Obama and Jill Biden to Campaign for McAuliffe in Virginia

At one point, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was a shoo-in to get elected back into office.

Today, that is not quite the situation, as recent polling now has him neck-and-neck with his opponent.

Dems are clearly getting worried, as with less than a month to go before election day, Barack Obama and Jill Biden will be hitting the campaign trail in the hopes of getting McAuliffe back in the governor’s mansion.

Big Problems

The Virginia state constitution does not permit back-to-back terms for a sitting governor.

I actually like the idea, as it does not allow the sitting governor to spend half of his or her second term on the campaign trail.

You get elected, you focus on business.

McAuliffe served from 2014 to 2018, and he is now back in the race, which should have been an easy win, but he has been his own worst enemy.

He has made some really crazy statements leading into the final month before the election, and now he has to bring in the big guns to save him.

For instance, McAuliffe’s latest claim is that Critical Race Theory is an entirely made-up narrative by Donald Trump.

He stated, “This is a made-up – This is a Trump, Betsy DeVos, Glenn Youngkin plan to divide people.

“It really bothers me. I try to unite people.”

“I really hate to see what Glenn Youngkin is trying to do to Virginia what Donald Trump did to our country.

“I really hate to see the division, the hatred. We’re putting these children in this horrible position. Let’s just be clear. We don’t teach critical race theory.”

Now Barack Obama and Jill Biden are coming to Virginia to bail out McAuliffe and help him beat Youngkin, but that will not be easy.

Reporters need to challenge both of them and get them on record on this issue.

Whatever their response, it hurts McAuliffe.

They are either admitting he is a liar or you have a former president and current First Lady buying into a conspiracy theory.

It not only hurts McAuliffe, but it also hurts both of their reputations as well as the Democrat Party.

So, come on down to Virginia, Barack and Jill. I have a feeling your appearances will do precisely the complete opposite of your intentions.

Source: Fox News & Newsmax

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17 Responses

  1. NEED to get rid of the cheeter machines and the criminal obama and hilliary

    fact : they stole , cheeted, lied to you

    you will pay for thier godless ways , just wait

    they deny the True God , invite foriegn Fake, False gods into the white house , call american non christian which is thier true heart

    they are decietful liars who cannot be trusted

    MONEY lovers , thieves

    1. They forget who butters their bread. I know whqat Gods law says and they do not follow that. His law is not for interitation. The ten commandments fit all people and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that. One day they will all answer to a much hgher power, no matter what name you call him, I call hi Jesus but you can call him what you wish, but if we followed his law, I would not be writting this.

  2. Obama and Dr. Jill big guns are you kidding me. Both are as corrupt as McAuliffe, the Clinton puppet. Virginians can’t be that stupid.

    1. Obama wasn’t any good & for Jill she isn’t even a good wife or she wouldn’t let him be there so people make fun of his condition

    2. Oh they are that stupid. They voted for this tool the first time. Maybe a bit harsh to say ALL Virginians are that stupid. The good ones have been overrun by the leftist infiltration into VA form NY, NJ, Northeast etc. NoVa is a stronghold of leftist policy and they far outnumber the remaining folks who believe in freedom and the Constitution

    3. lets hope not, think about it, he didn’t want biden because he is obama’s puppet. so he ask for obama, most likely is running things out of his shadow government mansion in DC.

  3. People of VA and West VA, do not be suckered in with SYMPATHY by OBOZO or JILL or ANYONE ELSE of the BIG GUNS! FOOL ME “ONCE” SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON YOU! Make them tell you the TRUTH ABOUT the CROOK we have in the WHITEHOUSE!

  4. sounds like a plan… bring in the Big America haters to try and re-elect another America hater. Hang tough Virginia, The “big guns” do NOT have YOUR interest at heart.

  5. McAuliffe is making false statements about CRT. Although Virginia schools claim they don’t teach critical race theory. The Biden administration has promoted the idea of introducing CRT into schools. I don’t know how anyone could vote for a manipulator and expect him to be honest when in office. We need people that are honest in office. If you want to fight against corruption. Take his name off the ballot. Yongskin does work for a company that donates to organizations related to CRT and claims that he doesn’t promote CRT in schools.

  6. McAuliffe is the perfect example of a Democrat! A no-good, lying, corrupt, evil piece of human crap that nobody in their right mind would ever vote for. Unfortunately, many people are not in their right mind, and they may vote for him, especially if they buy the BS that Obama and Biden will try to feed them! I thank God that I am way too smart to ever believe anything that those people say!

  7. McAuliffe is just a Biden arse kisser and a Hillary Clinton arse sucker. He is crooked as hell

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