McCarthy Sees Massive Wave of Democrat Retirements Before 2022 Midterms

So far, seven high-profile Democrats have decided to call it quits rather than run for re-election in 2022.

Some of the seats could be lost to the realignment of district lines, while others are merely in battleground states.

Regardless, Democrats now seem to be facing the same thing Republicans saw in 2018 and 2020 when there was a mass exodus of anti-Trump Republicans from the party.

Is there a ground swelling movement of anti-Biden Democrats? Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) believes that is precisely the case.

McCarthy Warns Pelosi

House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) could have a very significant problem on her hands.

Even though some of the retiring seats are in steadfast blue area, it is not quite as easy to win with a new face on the ballot than with someone everyone knows and trusts.

This means the DNC will have to start throwing some serious money around to get their profiles out there so voters know who to pull the handle for on election day.

McCarthy believes the seven that have already retired are just the beginning, with a massive wave of white flags being held up, more than likely after district lines are redrawn, making their fate inevitable.

The true test will be the holiday season when these lawmakers are off, out of DC, and back home in their districts.

When voters can get directly in their faces and start complaining about the rising costs of groceries and gasoline, it may be the final straw that pushes many of them over the edge.

McCarthy stated, “Once you get past Thanksgiving and members go home, and they’re Democrats and they’ve been challenged before and they’re going to get beat up, Congress is not that great.”

Democrats are doing well fundraising, which has enabled them to publicly dial back the panic button, but polling tells the story here.

We have seen a consistent trend of Democrats sliding back and anything less than a complete flip of the House and Senate would be an utter shock.

Traditionally, the incoming White House party loses about two dozen seats in the first midterm election, but Biden’s polling leads me to believe that number will be far higher.

Elections are still a bit more than a year away, and a lot can change between then and now, but Democrats have done nothing of significance that would lead me to believe they can flip this negative cycle.

Source: Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. Neeed to stop the steal of elections u can bet Pelosi will use every means possible to steal the midterm election.

    1. Spot on they have gotten away with it last election and until this theft is brought out by forensics they will continue but with a compromised s
      SCOTUS we are screwed/

  2. I feel good about my instincts on voting
    I have never voted for a Democrat for president in over 60 years !
    Never Clinton, Obama , Biden
    A greedy pack of heathens !
    Unpatriotic and disgraceful (Biden)

    1. Crocket, the financiers also need to be dealt with. Imagine Soros, Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, and a few more in a federal lockup. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that N^a^n^c^y P^e^l^o^s^i was term limited by a good heart attack or stroke, or a high speed collision with a drunk driver.

      1. rm, If Nancy drove herself, she would already be dead from a drunk driver- herself. That’s why she has a pro driving her everywhere. I share your wish, but don’t think it will happen.

    1. Harris should not even be V.P., she is not a Natural Born citizen, neither of her parents were American citizens at the time of her birth, and she may even hold Canadian citizenship by growing up and attending school in Canada.

  3. biden has done a lot to make him a lame duck presieent and this is going to hopefully be reflected in the house and senate. hopefully in the 50 states as wll

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