Meghan McCain’s ‘Meet the Press’ Appearance Outrages Liberals

If you are a conservative these days, you are the devil as far as the left is concerned.

Meghan McCain found that out the hard way in one of her first interviews since leaving “The View.”

She appeared on “Meet the Press” on NBC with Chuck Todd, and liberals had an absolute meltdown on social media.

Get Her Off

McCain blasted Biden on the show, calling him out for moving away from his alleged moderate background.

McCain stated that Joe Biden relied heavily on independent centrist voters, but his new agenda is clearly “the most progressive, modern agenda of all time” as well as the agenda not polling well.

After McCain criticized St. Joe, liberals went nuts, slamming her and NBC for daring to allow a conservative on air.

Here are just a few of the tweets we saw…

They better get some safe spaces ready because the snowflakes are going to need them!

Source: Fox News

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19 Responses

    1. Maybe, if we’re lucky some Liberals will end their lives because of “OH MY, YOU THINK DIFFERENTLY THEN ME. I CAN’T TAKE IT.”

    2. You know, there is a silver lining with Biden, the way that the Democrats are showing their true colors now more then ever that Americans are going too flood the House and the Senate with Republicans in 2022. I really do feel that the VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS from all Parties are waking up to reality and I also feel that more people miss President Trump today then the votes he got in November even though the election was fraudulent.

  1. Most modern day liberals are totally unhinged. Liberals coming to grips with this are individuals like Bill Maher and McCain. The liberals of yester years are not the hating, race baiting, American hating liberals of today. We can thank our colleges and individuals like Soros and Obama for the state of our country. You ask why not include Joe Biden, he is not a liberal, but a greedy old man who will do anything for power and money, and even willing to sell out his own country to meet his needs.

  2. As much as McCain criticized Biden, she criticized Trump much more, especially regarding the election, Big lie, bad loser, conspiracy theories etc. etc.

  3. No need to worry, America and every citizen will be re-educated and comply with the communist way…. It has already started with the Wuhan virus and early child education, for those lucky enough not to have recieved he wrong material injections, thanks to cClinton and obama, and slo joe are simply the vehicle to the obama muslimizing of America. America, this virus is the mark of the beast.

  4. Meghan McCain is right on target 100%%% and people know it but are too stupid to realize it. They people who disagree with her are totally MORONS and need to be locked up in a cage with Biden and his whole administration, then they need to be taken to the deepest part of the sea and dumped overboard.

  5. How Did We Get To A Point In Life Such As This.? In Your Face Happening , And There’s Those Who Are Actually Standing In The Middle Will Still Say There’s No Problem.? It’s People Like This That Will Burn Down A City And Then Call Dominos For Delivery…?

  6. The poor dumb liberals can NOT stand the truth even when the WHOLE WORLD already knows what the truth is !!!!!!!!!!! I am NOT a big fan of Meghan McCain, BUT, this time she is DEAD RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!! What the liberals can’t control or deny, they work hard to DESTROY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I just wish Meghan had been this outspoken when she was on The View … those ole bats couldn’t stand 2 have her there, and she demured to their view 2 often … but Im glad 2 see she is speaking out now …

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