CNN’s Don Lemon Loses It on Air

Last week, House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) called out the media for not selling the Democrat spending package better to the American people.

That did not go over very well with the media, including, believe it or not, CNN’s Don Lemon.

The liberal anchor lost his cool this week on-air, calling out Democrats and telling them to “get your butts in gear!”

Some Fact, Some Fiction

Don Lemon is overly dramatic… I think we can all agree on that.

So, take a look at his transition with Chris Cuomo, then we will break it all down…

His point about it not being the media’s job to sell the package is dead on.

I made that the moment those words came out of Pelosi’s mouth.

The rest of his rant, however, was a bunch of nonsense.

This idea that people of color are being prevented from voting is utterly ridiculous.

It is shameful, actually, that he is buying into that narrative that ONLY poor people of color cannot get IDs or are unable to get to a voting booth is racially divisive nonsense.

Do the same problems not exist in poor white areas, or is this simply an excuse to interject race into the discussion for empathy?

The man is an anchor on a national news organization, yet he will tell you his people are oppressed.

I am not even sure he knows the definition of the word.

And this idea that democracy is on the line with this spending bill is, again, just more utter nonsense.

That bill is filed with pet spending projects and very little else.

Democrats have literally redefined infrastructure to justify the spending and to be able to see they passed the largest infrastructure bill this country has ever seen when in reality, only about 15-20 percent of the original bill addressed actual infrastructure.

So, Don, show me proof that people of color are being blocked from voting, actual hard proof, then maybe we will listen.

We all know that proof simply does not exist.

Source: Fox News

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21 Responses

    1. You can see both the Democrats and CNN are on the way out so they are turning on each other. Predictable and typical and good riddance to both failures.

  1. I may be wrong but more often than not I see Lemmon with Cuomo – allies on the same side of an issue. Where’s the other side? Where’s the “fair and balanced”. At least with FOX one genders a person or discussion piece from outside of the studio. Lemmon’s show is akin to Tokyo Rose.

  2. This is NO surprise !!!!!!!!!!! The media has been covering for the stupidity of the Democrat party for years; and when they can’t hide the facts anymore, the Democrats want to blame the media for problems that Dems created themselves !!!!!!!!!! But it is fun to watch them turn on each other !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. He is the Queen of his relationship. Sick. Fruit loops at CNN. Saving his own butt not the American people.

  4. He should have a contest with Mayor Pete Bootyplug . Democrats !
    What they offer is so awful !!
    Want more empty shelves ?
    Gas isn’t cheap 10 months in ?
    Open Borders !, DICTATING MANDATES

  5. Don Lemon should wipe his contaminated fingers under Joes nose .
    Joe would possibly excuse him for inequity of brain function ! Joe knows all about that !
    I miss the Greatest Generation
    Patriotic and Reverent , God and country levelheaded and strong !
    Democrats show little for the citizenry.

  6. The only narrative that Don LemonHEAD should be pushing ,,, is how much he enjoys accepting the helmet throat deep , and to brag about how he went from a medium butte plug to an x-large !!! These are the only things this queer , inbred , liberal , degenerate is an expert on !!!

  7. What a joke. That fool never had anything to lose. He is a liar and a fraud.
    99% of what he says is a total lie and he knows it but doesn’t care. That
    says a lot about his character. The people on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC
    and the newspapers and magazines that speak and print lies on a regular and
    continual basis are a disgrace and are defrauding this country. All because most
    of them have crap for brains does not give them the right to lie at every turn.
    What a pathetic Communistic bunch of depraved souls make up our Main Stream
    Media. They have destroyed everything that was ever good about our News Media.
    These people have turned something good into utter and complete crap. They too
    stink up the world.

  8. Listening to this guy makes Democrats and Republicans wonder how he got the job. He should have said, well we can’t sell it because we don’t know what’s really in the bill. Maybe you would like to tell us since we are on the air.

  9. I’m sure Lemon played the race card to get this job, because he obviously has no journalistic skills and he just users race every chance she gets. Yet he says anything he wants because the woke cowards at the Criminal Nazi Network are afraid of him, so they take a knee same goes for Joyless Reid they earn their living using race baiting to make their feeble point.

  10. What do you expect from a phony drama queen that would not know the truth if it bit him in the butt?

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