McConnell Says January 6 Committee Findings Are What ‘Public needs to know’

I think it is safe to say that most of us believe the outcome of the January 6 Select Committee has already been predetermined.

If there were any doubts, the release and framing of the Meadows’ texts should have made that very clear.

Even so, rather than pushing back on the committee even a bit, Senator McConnell (R-KY) says this is something we all need to see.

I Beg to Differ

When the idea of an investigation into January 6 was first broached, I was all for it.

However, I was very clear that if the investigation was to be taken seriously, it would need to be by a neutral, outside source.

It would also have to look at every aspect of what happened, including the security protocols being breached and statements by Democrats that fed into the anger on the right.

To look at something like that riot and only limit the investigation to that day or one side is simply idiotic.

Yet, that is exactly what is happening.

So, all of the inflammatory comments made by Democrats will be ignored, as will the calls for the National Guard and extra police by some Republicans, including Trump.

McConnell, however, hates Trump as much as anyone on the left right now, mainly because Trump continues to call him out for his failed leadership in the Senate.

That being the case, McConnell cannot wait to see what the committee has to offer.

He stated, “I think the fact-finding is interesting.

“We’re all going to be watching it.

“It was a horrendous event, and I think what they’re seeking to find out is something the public needs to know.”

This entire stunt will backfire if this committee does not come up with a slam dunk against Trump, only emboldening Trump and his base for 2024.

In the meantime, after these comments by Mitch, I think we can expect another round of bombs to come from Trump that will be aimed directly at McConnell.

Source: Daily Caller

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19 Responses

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    1. These “promotions” are nothing but attacks by leftist saboteurs and ladies of the night online. Notice how on several conservative sites they’re always the first to post. They’re likely using bots to track the sites.

      Conservative sites need to invest in software with algorithms that block this trash. Otherwise they’re going to lose readers. I’ve tried contacting site managers to no avail.

    2. Yes, please take them off. They are taking up good space. I don’t come here to get info, not jibberish.

    1. Mcconnel and his wife are communists – bought and paid for, just like Joe Biden and his entire family. Along with Dr Death, and all CCP democrats who buy into destroying our country to hand it to the CCP and the globalists.

    1. McConnell looks drunk every time he appears on TV. He doesn’t care about Americans. Has big conflict of interest with chinese dealings.

  3. McConnell knows that he is serving his final term and could give a dam what anybody has to say. We will be rid of him next year and finally maybe will have a REAL REPUBLICAN in his place. As for the 1/6 “commission, it’s about as phoney as every one of the ignorant liberal fools that are serving on it and everybody knows it !!! Don’t worry, as soon as we can get OUR REAL President back in office where he belongs, he will pardon every one of the true patriots that have been railroaded by this miscarriage of justice !! IT’S PAST TIME FOR THE LIBERAL TERRORISTS THAT INFEST OUR GOVERNMENT TO BE ERADICATED FROM SOCIETY, FOR GOOD !! WE ALL KNOW WHO THE REAL THREAT TO OUR SOCIETY REALLY ARE !!!

  4. Look at the evidence Mitch Look at all of the film Check out any speech or any order for a mob No in fact he asked for them to not cause a problem President Trump even asked Pelosi if she would like the National guard there and she said no we can handle it So where in Kentucky are you going to be able to hide I am sure the voters of Kentucky would like to have his old lying hide on their barn door

  5. Almost everybody wants that guy out. He is holding the Republican Party up from growing. Many Americans will come to vote Republican if he is not there. I know.

  6. This dosnt have anything to do with mcconall, then maybe it does. Contact your congress n the white house n let them know that we the taxpayer own the wall lying on the ground in texas, we are giving the wall that WE paid for to gov. Abbott . PLEASE STAND UP.

  7. From what I have heard about this committee it is a waste of time and money. I am also getting fed up with the post about how much people can or have made what do those posts have to do with the news

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