Marine Officer Who Criticized Leadership Sentenced

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller slammed leadership during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

When Scheller came forward, his superiors immediately disciplined him, a fate he knew was coming his way.

After six charges were filed and a dishonorable discharge loomed, Scheller pleaded guilty on all charges.

Surprising Sentence

Honestly, I thought they were going to make an example of Scheller.

A dishonorable discharge seemed to be the least of his worries, with brig time very much a possibility if they really wanted to go after him.

Instead, he reached a plea deal with far less severe consequences than I ever would have imagined.

Scheller will get a letter of reprimand in his file and forfeit $5,000 of his salary.

All six charges that were filed were considered misdemeanor charges.

The fact Scheller had an impeccable service record over his 17 years in the Marines clearly weighed heavily on this decision, as it should have.

Prosecutors recommended the forfeiture of pay for five months rather than one, so the sentence was significantly less than they had hoped.

Source: Fox News

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38 Responses

  1. Awesome! This is a man of honor who should be leading the Marines, rather than being discharged.

    We now see that his undeserved “punishment” was far less than your blowhard, earlier press releases predicted. So that does remove a small amount of the scorn we had developed for Marine leadership.

        1. He’s in the military and yes he should follow orders and I believe he followed orders he was merely stating how asinine and ridiculous those orders were. Military or not he should be entitled to his opinion and that’s what he stated his opinion.

        2. His job is to follow all the LEGAL orders he received. Some orders from higher-up’s are illegal and should not be obeyed.

          1. Yes, but … the one receiving the orders is not in the position to determine their legality, so they still must follow them, make it known they are doing so under protest, and take the issue up the chain of command later to address the “legality” part. Oh, and part of the officers’ general orders is to never publicly badmouth your superiors, no matter how bad a job they are doing, as you see things. That’s where this officer got his glutes in the sausage grinder.

      1. What was he disobeying orders other than speaking his opinion which is freedom of speach

    1. As a former Marine and combat Veteran myself I am proud of this Lt/Col for speaking up BUT, I feel that the mistake he made was being in uniform when he made those postings. I think that if he wasn’t in uniform this may not had happened too him.

  2. I feel honored that Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller cared enough to protest. He risked his career and more because of his convictions. We need more men like him, men who will stand up for what they feel is right and take responsibility for their actions. Thank you Lt. Col. Scheller!!

    1. Yes, I agree! I hope he considers running for office in some capacity – we need leaders who care about the American people – not party partisanship! Lt. Col. Scheller would be a breath of fresh air!

  3. now it is time to have a trial for those accused to see if they were guilty or innocent of his charge. yea or nay america

    1. Yea for me! Let the chips fall where they may – liberals don’t belong in the military and I certainly don’t want
      them berating true heroes like Lt. Col. Scheller for telling the truth!

  4. Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller should be given the “MEDAL OF VALOR in the face of the ENEMY” !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ENEMY is the ADMINISTRATION !!!!!!!!!!!!! This whole SHAM is BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Hopefully when the republicans gain the presidency again all these wrongs will be righted. Everyone fired for not taking the jab and truth telling people will be reinstalled in their former positions.

  7. Tough one. What he did needed to be done. However it was against the rules. Sometimes doing the right thing is against the law so what should the punishment be? If he were calling out leadership under a Republican admin. They would have pinned a medal on his chest and called him a hero. Remember Vindman? A letter of reprimand is the most this case should have called for. Would a go fund me campaign be leagal to pay his fine? If it is time to get one going

    1. His fine will be automatically deducted from his next 5 paychecks, but a crowd-funded sum could help fill that gap as a reimbursement to his family budget.

  8. A man of convictions and honor will put all he has on the line for his country. A hero dies just once a coward dies a thousand times.
    This man is a hero he risked it all now let the cowards that were his superiors stand and deliver and take the risk just once but the cowards they are will retreat to the back of the battle where I hope they die a thousand deaths. Babbling Joe Biden is the head of the cowards. I’m sure his son Beau is rolling in his grave ! Wrong son died !

  9. They don’t want anyone to question them and if that means taking away our free speech they will.We need to as Americans let them know of our rights and we not give them up lightly.

  10. Nope I see one year SUSPENDED!!!
    Considering the pathetic feckless and unpatriotic leadership at the top !!!
    By the same delegation of justice Gen Mark Milley is guilty of Capital Treason.
    Biden’s general belongs to China !
    Remember, NEVER DEMOCRAT!!!!!

  11. I sat by for some time.pondering to myself where are all of the patriots ?
    All the craziness and ….. crickets !
    A Air Force col. told me they are there .
    Then this guy comes out and rebels against a domestic enemy. Our leader !
    He was severely punished by Biden for not bending a knee ! He is a hero !
    Joe Biden’s political prisoner !

  12. We need more people like him that will stand up and tell the truth!! Putting a gag order to cover up what you don’t want Americans to know should be a crime ! He should get a reward not penalized for telling the truth !!!

    1. Yes, and get the ticker tape loaded to the top floors in NYC for Edward Snowden’s homecoming parade ! I’m not holding my breath on either of those !

  13. Many people have no idea about military law, it is not required to be Constitutional. The court martial board knows he is right, but had to do something. However, he should not have been in uniform when making the statements, BUT, his fortfiture of $5000 FOR A MONTH AND LETTER IN HIS FILES will probably stop any future advancement in rank. He was diciplined for his actions, end of story! (Now, when will antifa and blm be held responsibile for their conduct(s)?

  14. Is America free or not???It seems noone can express their opinion anymore. This soldier was brought up to realize right from wrong, so he only said what he thought was right. 5 months salary is a lot for a Marine to give up. This government is out of control. Proof of that is the fact that Biden left our Americans and allies over in Afghanistan and has never spoke about it again. It is disgusting what is happening in this country. Words cannot express how disastrous this country has become and what the generation to come have to bear.

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