Bill Maher Fact-Checks AOC… She Failed

Last week, AOC made national headlines for attending the Met Gala ball in her “Tax the Rich” dress.

It dripped of hypocrisy on so many levels.

To start, the tickets for the gala go for about $30,000.

Second, AOC was wearing a designer dress, both of which she probably got on the cuff, the sheer definition of the privilege she always rails against.

That is just the beginning of the problem, as Bill Maher was more than happy to point out.

Fact-Check Fail

The very premise of AOC’s claim that the rich do not get taxed is completely bogus.

Roughly half the taxes paid to the state of New York City come from about 65,000 people (more than eight million people live in the city).

Maher, in part, stated, “It’s not like we don’t tax the rich at all.

“I’m all for ending income inequality, but let’s not lie. The rich pay a lot of the taxes.”

He continued, “I’m just saying, you wear ‘tax the rich’ on your ass, and people are always saying the rich don’t pay taxes. They pay some taxes!”

He added. “They pay a big part of the freight already. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be more perhaps, but let’s not lie.”

You can see his full segment in the video below…

Source: The Blaze

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16 Responses

  1. AOC is nothing but a gangsta shorty. Such a poser. How did she ever get a degree from BU? She knows nothing about the economy.

    1. Come on, Stevie, she got it the old fashioned way–college professors have no morals or ethics. They’re liberals, the very epitome of hypocrisy. Why do you think most of them chose that career? Surrounded by young, single, impressionable kids, shielded by tenure, ensconced in a safe comfortable environment with three months paid summer vacation. And gals like AOC, accustomed to giving it away for drinks–doing it for a grade–no conflict there! She had callouses on her knees in grade school!

  2. Why hasn’t Biden been impeached yet?????

    The man is a blow hard and never done an honest days work in his life.
    He was responsible for 13 young soliders being killed due to his ill planned realease
    In Afghanistan ( that child will never know his Father and you could not stop watching your watch to get to the beach)

    Your not only stupid but a mean smalllittle man with no courage…..why don’t you resign and give our country each day you make it a little worst. And than you hide out and don’t face the music… truly r a disgrace to America, we all know you didn’t win this race ( you cheat in all you do)

    Resign Resign. You bring no honor to America!!!!!!
    Your a phony fraud, get out of the people’s house and go to the beach

    You have no respect from the people and everyone who voted for you regrets it!!!!!!

    You and Jill move on for the good of the Country

  3. Obama’s Birth Certificate is a “Delayed B.C.” his mom obtained when at 16yrs old it was REQ’D for a Dr. Lic.
    As for RIGGED Elections, Joeseph Stalin said this about election>
    “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how;
    but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.”
    said in 1923; Boris Bazhanov The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary (1992
    and that is the QUESTION half of AMERICAN voters is adking about.
    Who did the COUNT & How were Ballots counted & how many times? Duh

  4. AOC controls a $170,000 and a 1.2 million budget you pay for! point being is “serving” today really means getting “served”! Just ask her boyfriend!

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