Abortion Poll: Majority Support Restrictions After 15 Weeks

One of the most divisive issues in this country right now is abortion.

Democrats want abortion with no restrictions and many red states are trying to place restrictions on abortions after a very limited period of time.

According to the most recent Fox News poll, the country appears to be right in the middle.


If we all put our personal feelings aside, there is likely a middle ground here that everyone can live with when it comes to this procedure.

I am not saying everyone will be happy, especially pro-lifers that firmly believe there is no excuse for abortion, but what can we do to at least get restrictions for the majority of the pregnancy?

I have often stated that even though it would be a tough pill to swallow, having abortions restricted after the first three months with certain exceptions could work, for the most part, in this country.

The exceptions would be life-saving measures, assaults, and incest, the latter two where someone may not initially realize they are pregnant until well after the fact.

It is not exactly a secret that many women who are assaulted never report the crime, let alone check for pregnancy.

As it turns out, that is where the majority of America stands as well.

About 60 percent of a recent Fox News poll believe abortions should be available with restrictions in place after 15 weeks.

Now, whether people want to admit it or not, at 60 percent, it means conservatives are in this group.

Very few people were in the extreme of abortion always being legal or always being illegal.

Here is my point… both sides can get a win here if they actually sit down and talk this through rather than taking an all-or-nothing approach.

Again, I say this realizing it will be a tough pill to swallow for pro-life advocates, but which is worse?

Getting protections for the majority of the pregnancy for the unborn or getting no protection at all… because that is what is at stake here.

Sure, we may get abortion banned outright in red states, but abortions would be fair game in blue states, including right up to and including the day of birth.

It is a hard choice, but it is one we are going to be forced to make if we want any type of federal protections for the unborn.

Source: Fox News

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5 Responses

  1. The democrats like Pelosi, Biden schumer, harris don’t mind murdering innocent babies up to birth. They don’t care about criminals that have guns and are continually murdering innocent people in blue states and cities. But if it happens in a red state or city, they are going to ban your guns.

    1. Why don’t the ladies just keep their legs crossed. That would save all abortions!! The guys don’t respect them. Just the use of their bodies. Can’t they see that. Stupidity!

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