REPORT: Putin Loses Two Generals in One Day

Vladimir Putin continues to lose high-ranking generals in the war against Ukraine.

The latest loss is devastating.

According to reports, two generals were killed on Sunday, possibly in the same battle.


Lt. Gen. Roman Berdnikov, formerly the commander of Russian troops in Syria, was reportedly killed on Sunday.

Maj. Gen. Roman Kutuzov was also reportedly killed.

Both generals are believed to have been traveling in an armored column when they met their demise.

The column was reportedly ambushed by Ukrainian forces on a bridge somewhere in Donbas.

Details of the deaths are still fuzzy in terms of reported.

Additionally, while Kutuzov’s death has been confirmed, the Kremlin has not yet confirmed the death of General Berdnikov.

Putin’s military leaders have taken a beating in this war, with more than a dozen Russian generals believed to have been killed by Ukrainian forces.

It seems odd to me that so many generals are on the ground with their forces and so vulnerable, which has cost Russia dearly in terms of its leadership.

This is just another crushing blow to Putin and a military unit that is getting decimated in this war.

Do you think the war in Ukraine will be over soon or do you see this carrying on for some time?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: New York Post

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14 Responses

    1. We have to wonder if one reason Putin sent troops into Ukraine was to get rid of certain generals whom he suspected of plotting a coup against him.

  1. The only way Putin wins is the use of Nuclear weapons, that kills all, otherwise a war will continue with guerrilla warfare if the Official Army is defeated!

  2. It will not end until ding bat sends Ukraine the weapons they need
    to defeat Russia.

  3. We need to stay put of the war. Ukraine is a leader in human trafficking and Biden and half of the democrats have illegal business there. Along with the bio-labs that they say aren’t there but are. Biden is just trying to keep his illegal activities hidden by backing Ukraine.

    1. Is Ukraine worth WW3? Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. It only takes 86 seconds for a Russian ICBM to reach America. Does anyone think Putin is bluffing? These brain dead war mongers have fall out shelters to crawl in and the rest of us will pay the price for their ignorance.

      1. No; it is not worth WW3.
        Ukraine has been fraught with corruption all the way from the top (Zelenski). He is just using us for personal gain and notoriety (he’s an actor).

  4. Putin will NEVER concede this war. If we get involved, nuclear war is on the table and that is something NOBODY wants. The nuclear option may be Putins only choice if he keeps having his handed to him like he is now. This is his Viet Nam. He can never win the wat things are going now.

  5. Call me a warmonger if you want, but history which is no longer taught in schools will be proof positive that a dictator will never be satisfied with just a piece of the cheese. At the beginning of WW2 Chamberlain and Daladier tried to satisfy Hitler by giving away Czechoslovakia. Putin is no different He wants to restore the old Soviet Union, and he will go to war with all the countries that were cut free of Russia. He has used Nuclear weapons as a threat to keep the war now limited to Ukraine. Ukraine is on the defensive side of this war all the destruction, killings, murder, rapes, and looting are happening in Ukraine. If Ukraine were to go on the offensive and begin to shell Moscow Putin has only two choices back down or start WW3 if he chooses to do that he loses most nations will retaliate and as terrible as that is the question remains do we want another Hitler and do we want to live under constant threats of Nuclear destruction every time Putin decides to gobble up another country. Give Ukraine the weapons they need to hit back at Moscow hit military targets in Russia the missile launching sites. He is definitely worried about the ability to hit Russia. Many Russians are against this operation it may open two fronts one in Ukraine and one in Russia itself.

  6. There is a LOT of stupid talk about Putin right now!! With his reported health issues, it may be in the United States best interest to wait and see on this one. According to recent reports, Putin is terminal with cancer and Parkinson’s thrown in for good measure!!!!
    Under these conditions, PUTIN HAS NOTHING TO LOSE!! Under these conditions brain dead Biden, even though his”advisors” say differently, DOESN’T HAVE THE MENTAL FACULTIES TO EVEN ACCESS THE SITUATION!!!!
    If Putin decides to push the nuclear button, BEND OVER BIDEN, will be rushed to an underground bunker, MUCH like his BASEMENT.
    And when it’s all over, BEND OVER BIDEN will emerge from the basement, to……… nothing!!!!
    BEND OVER BIDEN will be the king of NOTHING, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!
    Since the far left loons believe men can get pregnant, they should be able to repopulate the earth in, oh, about 10 trillion years!!!!!!!!
    Keep pushing Putin you dumb, demented, hair sniffing, child nipple pinching, old pedophile!!!!!!
    Out of all the people that will be left after a nuclear exchange, BEND OVER BIDEN will be the oldest human alive, so HE WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO DIE, HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE FROM RADIOACTIVE POISONING!!!!!!!!!!
    What do you expect from someone who has been in politics for 50 years WITH NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT!!!!! AN ABSOLUTE FAILURE!!!!!!!!!
    WAY TO GO, BRANDON, YOU MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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