Meadows Aide Paints Unhinged Picture of Trump on January 6

We know one person that was definitely watching the January 6 Select Committee today.

That would be Donald Trump.

Several reports broke earlier in the day that Trump was very worried about what Cassidy Hutchinson might say, and, based on his response, she hit a nerve.


Unlike most of what the January 6 Select Committee has produced thus far, Meadows’ former aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, did offer up some new tidbits.

Trump, however, says they are all lies.

For instance, one thing that had not come up prior was the interaction between Trump and Secret Service agents that day.

Hutchinson painted Trump as completely unhinged, reaching for the car’s steering wheel and lunging at the throat of one of the agents…

For anyone on the bubble, that may be enough to move away from Trump.

As noted above, she clearly hit a nerve with Trump, who had to realize how compelling and damaging her testimony was today.

He responded on Truth Social with a very long string of messages, calling her “A Total Phony.”

Fox News’ Bret Baier seems to believe the testimony of Hutchinson…

As Baier noted, it is really hurting Trump that Republicans have nobody on this committee to challenge and try to poke holes in this testimony, so all anyone has to go on is what was said on the stand.

You can read the full report on Fox News, which also has various parts of Hutchinson’s testimony broken out.

So, let’s hear it… after hearing Hutchinson’s testimony, do you still think Trump should run for president in 2024?

Do you think enough people will look past this testimony to the point that Trump could win or do you think it is too risky?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Again, you read the full report and hear the testimony on Fox News.

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29 Responses

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  2. Does anyone else notice that the Jan 6 committee calls only people who speak against Mr. Trump? No one is invited (or subpoenaed) to come and testify in his favor. I don’t know whether I believe this latest testimony or not because they carefully did not ask anyone who might be able to refute it. This whole “trial” is fixed. That’s why there is no interest in the whole fiasco.

    1. Your comments are 150% true, Patricia! If anybody has anything positive to say about Trump, you can bet they will NEVER be called to testify at this absolute joke of a staged witch hunt! Witch Nancy wanted to turn the event into the final straw that nailed Trump to the cross! So it didn’t work, so she’s desperate at this point! The innocent Americans still in jail mean nothing to Witch Nancy! All of those brave Americans are in jail ONLY to make Trump look like he caused it all! It isn’t working! It won’t be long before they will ALL walk free!

    2. The fact is that this Jan 6th committee is only looking for some excuse to prevent Trump from running for office in 2024. The so-called hearings are organized to present false accusations. These hearings are scripted and prepared in advance. They are made for tv propaganda. They do not have one member of the committee to present any rebuttal questioning. It is all designed to present a false narrative.

      1. This is a bunch of crap the January 6 committee handing out these turn coat are scared to death they want get a job from Repub or Dem so they are making up story to be fitted them. I’ll stay with Trump until He’ll freeze over. Best Pres this county ever had.

    3. I have been in the back of a limo ,there is no way could reach the driver, more lies.

    4. The young woman who testified against Trump yesterday at Nancy’s recent BASH Trump event was lying thru her teeth reminded me of Brian “Kato” Kaelin as a hostile witness at the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial years ago, her acting ability was right up there with his….. Whinny and scripted to the max……….sad that politicians are so full of hate and try to stir up trouble every turn they make to keep the party alive… WIN !!! I think the entire ordeal is pathetic and sad they have spent so much money on something the FBI ? already said nothing was found against Trump and this waste of tax payer money is typical of the party………Pelosi and her sneaky move on the little girl she elbowed out of a photo made more real news !! Now that is the real deal there, she did not care if she hurt that child one whit !!! And it has showed her true colors, that entire lot of one sided testimoney, you are right , Patricia, the impeachments ordeals and this little party have that in common it was one sided and not one person was allowed to give testimony that was FOR Trump……….now ain’t that just really just unbelievable ? But it happened in the impeachments and now this one ? Not by chance but by demand by the party members………man they are running scared ?? QQ

    5. Patrica not only that but everyone on the committee is hand picked to be Bias against Trump and any one that supports Trump is guilty. I’m waiting for the trial for the riots committed by the racist groups BLM and ANTIFA But they will never happen because then Cori Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine waters, Kamala Harris and many more of the Democrats would be going to federal pen for conspiracy.

  3. Why is there no cross examination or defense allowed? It’s because it’s the Democrats want it that way! Sure, they allowed a few republicans on the committee but, they are definately RINO’s! You can get anyone you want to make scathing accusations as long as they are paid enough and no one to question their accusations!

