Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden Incompetent on Foreign Policy

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has often defended Joe Biden because they are buddies.

That friendship has surely taken a hit since Biden moved into the White House.

After Graham’s most recent comments, which utterly destroyed what is supposed to be Joe Biden’s strong suit, foreign policy, I doubt Graham will be getting a Christmas card this year.


Graham was on “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News when he obliterated Joe Biden.

They were discussing comments made by Joe Biden back in 2007 regarding the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East.

The comments completely went against the strategy used by Biden during the Afghanistan withdrawal earlier this year.

Graham stated, “The military told President Biden that if you withdrawal all of our forces, if you leave Bagram Air Base, we can’t defend what’s left and the place will collapse.

“Joe Biden has been the most incompetent president in my lifetime on foreign policy. Worse than Jimmy Carter.

“He doesn’t understand the nature of the war on terrorism. He believes we can withdrawal from these regions and we will be safe.”

You can see the full interview in the video below…

What do you guys think?

Has there even been a worse president than Joe Biden in terms of foreign policy?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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40 Responses

  1. He is the worst President ever. He will never be my President. Our country doesn’t have a chance with him. I pray ever night for help to make this country safe.

      1. The only way that will happen is if the vote is put before the public. Congress would certainly never draft a bill.

  2. This country is being run by a bunch adolescent children who don’t care about consequences. They just care about what they want for themselves, CRT, more Democrats and more $$$$ in their bank accounts. And screw the rest especially conservatives

  3. Joe biden is the worst “president” that we have been tasked with baby sitting ever on any policy foreign or domestic. A sham and a discredit to America.

  4. I dislike Grahm almost as much as Biden after hearing his remark to the Capital Police, saying “you have guns, use them”.
    Maybe we need to add Let’s go Linsey to our chants.

  5. Joe Biden is a total incompetent and a disgrace as President. The world now sees how vulnerable America is because of this clown and his administration. We had the world’s best and strongest military and he made them into pansies. China is dying to get into war with us because they now know we can be beaten. I agree, if a President can only be in office for 2 years, so should Congressmen and Senators and maybe we wouldn’t have Biden as President or Pelosi who is getting as bad as Biden ad who is drunk half the time. Schiff who certainly is shifty, Kamala who is just a joke, Schummer who thinks all radicals are above the law., AOC and her squad of commies all of them trying to destroy the Greatest Nation in the world Voters regardless of your affinity to a particular party, think with your head and vote in the best of the best to save this Nation.

  6. I have never liked Biden from the beginning. I knew he was the wrong person for our country. Democrats was pushing hard to rid of Trump. I hope on the next election, people be smart enough to do deeper research who be qualified to run the United States. Right now, we are edgy and uncomfortable how things are going. God have mercy.

    1. I agree with Sylvia. I have never liked him from the beginning, even in the debate. They are still showing dislike for Trump and afraid he isn’t going to run again. God I’m praying for America to be saved

  7. Impeachment especially for killing innocent people with children, destroying our national security with his idealistic ideas.

  8. I believe we have the wrong president in office. How can a man wants to be president and once in office plans on destroying all our American people and our nation. Only to give immigrants more freedom than they American people. I don’t believe they will ever impeach him or Pelosi

  9. China Joe Xiden is a failure and a disgrace!
    It only took him 10 months to wreck the economy, make us dependent on OPEC, open our southern border to illegals who have more freedom than American citizens, and divide us more than ANY previous administration.

  10. I simply can not imagine what kind of living Americans will have if POTUS finishes his term of four years. He has to be removed from office but then we have to worry about the replacement. Does not sound any better! Let’s go Brandon!!!!

  11. Tell Durham to speed up his investigation so that Hillary & Biden get called in front of congress to tell the TRUTH and after this put in Jail for lying to the american people!

  12. I agree with every person above. But what bothers me all the time is some people think that Biden and harris are wonderful

  13. Biden is completely lost
    , but there is a puppet master behind the curtains directing what is going on and if I had to guess who it is I’d say, “Do you remember all those pop up messages you got on your computer for four years asking, ‘ Would you vote for Obama for a third term?’ Well I suspect that we are experiencing Obama’s third term. with Biden as the dummy.

  14. Democrats have a strange mental condition, they think solutions to all problems can be solved by agreements with people like Kim, the Taliban, China, Russia, et al, by sending more money or hireing more people, democrats just cannot understand there are some in the world that will promise and then ignore that promise, even after happening over and over.Now these marxist SOB’s, are in the process of bankrupting America so they can install their communist ways ith the BS that it will solve the problems they created……. There has to be a country where democrats can move to and have their own little utopia…. like southern Argentina, maybe.
    BTW Lindsey Graham is a flip/flopping RINO, IMO!

  15. Joe Biden is so incompetent he couldn’t find himself in a mirror. He has no clue about reality.

  16. The Republicans HAVE GOT TO flip both the House and Senate in 2022 , if they don’t , China , Russia , Ukrain , and N. Korea will eventually be landing on OUR beaches . BELIEVE IT !!!!

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