Kayleigh McEnany: Media Serving Up Softball Questions to Psaki

If you watched the daily press briefings when Trump was in office, you remember how confrontational the media was on a daily basis.

Not a knock against Sarah Sanders, but she was overmatched by the media.

It got to the point that Trump told her to stop doing daily briefings because it was a steady stream of unrelenting attacks every time she went on the dais.

Eventually, Kayleigh McEnany was brought in, and, well, let’s just say the media met its match.

Today, that is hardly the situation when Jen Psaki takes the dais.


While Psaki gets a tough question every now and again from other media members, the only one testing her on a daily basis is Peter Doocy from Fox News.

It is quite the contrast from the Trump administration when the Press Secretary was on the defensive every second of every day.

McEnany was always prepared, though, having a binder that was loaded for bear and often featuring slide shows to show the media how foolish they were being.

It was rare that the media got the upper hand on her, even though they came at her relentlessly.

On the different treatment, McEnany stated, “However, I wanted to reset, so I went in, tried to have a clean slate.

“However, the questions became very caustic very quickly, very personal.

“You contrast that to some of the questions currently being asked of Jen Psaki.

“She has been asked about a biting incident with the White House dog.

“She’s been asked about the White House cat.

“She’s been asked about the Air Force One color scheme.

“These are questions that don’t serve the American people. These are questions I was never asked.

“Ultimately, I think a fair press is somewhere between the softballs Jen Psaki gets, the tough questions I got — somewhere in between.”

She is right, of course.

We need look no further than how quickly the media moved on from the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and drone strike as proof of that.

If Trump were still in office, McEnany would still be answering questions about that.

The media has shown signs of life, but it is not nearly enough.

As much trouble as this administration is in right now, if the media ever comes around, Democrats will have zero chance of holding the White House come 2024.

Source: Breitbart

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12 Responses

  1. McEnany is worlds above Psaki in every way. McEnany was prepared and answered all questions with fact. Psaki is a return from Obambam and so far below McEnany it’s almost cruel. She needs to ‘circle back’ to staying home and staying in bed.

    1. I think that McEnny, Kayleigh
      Should run for Nancy Pelosi position
      In 2022
      She would be the perfect HOUSE SPEAKER

      1. That is a very amazing thing that needs to happen or Trump and Kayleigh for VicePresident what a team unmatchable true patriotism there for the United States of America

  2. Best News Yet
    the sooner the villiage idiot who poopes his pants in public and cannot tell write from wrong
    the sooner we are free from the liars networks , who have thru social networks , set up a liars network of liars, cheets, thieves who only know he s not there , not in his right mind and should be in care for the idiots home of fools, thieves, con men and criminals

    that is joe the thieves networks

  3. Not surprised at the way the media asks question of this administration that s one of reasons I don’t listen to their talking heads any more

  4. Psaki is a freshman compared to the Senior Kayleigh. She could learn a lot from Kayleigh, but she is too steeped in the lies of the Biden administration. She thinks she can fool everyone with her snide circle back and ask someone else answers.

  5. Sarah Sanders did a great job as press secretary and held her own against the press that asked the same questions time and again ,always trying to trip her up(which they didn’t )and just keep maligning Trump.To say she was overmatched by the press is your opinion and your opinion does not belong in an objective article. McEnany was great,and she certainly did come loaded for bear,excellent at handling the press and even shaming them on their lack of interest on real news topics as opposed to insignificant questions about Trump.Neither had to “circle back” with an answer.They both were excellent at their job .

  6. Hey “pain in the asky” where are the investigations on the biden crime family in the selling of our country to china!
    (hunter lap top evidence, big guy gets his 10% )

  7. When is this *sskissing media going to knock off the love affair with a demented, slobbering, old pedophile?
    And psaki trying to cover for him is just pathetic! She’s almost as unlikeable as the current vice president, and that’s saying something. After thinking about it for 10 seconds, I think she’s MORE unlikeable, definitely has a bigger mouth and is a poster child for why abortion should be legal in some cases!

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