McConnell Vows Revenge if Dems Change Filibuster Rules

Senator McConnell (R-KY) is talking tough again.

This is more than likely because he knows that he will never have to back it up.

With a very small threat of the Democrats breaking the filibuster, McConnell is now vowing to retaliate if Dems can pull this off.

McConnell’s Revenge

We all know the Democrats’ plan now to take out the filibuster.

They are hoping to create a rules exception for this one piece of legislation.

First and foremost, if they do this, the legislation is more than likely going to find its way to the Supreme Court.

Even though I would suspect that all three liberal justices would back the move, there is simply no way a single conservative justice would advocate such an exception to pass through legislation.

Secondly, Senator Manchin (D-W.V.) has already come forward to say that he would never support breaking the filibuster.

Manchin’s word is not worth the paper it’s printed on, but I actually believe him in this case.

He just has too many conservatives in his base that would lose it if he did something like this and I have no doubt he would lose his seat.

Regardless, McConnell is talking tough again.

He stated, “We will make their voices heard in this chamber in ways that are more inconvenient for the majority and this White House than what anybody has seen in living memory.

“What would a post-nuclear Senate look like? I assure you it would not be more efficient or more productive. I personally guarantee it.”

He continued, “Do my colleagues understand how many times per day the Senate needs and get unanimous consent for basic housekeeping?

“Do they understand how many things would require roll-call votes, how often the minority could demand lengthy debate?

“Our colleagues who are itching for a procedural nuclear winter have not even begun to contemplate how it would look.

“If the Democratic leader tries to shut millions of Americans and entire states out of the business of governing, the operations of this body will change.

“Oh yes, that much is true. But not in a way that rewards the rule-breakers. Not in ways that advantage this president, this majority or their party.”

Here is the thing, though… McConnell’s guarantees are worth trash.

Remember when he promised not to help Democrats raise the debt ceiling after Senator Schumer (D-N.Y.) trashed Republicans on the Senate floor after the first time he helped them?

What did McConnell do? He rallied almost a dozen votes to help Schumer again the last time.

Talk is cheap, McConnell… we need to see you actually do something.

What is your opinion of McConnell?

Do you want to see him retire or be voted out of the Senate, or do you like him?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: The Hill


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