Manchin Says Climate Provisions Must Be Stripped from Reconciliation Bill

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) is now making a stand over $150 billion in the reconciliation bill Democrats are trying to put together.

It would appear as though he finally got around to reading it, now telling his fellow party members that the $150 billion for clean-energy initiatives must be removed.

According to backroom rumors, Manchin has planted his feet in the ground and he is refusing to budge unless the clean energy is gone from the bill.

Making a Stand

Manchin represents coal country, so I am sure his donors had a little something to say about this position.

The New York Post reported that one inside source stated, “As a path forward there are two choices, compromise in some form or fashion or eliminate the climate aspect from reconciliation and work on it thereafter.”

This could be a major problem for Biden and Democrats moving forward, as clean energy was a major focus of this legislation.

It is one of the many pet projects of the Democrat agenda that has been part of redefining infrastructure.

The White House would not comment directly on the negotiations, but it did release a statement.

“We don’t comment on the state of our negotiations with the wide array of Senators offering views about the Build Back Better agenda.

“The White House is laser-focused on advancing the President’s climate goals and positioning the United States to meet its emission targets in a way that grows domestic industries and good jobs.”

Liberals are already losing their minds on this because of Manchin’s ties to the coal industry.

Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich stated, “Joe Manchin, who owns stock in a coal brokerage company, is trying to kill legislation to replace coal-fired power plants with clean energy. I’m shocked! Absolutely shocked!”

I will have to check Reich’s timeline to see if he is just as upset about Joe Biden’s family members’ investments with the Chinese or the score of stock hits House Speaker Pelosi’s husband has made since she has been office.

Remember, after Democrats get Manchin to buckle, they still have to work on Senator Sinema (D-AZ).

The next self-imposed expiration date for Democrats is October 31, but unless some major movement happens over the next few days, it does not appear likely this legislation will be approved by then.

Source: New York Post

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14 Responses

  1. Thank Heaven for Manchin & Sienna, who seem to be adamant about putting common sense to work in the Democrat party. Problem is, no other Democrat seems to have any common sense or they are just intent on following Sanders in absolutely destroying our Nation.

  2. Those 2 (holdouts ? ! Democrats !!!!
    Joe has already cracked . Democrats
    Attacking Democrats!!! , I like it !!!”
    This is how fake news works.
    False hope, outright lies ! These are political creatures. Birds of a feather.
    They know each other’s past !
    I wouldn’t bank on any Democrat!!!!!!

  3. meet emission targets ?
    Good, start with China, India and clear cutting of the rain forests….

  4. He is right! Wake up America! We have nothing in place to accommodate all electric. We do not even enough energy to serve our homes and businesses presently. What is wrong with Washington DC. Stupid, ignorant administration. Our USA is a complete mess!

  5. Yea. Time to see some of them have a brain to think for the good of our country and not power and money. Good to see and hear!!! It isn’t about trying to take down others because they stand for the truth but for the good of our country and world.

  6. If joe manchineel holds his ground every Republican and Democrat in West Virginia will vote him back in If he caves he is toast !

    1. I sure pray that these 2 democrats stand firm. Read these two bills the 1.5 trillion and the 3.5 trillion ,The 1.5 trillion is 2700 pages, spent 3 days just skimming ,total mess. take probably 10 days to skim the 3.5 trillion. so much garbage we do not need in them both. This is just 2 examples of Government being way to big and way to controlling. Why do we need to pay for a bridge from NY to Canada??? example!!!!

  7. I love joe Manchin— He has character that almost no one else in the Dem party has.. The people in WV are so lucky to have him–NY has the opposite and we lose unless Sen Manchin sticks by his convictions. This bill is so hurtful to all I only wish he would switch to Republican… WV our country needs him

  8. Don’t let these Communists fool you sir, Senator Manchin, they are only worried about there own pockets not the coal miners of your state.

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