Dear Liz Cheney, You’re Not Fooling ANYONE

Of all the people involved in this entire January 6 farce, one is rising above the rest in terms of evil.

Republican Liz Cheney.

As a member of the GOP, Liz Cheney is supposed to stand for freedom and justice.

As she’s been showing for a while now, she’s not going to let silly things like what is right stand in the way of her hatred of Donald Trump.

The longer this committee goes on for, the clearer it is that Cheney doesn’t actually have a case against Trump.

For Pete’s sake, Liz’s star witness Cassidy Hutchinson has turned out to be a genuine no-doubt-about-it liar.

That didn’t matter to Cheney, who still gripped the age 26 witness in a steamy embrace after she got done spewing lies on the stand.

Cassidy is no peach either, but I’m starting to think Cheney might be pure evil.

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21 Responses

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  4. The Dems including Liz Chenny, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Shiff, and the entire DNC including Obama, Soros, & the Gang of Four have been pushing everything and anything that will stick on the wall to prevent DJ Trump from being allowed to be on the Presidential Ballot for 2024. They have all committed Treason and Perjury in this trumped up June 6 Trial!

  5. We are not seeing anything new here. Remember “Russia Gate”, “Trump Impeachment attempt”…… there is obviously a pattern here and anyone with half a brain can see it. How long must this go on? Is there anyway we can shut it down? I don’t know the answer, except the obvious…. these “congress members” are determined to take Trump down any way they can. No matter if they look like fools each time, wasting time, money and not doing their real jobs that they are sworn to do. I have a theory that the very people staging this witch hunt, are behind the very act they are accusing Trump of doing. No one is asking questions about that.


  7. They know that if they loose, it will be the end of the Democratic Party. Now they know the end is near.

  8. By by Lizzie no one is going to miss you!!!
    Your so envious of President Trump money, fame and he became President and going to again in 2024 that you boiling in hate-red. Why your leaving take The Squad with you

  9. lizzie might as well never go to her home state anymore , because she is a traitor to state country and republican party!!

    1. She might as well go home – no other state would welcome a person guilty of treason.

  10. I’ll bet Schiff and Pelosi are laughing their heads off because they put Liz Cheney in a position to make her the fall guy for the Jan 6 committee farce.

  11. You can feel the desperation, the liberals know that the end is drawing very near and they will do or say ANYTHING to keep their ignorant one world order agenda going, but come November, THEY ARE DONE, FOREVER !!!! F**K LIBERALS !!!!

  12. I hope people realize how evil these people are . We are reliving Saudum and Goliath ! There time is coming . The lord is coming . The weak will inherit the earth. May God bless us all who believe in him !!

  13. Liz Cheney is about as much of a Republican as Hunter Biden. She really should tell everyone she switched parties.

  14. Liz Cheney you’re just a pile of manure in the sewage tank and will always be a huge pile of manure!!!!!!

  15. People, you do realize every time you offer anything about Liz Chaney, you are giving her her 15 seconds of fame!! She is so not newsworthy she deserves nothing less than total non-recognition!! Who cares what she says, since she has proven she cares not an iota about truth; WIN AT ANY COST, seems to be her mantra!!

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