Liz Cheney May Have Made Career-ending Mistake

Rep. Liz Cheney (D-WY) and her Democrat buddies on the January 6 Select Committee may have made a major miscalculation.

I am speaking about the testimony given by former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

Within minutes of Hutchinson giving her testimony, the very sources she cited pushed back on her testimony.

This is going to be a significant problem for Cheney moving forward.


In a court of law, not a single word that Hutchinson offered regarding her alleged conversation with Tony Ornato would have been permissible.

That is the textbook definition of hearsay.

The problem for Cheney is that while it was the most compelling testimony yet, it all appears to have been made up.

Worse, Cheney and her January 6 buddies heard testimony from some of the other parties, which is where the problems start to arise.

Some of those sources also testified before the committee, so Cheney could have easily corroborated Hutchinson’s testimony or knew she was making things up, either way, Cheney is screwed.

Most of the testimony given by Hutchinson was cited as having come from former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Tony Ornato, who said he NEVER briefed Hutchinson on the events she described.

Bobby Engel, one of the Secret Service agents in the car at the time of the alleged incident, is reportedly looking to testify that Trump never lunged for the wheel or the agents.

The driver is also reportedly looking to set the record straight.

If Cheney wanted a slam dunk, she would have had everyone lined up to come in right behind Hutchinson or, better yet, have them give these accounts, but she did not do that.

Instead, she put a 25-year-old former aide on TV who was looking for free publicity and blatantly lied about virtually everything she said.

The only thing that was not a lie was that Trump was upset, something we already knew.

Grabbing for the wheel, throwing a plate of food, lunging at agents… it never happened.

The fact that Cheney put this woman on national TV, hoping to pull off the deception of the century, is about all the American people will need to discredit this committee, more so than they ever have.

National Review editor and Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy summed it up best, stating, “All we can say is that before choosing to elicit Hutchinson’s account in a hyped public hearing, the committee heard Engel’s testimony.

“Presumably, if Engel gave the committee reason to believe Hutchinson’s hearsay account was wrong, Cheney would not have adduced it.

“If it turns out that Engel disputed Hutchinson’s story, and that Cheney knew that but adduced that Hutchinson’s story anyway, without confronting Hutchinson with Engel’s contrary version of events, the committee might as well pack up its bags and go home.

“Going forward, the committee must come clean with all the evidence it has collected on this matter. At the very least, we should hear testimony from Ornato.”

From the reports I have seen today, the committee is now discussing with the three men mentioned by Hutchinson to testify, but the snag is whether they will testify behind closed doors or on national TV.

Now, imagine the reaction of the American people if the driver, Ornato, and Engel testify but is done in secret rather than the national TV debacle Cheney and company put on Tuesday.

Cheney did accomplish one thing… as impossible as it seems, the American people trust Congress less today than they did yesterday.

Source: Daily Caller


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