clear that he didn’t like what she said, and it was equally clear that she didn’t like what he said. I think the worst of it is the name-calling. I find that when we run out of intellectual argument (which sometimes we never had) we resort to name-calling thinking that is the “wise” way to “win” an argument. She did it (…your stupid remarks…) in essence calling him stupid, and he did it when he stated that she slapped herself on the back with congratulations (in essence stating that she is stupid). We have truly lost the art of winning an argument (which is fruitless when talking politics) by being unkind to each other. We have lost simple civility and seemingly have no interest in trying to resurrect it. C’mon man! Try to feel for the other person as you would have him/her feel for you.

  5. Just take a closer look at the people around her….Self-serving ,ideologist,,,..
    She should have been ran out of town a long time ago,,

  6. I pray for the people of Chi town everyday. I used to plan conventions for my company in Chicago. Our booth had great turnout and we made great connections.
    Unfortunately, our President of our company has cancelled Chicago for the last 2 years for the safety of our
    Sales Team.

  7. Talk about not wanting to hear the truth…..Lighthead is the supreme example of someone who doesn’t want to hear the truth.

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