Doocy Has Mayorkas Stumbling Through Interview

Fox News’ Peter Doocy has had a rather epic week confronting Biden officials when they dared to step on the podium.

He crushed White House Press Secretary earlier, with her own administration officials making her out to be a liar only days later.

Next up was Homeland Secretary Mayorkas, who badly stumbled through his back-and-forth with Doocy.

Uhm, Eh, Ah…

Doocy hit Mayorkas right out of the gate, using quotes from administration officials in his question.

He asked, “You said on Saturday — or rather, on the 20th, ‘To ensure control of the horse, long reins are used.’

“The person who took these photos of the Border Patrol agents says, ‘I’ve never seen them whip anyone.’

“So, why is the president out there today talking about people being ‘strapped?'”

Mayorkas tried to flip it, stating, “So let me, um, uh, let me correct, um, uh, the statements in your question, if I may.”

Doocy jumped right back in, stating, “They’re direct quotes.”

That is when Mayorkas just started to stumble, clearly trying to spin his way out of the mess he has created.

You can see the full Q&A in the video below…

They are lying, and they know they are lying, yet they continue to try to push the same narratives.

Source: The Blaze

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17 Responses

  1. The democrates are nothing but liars and they push thier lies and the liberal news media pushes it harder. It time we need to push the truth jyst as hard to hopefully confine more liberals. To vote with us to get these people out of the white house

  2. Good Evening all i can say is that you know there lying there lips are moving take it for what it’s worth

  3. That’s all the left does is lie. They lie so much, they lose track and that’s how they always get caught. Lies always change but the truth always stays the same. That’s something the left has never figured out.

  4. anthony manzo
    the SAD part about this situation is TWO fold. FIRST, JOE is showing his JUMP to CONCLISION STYLE when it PROMTES his AGENDA which is THE WORLD FIRST. HE should study MOB control large cities like NEW YORK, have a MOUNTED force. it works best controlling MOBS. By the way JOE have you ever RODE a HORSE WESTERN STYLE. SECOND they were OUT NUMBERED 300 PLUS to ONE NO WHIPS JUST WESTERN SPLIT REINS dangling and moving with the HORSES movement, while the officer was doing his BEST to PROTECT THE BORDER. SOMTHING you should DO. It is part of the OATH you SWORE.

  5. You can see Biden and Mayorkas together in an interview in 2015 where Biden is spouting open border nonsense. Mayorkas is looking on reverently. No doubt he’s the one who pumped Biden full of this nonsense. The two of them are now presiding over the loss of the nation’s sovereignty. They are the ones broken, not the laws.

  6. you can see it in their faces before their mouths move that they are liars and will always be liars, the whole lot of them…we should round them up like cattle and herd them back into the sea where they originally came from…damn sea monkey’s

  7. This investation should last about two minutes. Pictures don’t lie, NO one was whipped or injured. Why does the left like to turn everything around? The left only knows how to lie.

  8. When you hire incompetent people like yourself this is what you should expect from honest journalists not what tho you get from CNN and MSNBC

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