    1. The only Republicans on the committee are hand-picked by Swamp Queen Pelosi base on their hatred of Trump. Notice also that the line of questioning does not approach anything that Pelos or other Dems would have been involved with. The chairman of the committee has stated that Pelosi, the DC mayor, and the FBI are off limits to the investigation. That means that any discussion of Trump authorizing the use of the National Guard are forbidden.

  4. She made a statement that didn’t add up to what actually happen. She is claiming that rioters showed up armed and Trump made a statement about how he had nothing to fear. Which he was right and she’s misinformed about people being armed. Her testimony seems to be an exaggeration of events.

    1. Her “testimony” was organized and rehearsed in advance. This is all made for tv propaganda. Notice how smoothly the flow from a committee member to a video clip and then back to a question. There was no delay while the video was keyed up. It was all a made for tv propaganda production.

  5. Well I said but months ago and I’ll say it again ! Trump won’t run and he made up his mind a long time ago. This Jan 6 bs is not going to change anything. Because it’s all one sided bias.
    Trump said a long time ago that his focus was to get republicans elected to both houses. He would make up his mind after that. However. Look around ! There is a push for DeSantis as the new potential runner. Melania said a long time ago she didn’t want to go. Back to the White House. And if I were them I agree ! Why. He has more power less grief if he is behind the scenes. Second look at the boys who used to be big advocates for his re-election have cooled on the approach.
    This Jan 6 show is just that , a show but not a good one.
    When he announces not to run they will all think they were the ones that did it but it was set up a long time before the show not to run.
    Biden has made such a mess of things that no matter who gets in next , it’s going to take 8-10 years to fix this mess.
    Biden and hunter need to become responsible for what they have done. Soros needs to be removed or jailed . Hillary needs to be silenced . Pelosi needs to fall of the scene for good. Maybe join Schumer in jail next to her husband and AOC .
    Bernie will jump in again just to screw things up again .

  6. Agree with Patricia and Marje above. I.too. feel that the general public, both sides included are totally fed up with the constant false witch hunt tactics of the Democrats that we see as them “grasping at straws.”
    It was my understanding that it was the responsibility of Madam Speaker
    to ensure the safety of Federal employees and Federal buildings. Where
    was she before, during and after the incident???

  7. President Trump, regardless of the lies that the left have and continue to spew, we strongly urge you to come back to the White House and the sooner, the better. Our Nation is in a big mess thanks to blow Joe Biden and company. It’s past time to CLEAN HOUSE!!!

  8. Jan 6th is all total lies. This girl today is just a plain liar. She wanted a job at Mara Lago and didn’t get it, I don’t blame Trump for not hiring her, she is a fake like the rest of them. After looking at all the really sick communist democrat party, it’s no wonder that they hate President Trump. They want to change America into a 3rd world country, THEY ALL HATE AMERICA! Pelosi had orchestrated the whole Jan 6th for her hate for Trump. There are 80
    Million of American citizens that love and respect President Trump because he is honest and loves America. I didn’t realize how many really stupid communist democrats that voted for the Biden/Harris ticket. You have Biden that is brain dead and making himself and America the laughing stock around the world. And there’s Kamala, a whore from California
    that everytime she opens her mouth, everyone gets to see how dumb she is. Biden’s who administration doesn’t have one brain between the whole group, they all all liars and freaks.
    If you communist democrats hate America, leave! There are a lot of communist countries you could go to. Leave the United States to Americans that love our country, we believe in our Constitution, love our beautiful flag and salute it and have love for Americans that respect our laws. America would be a great country without all haters that want to destroy us!

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  10. She’s already been rebutted by secret servicemen who said that none of the what she has reported occurred. She’s a shill.

  11. No, that cannot be true. He was in the back of a Limo. How could he reach the driver? She made it seem like they were almost together. Just not true. Again, the idea that the Republicans can not have anyone there to ask these questions is just rubbish . First time I ever listened in was yesterday, and that was by mistake. I heard someone tell a lie.

  12. It’s so sad that we have politicians that we the people elect to look out for our interest as citizens of America, that all they can do do is find fault with us and this country and only do what they themselves believe and what the lobbyists want! I say its time to get rid of all of them, have term limits for both Senators and house of Representatives, as they have lived off the government way to long and we as citizens actually have no say! They say vote, well only the rich get elected, and we all know that elections can be fixed, so now what do we do? They allow all these riots, which they call peaceful but most certainly are not, yet they have this false pretense of Jan 6 committee which is totally a disgrace to our constitution and to the United states and its citizens!

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