Man Admits to Killing, Burying 11-month-old in Woods

Sometimes we cannot help but be completely and utterly disgusted by society today.

A story broke out of Indiana that has us all shaking our heads in horror.

On Monday, an Indiana man pleaded guilty to killing an 11-month-old baby, then burying the child in the woods.

Just Horrific

Justin Miller had been watching a relative’s daughter while high on synthetic marijuana.

The baby was crying, and Miller stated that he struck the child several times.

This apparently killed the child, which he discovered later in the day.

Miller stated that he then drove the child into Starke County, where he buried the infant in a wooded area.

The child was discovered days later, on August 18.

According to the child’s grandmother, Miller reached a plea deal with prosecutors that could leave him in prison for 45 years, a term that is far from being sufficient.

Angela Owens stated, “I feel that he needs longer.

“I mean, an innocent child. My innocent grandchild.

“How could you just do that and expect, OK, you do 45 years and get out and you’re fine?”

I believe most of our readers would agree with you, Ms. Owens.

Do you think prosecutors should have given Miller the plea deal or tried to put him on death row?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: New York Post

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25 Responses

  1. Anybody that kills like this should get one sentence and only one. Life and a day that way they don’t get released until the day after they have died

  2. There should not be any Jail Time he should either be HUNG or BEATEN TO DEATH LIKE HE DID THE CHILD. THIS FROM A FATHER AND GRANDFATHER !

    1. He should get a quick death penalty. No appeals. And, the tax payers should not pay for him to enjoy life, even if it is from jail, for years until he is executed. Swift justice must be dealt out.

      1. TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! Any jail time for this guy and the likes of him, is just a punishment to taxpayers.

    2. Yes! This is why the death penalty SHOULD NOT BE BAN! If more people feared consequences. Less brutal crimes would happen.

  3. Justice system is broken. Bowing down to criminal who should be on death row. Keep voting for any democrat. They only care what’s in their pockets. Judges are not judges anymore. Political and greedy. No more plea deals. Murderers getting off with a light sentence. Need to start suing these judges who go against the constitution and laws. No more appointing judges. Voted in so we can recall them if they don’t go the laws and they don’t make laws.

    1. I agree with orange peel Judges need to be voted in so they can be voted out and charged for not upholding the laws..on murder of a child..

    1. My thoughts exactly… this man deserves death penalty… why would they deal with him for lighter sentence… he won’t last long in prison !!

  4. there are no words for this animal, anyone with any humanity at all in them would not want to live after realizing what Thay have done. justice could only be to harvest this animals’ organs and let the family have the proceeds and burn the rest!

  5. I have one thing to say: SHOT GUN! No appeal, no sympathetic jury, no TV cameras, NOTHING! Just good old fashioned justice!
    What a sick fuc×.
    Ok or a hanging, bring a picnic basket and the kids!

  6. Beat him to death , eye for an eye ! Poor child ,didnt get to enjoy its life , now he should not enjoy another minute alive !!

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