McConnell Says He Will Intervene in 2022 Primaries If Necessary

Donald Trump is jumping into primary races already and we know some of his candidates are not on Senator Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) wish list.

That being said, McConnell, who usually allows primary races to play out on their own, has stated that will not be the case this year.

McConnell has vowed to step in when he thinks the candidate will not be able to beat a Democrat.

Trump v. McConnell

This is setting up for a legendary battle between the old guard and the new.

McConnell is pure establishment and Donald Trump brought a lot of new people to the party.

It would behoove McConnell to work with and identify candidates with Trump, but that will never happen.

These two are miles apart in terms of getting along after McConnell threw Trump under the bus late in his term.

It was rumored the two did not even speak the last few weeks of Trump’s presidency.

Trump is picking the candidates he believes will represent the people of this country in the best possible way.

McConnell could care less about their agenda and simply wants an R next to their name on the ballot.

It goes without saying that not every candidate getting the backing of Trump will fall into Mitch’s little approval zone, so Mitch is ready to go to war.

He stated, “There’s no question that in order to win … you have to appeal to the general election audience.

“I’ll be keeping an eye on that. Hopefully, we won’t have to intervene, but if we do, we will.”

Expect Trump and McConnell to be at odds in numerous races, with Alaska and Wyoming more than likely being at the top of that list.

Source: The Hill

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10 Responses

  1. It would behoove Mcconnell to work with and back President Trump, with candidates President Trump backs.

    Seeing that President Trump has garnered more LEGAL votes than ANY other candidate in history, Mcconnell would be foolish to buck his popularity with the populace. People in this country are waking up to the ‘do nothing’ RINO’s and their kowtowing to the criminality of the Democrat party. We’ve had enough!!!

    If President Trump throws his confidence in backing a candidate for the primary season, you best bet that candidate has an excellent chance of securing the nomination.

    President Trump is MORE popular today than even during his presidency!!!

    Mcconnell…. wisen up or get out of politics!

  2. Franie, Oh how true you speak. You are right. There are more and more people who are not paying any attention to the false narratives and divisionary tactics and are settling back, ‘LOCKED AND LOADED’ and ready to support Donald Trump and whoever he endorses in 2024!

  3. McConnell would do our country more good if he would just shut his mouth. He thinks he’s in competition with Trump and he needs to just go home because the American people have his number. McConnell should retire and leave the politicking to some people with guts. The “soft talking/get along” Republicans are not effective any longer.

  4. McConnell and RINOs like him that the GOP/RNC supports is why I don’t support the GOP/RNC.
    Wish WAY more Republicans would tell them that.

  5. Rinos like McConnel are dividing the GOP and helping the left to get their way, but then, I guess that is what they are bought and paid for, is it not?

  6. So it sounds to me like McConnell is saying that if it’s someone who Trump supports, he won’t. That sounds about right from a RINO POS like him!

  7. My opinion, it is time for McConnel to go, along with a good number of all those who have made the government their lifetime jobs. It is far past time for the constituents to vote for term limits. This is not for Congress to do, because they won’t.

  8. Trump will eat McConnell lunch. Bye bye Liz Cheney. Go get a job on the view.

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