McConnell Takes Shot at Biden Over Lost Troops in Kabul

The terror attack in Kabul gave Republicans the opportunity they were looking for to go after Biden, and they are all taking their shots.

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who never agreed with a complete withdrawal out of the area, shredded Biden after reports of our troops having died in the attack.

McConnell issued a scathing attack, putting the responsibility of every life lost squarely in the lap of Joe Biden.

Hearts are Breaking

McConnell has always been a strong advocate of keeping some footprint in Afghanistan to prevent terrorist outbreaks.

The clumsy withdrawal and cooperation with the Taliban all but ensured disaster.

Everyone seemed to see it but Joe Biden, who ultimately gave the thumbs up for the withdrawal plan.

After the loss of life, McConnell stated, “Americans’ hearts are breaking for our servicemembers and diplomats.

“They are doing heroic work to rescue American citizens and Afghan partners in the predictably chaotic wake of the President’s decision to withdraw.

“Terrible things happen when terrorists are allowed to operate freely.

“This murderous attack offers the clearest possible reminder that terrorists will not stop fighting the United States just because our politicians grow tired of fighting them.”

He later added, “Our sympathies are also with the families of the innocent Afghans whom the terrorists killed today, and all the vulnerable Afghans who are risking everything in desperate efforts to escape the Taliban’s impending rule.

“Our partners in a long fight against terror deserve better than the dark fate that will await them after the last military aircraft has departed.”

The way I see it, there are two possible outcomes as a direct result of Biden’s sloppy plan.

The first is that we are forced to send troops back into Afghanistan and begin this war all over again.

The second is that we stand pat and, eventually, a massive terror attack takes place on American soil.

Either way, it is an absolute failure by this administration.

Source: The Hill

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25 Responses

  1. Biden week deserves the heat for his reckless disregard for what was right, but so do all the ones in the background who are running him! With his dementia in full view, anybody that thinks this man is making these decisions is delusional!!!

    1. B^i^d^e^n is perhaps the most heathen, heartless, incompetent, inept, ignorant bastard ever to occupy the WH. Others in his corrupt cabinet are making the decisions.

      1. You are so right,He and the other Democrats need to go.We are losing our country.So sad that all our soldiers who fought and died to keep America free seems to be forgotten.

    2. As a Vietnam Veteran who served 7 years in the Marines, 1968-1975, I find it so disgusting how our Politicians and Military Leaders left BILLIONS of $$ in weaponry behind. This action alone is a General Court Marshall offense under the UCMJ. Every weapon left behind is now in enemy hands but yet little is said about it.

      1. This most egregious decision was made by a hapless man, who with a political life of longevity without a positive record of accomplishments!
        One has to ask how was he ever positioned to be elected as president in the first place. and the shame blame and responsibility goes directly to those who promoted and positioned him for that, with their total disregard for the well being of the United States and it citizens.
        These individuals knew enough to make the mistake, of becoming involves, through military action, if not war, advancing a policing role, but now want to disavow their action, by laying the blame, “echoing the idea that we should never have gone their to start with”, but they sure used the advantage of our being their to accomplish their ends, which were kept out of the view of public knowledge, for the most part, because they were not interested in securing freedom for a beleaguered Nation. It is time for the truth and the responsibility to fall where it belongs, on the shoulders of selfish industrialists, and their political supporters, from both sides of the isle.

        1. Absolutely. Interesting though that McConnell, who has stood up for Biden and all of his ridiculousness, and completely threw the Republicans under the bus on Jan 6th and elections, now claims Biden is incompetent. It makes him look good now, and also makes one wonder if this was the intent all along. to have Biden be the fool, then make a HUGE Blunder and risk America, so they can toss him? hopefully Kamala will not be a replacement because she is useless.

    3. It isn’t joey It is Obiden who is running the show. He is getting his 3rd time in behind the scenes.

      1. No it’s Obama it’s also the bidens and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary and Nancy pelosi Chuck Schumer and I would not be surprised if China even had something to say about it Joe Biden is a reckless piece of s*** and he needs to be in peace and taken out of office ASAP Innocent lies were killed because of his stupidity because he has no brain

  2. Sloppy Joe needs to go!
    McConnell needs to back up these remarks with a letter of impeachment otherwise he’s just flapping more rhetoric as usual.

    1. Debra, exactly. McConnell looks like he is drunk most of the time. Articles of impeachment need to be written up and filed now. Biden and his entire cabinet have the blood of US soldiers on their hands. Biden’s AG in particular is a whigger appointed by Obama, who was turned down for the Supreme Court and now we know why….

  3. Biden has surrendered and in doing so, has unleashed a well-armed terrorist group loose on the world no country is safe now, thanks to Biden’s poor decisions., and he is responsible for every murder ,every rape, every torture that the commit.

  4. We have to “get rid of” the present powers in office…they are killing “our country”…If “HE” goes…”SHE” MUST go, as well! (including Pelosi!)..They spell D E A T H of our beloved America!

  5. McConnell is too late to show he has balls and will problem lay back down anyway he should have had Trumps back like you too little too late

  6. Biden lied. People died. Eighty-two million people who voted and cheated for Biden have Afghan and American blood 🩸 on their hands. Live with it and own it.

  7. So for six months, from the day of ignauration jo and ho have been actively destroying america and now they wake up and smell the coffee – something smells. they all must have been deaf, dumb and blind not to see the criminal and destructive activities. Too bad most Republicans were born without essential parts that gave them courage. Best get with it as jo and ho have quite a foothold on criminal power.

  8. it’s obvious to me that Biden and his demoRat miscreant cronies are paid employees of our enemies!

  9. No pleasure in saying our great Country is being led by a man with dementia and backed up by corrupt CCP democrats. The world sees what we see. So bad. GOD is the only one to save us but why would HE? They have kicked HIM out.

  10. Our country has the best military with the best logistical planning and support in the world. Yet this president seems to have just woke up one morning and thought ” I guess I’ll start to remove the troops from Afganistan”. No planning little consultation with experts, Just a gut feeling that he is doing the right thing. How nuts is that?

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