Megyn Kelly: Harris ‘just so fake’

Megyn Kelly is on fire.

Her new show has been exceptional, and she continues to hit Democrats without fear.

On Thursday, she went off on Kamala Harris.

Kelly compared her to the character in “Veep.”

So Fake

Kelly believes that Democrats are trying to rework Harris’ profile before the 2024 election.

Harris has been all but removed from the public eye over the last few months.

When she has been visible, it has clearly been on a much softer profile.

For instance, twice last week, Harris was on video with children, presumably to make her more likable, but both cases were horrible fails.

Kelly stated, “Kamala Harris … I don’t know, they are trying to rehab her I guess in advance of her run?

“And I don’t know that this woman as a politician is rehabable.

“I really don’t. It’s really like watching ‘Veep.’

“So … it’s the first in a YouTube original series called ‘Get Curious with Vice President Harris.’

“It features her speaking with several young students about the wonders of space exploration and science.”

The full podcast is in the video below, but her Harris comments come around the 12-minute mark.

Source: Daily Caller

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14 Responses

    1. She has done nothing but run from problems and she doesn’t care about us , only cares about going to the bakery and side stepping problems !

      1. She nothing more than a pawn of the establishment. They have no intention of ceding their power to anyone. Fraud? It’s everywhere. These two are only place keepers. There is no other explanation for what is happening to our country.

  1. There are no words strong enough to say what kind of person Knees Harris is. Best if all I say in run away from her as fast as you can, she spells trouble, a lot of trouble.

    1. I don’t believe anyone is running this country as far a America Leadership. We are being one who built his house in the sand,easily manipulated.

  2. She will always be a failure , like the villiage idiot who makes decisions from the nursing home , not the white house

    woulder who is really in charge , TRY the CFR , NOT the idiots there , playing hours

    dont get fooled into taking anything they tell you

    the vipers and snakes are more trustworthy than harris and the idiot crew of thieves, robbers, extortionist and flat liar s club ,

    no clue , but stupid still believe them ,

    the crime syndicates of News, Media , social liars clubs , FAKE fact check club of Facebook and twitter

    only a absulute fool would listen and believe this group

    matter of time , just wait

    things are coming and they set the stage for it.

    yes , they let them in thru the boarders ,and dont care

  3. Kamala Harris wouldn’t be where she is if it wasn’t for California Willy Brown, she serviced him very well once a whore always a whore.

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