McCarthy: Afghanistan Situation an ‘Embarrassment to Our Nation’

Joe Biden has made it very easy for Republicans to go after him and his administration.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a complete debacle and anyone with an ounce of common sense puts the blame on Biden.

With Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans trying to deflect blame, House Minority Leader McCarthy (R-CA) made it quite clear where the blame lies here.

Embarrassment to Our Nation

With the Taliban gobbling up territory like a ravenous animal, McCarthy wants to see action, and he wants to see it now.

He stated, “Tonight we held a call with Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the US to discuss the deteriorating situation.

“I remain deeply concerned with the Biden Admin’s mismanagement of their bungled withdrawal. Much like his failed withdrawal from Iraq, it is an embarrassment to our nation.”

McCarthy added, “What will unfold in Afghanistan will be a humanitarian crisis.

“The regime that is taking power is one that routinely violates human rights, particularly the rights of women.

“Afghan women who have voted, gone to school, and lived independently for 20 years will suffer the most.”

The majority of Afghanistan is now already in Taliban control and Kabul, the capital city, is expected to fall soon.

In fact, as of this morning, the Taliban were on the outskirts of the town and the Afghan President has already fled the country.

Once Kabul falls, for all intents and purposes, the Taliban is the country’s ruling body.

Twenty years… that is what Joe Biden has managed to erase inside of seven months in office.

Source: New York Post

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21 Responses

  1. Biden is very stupide why do we let him run the country he must be removed he is a lazy cowered he cant do anything right he never has in his entire career This man is nothing but a Joke .

    1. I Totally agree he is incapable of running this country! He can’t control his own words! This is unacceptable & the people of this country deserve a REAL President & I do not mean the fool of a VP they choose! What we need is a real President who is willing to help this country & it’s people! NOT LEFTIST COMMUNIST! WE NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP to take his rightful place in the WHITE HOUSE! The people for voted for the Democratic party also need to have their heads examined if they believe our country is moving for forward!

  2. When are we going to see articles for impeachment??? What is it going to take?? Well the anniversary of 9/11 is coming up & who knows what this crazy bastards have planned!!! All of the talk from the republicans & nothing being done!!!!

    1. they can put in for impeachment, but piglosi and schumer run it all, so it would never move forward

  3. Get ready for five dollar gasoline it coming. Biden has screwed up everything he has touched. Wake up American!!

  4. Give Biden the 25th… Give Harris the 25th if she takes over as POTUS… (she’s Incompetent) then if Pelosi takes over.. Impeach her for NOT doing her job as her Oath was given to Uphold the Constitution of the United States… PERIOD.. !!!

  5. Republicans please Impeach Biden/Harris/Schumer and Pelosi who run this country ASAP. America is next. This administration want to make illegal migrants legal so they can take our jobs, and get all of the Americans benefits! The Biden administration has been doing this very quickly and sneakily! If we rebel, we will be killed you know that! Republicans have to do it legally! If the Supreme Court does not stand for the people, God help us all 🙏

  6. The stupid excuse for a man needs to be taken out with a high velocity object through his empty head.

    1. Miss Wanda, talk like that could get you a visit from the Secret Service. It may be idle talk from you but they don’t know it and therefore could investigate as a potential threat to the government, specifically the President. I get that you don’t like him but I would caution to control your rhetoric.

  7. I agree they should all be held under Article 3 Section 3
    And Article 4 Section of the Constitution
    And held as Domestic Terrorist & prosected for Treason. Just for the Crisis alone. Not counting everything else for the other corruption they have caused under the Constitution, Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights! It needs to be done immediately! For the Safety & Security of America. They have not honored their oath to America or the Constitution!

  8. Biden and his entire cabinet( who are all obama people) should be impeached, along with the squad, Piglosi and Schumer. They should face a military tribunal, and obamashould be on the top of that list. Biden isn’t running the country, Obama is , through his stooge Biden.

  9. It is a sad sad time for America to see what the Democrats and Biden are doing to Our Country, He made or someone made a very bad choice and he is to much of a coward to stand up and admit it!! We need President Trump to take his rightful place as President and straighten this mess out!!

  10. Words are useless unless there is action! The time is now, not waiting until 2022. Impeach Biden and his whole cabinet! They do not represent the United States of America!

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