Martha MacCallum Faces Off Against BLM Leader

This week, I saw one of the more epic interviews with Hawk Newsome, who co-founded Black Lives Matter of Greater New York.

He visited with Marth MacCallum and if he thought he was going to intimidate her, well, he had another thing coming.

MacCallum shut him down cold.

Give Me a Break

Newsome was combative right from the outset of the interview, but MacCallum never backed down.

The topic of discussion was the comments recently made by the mayor-elect of New York City.

Newsome had threatened riots and blood in the streets, which is what MacCallum called him out on.

When Newsome realized he was behind on points, he decided to pull the race card, telling MacCallum she came from a place of “white privilege” and could not possibly understand the problems he faces.

MacCallum immediately shot back, “Don’t throw that at me.”

Even if Newsom had gained any credibility at all in that interview, he lost it on the exit.

He asked MacCallum if he could say one more thing, and she allowed it.

Newsome stated, “Free Larry Hoover.”

If you don’t know, Hoover was a notorious gang leader convicted of murder in 1973.

Then, in 1997, charges of conspiracy, extortion, money laundering, and running a criminal enterprise were added when investigators realized he had been running the Chicago Disciples from prison.

Hoover will never see the light of day, exactly the way it should be.

Source: Daily Caller

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9 Responses

  1. Instead of talking bad about the police, Hawk Newsome, why don’t you get your butt out in the streets and stop the shootings going on in the Liberal cities!!!!

  2. Good for her, if you listen to the ones who claim that whites are racist you find out that they are really the racists, the ones who like to play the race card

  3. I watched this interview and Martha deserves an A+!! She was an excellent interviewer and never let this bully intimidate her! As far as I’m concerned, he did not score any points. And, his last remark was an excellent indication of what type of person he really is. If that guy ( Larry Hoover) is his idol, it doesn’t say much for his character.

  4. The stupidity of these black antagonists and race baiters is mind boggling.
    People have had enough of violence in America and are well armed.
    Newsome might want to think twice about threatening people with violence because what goes around comes around.

  5. Thank you, Martha
    It took a qualified women news caster to say it to someone’s face.
    Wish you were running for office. You’d get my vote. Too bad a lot of politicians can’t do this. Even to each other. I am tired of calling people in to testify and nothing happens. But it’s funny dems do. What in the hell is wrong with making people count for what they say. So thank you again.

  6. I would like to know how BLM has helped one black person. Not including themselves. The only thing we’ve seen is them helping themselves to large amounts of cash being donated. We never even hear a word about the black children being shot down in the streets from BLM.

  7. Bigoted LYING Mutants have done NOTHING to help black people!!
    They gladly take the contributions but DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help those they are supposedly standing up for!
    Hey Hawk Newsom, how many homes do you own? How many cars do you have? How much money have you stolen and rat holed away that you THINK no one knows about?
    Groups like blm have ABSOLUTELY no place in our society!!
    JUST GO AWAY, blm!!!!!

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