Megyn Kelly Obliterates Biden Administration on COVID Origins

Megyn Kelly was always a bit controversial, but now she truly has a little edginess to her.

Since she started her own gig, Kelly has been letting it fly.

During a recent show, Kelly hammered the Biden administration regarding transparency on COVID and the Chinese.


Kelly was talking to Josh Rogin, a Washington Post columnist.

They were discussing the constant Chinese blocking of information regarding the origins of COVID.

Since Biden has taken office, it almost seems as though his administration is doing more to protect the lack of transparency from China than to get to the truth for the American people.

So, Kelly went off, stating, “Forgive me but, these fu**ers have lied to us for long enough and we need to know the truth.”

She continued, “People died, millions of people are dead and Peter Daszak is allowed to get away with his lies.”

Kelly later added, “The Biden administration looks the other way.

“The information’s there if only we will push for it and demand it.

“And we have no assurances that this won’t happen again.

“It’s infuriating to me. There’s just nothing we can do.”

You can hear the full show in the video below, but the main points of interest relating to this story are at the 45- and 50-minute marks.

Source: Daily Caller

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5 Responses

    1. You are right! Intelligence should always be allowed to speak. Listening those democratic idiots
      is only for the same ones as they are…I cannot stand it! So Megyn should be listen to as logical
      and thinking person, who certainly understand situation and she says has sense and truth.

  1. The CHINESE COMMUNISTS THREATEN TO “NUKE JAPAN INTO TOTAL SURRENDER” AND BIDEN STILL CALLS THEM “COMPETITORS”! The recent PROOF that BIDEN’S BROTHER has asked his corrupt son Hunter to help him in a business deal with a Chinese company is proof BIDEN has been “co-opted” by them. Add this to the list of impeachable offenses. We had PLENTY OF INFORMATION FROM CHINESE RESEARCHERS ABOUT THE “PNEUMONIA-LIKE” INFECTIONS OCCURING IN WUHAN PRIOR TO THE CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY SEASON. There is proof that the Chinese authorities took EXTREME STEPS to squelch the discussion between Drs in the Wuhan region. One Dr was “interviewed” by the authorities, for several hours, and told him to “stop spreading rumors”! CHINA will NEVER ADMIT TO WHAT THEY DID! In a majority of serious crimes the suspect doesn’t confess, BUT THEY ARE STILL FOUND GUILTY! THE SAME GOES FOR FAUCI! IMAGINE THE IRONY OF THE NUMBER ONE PANDEMIC CHIEF FOR THE US ALSO HAVING A LONG RUNNING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WIV?! all we have to do is indict Fauci, charge him with lying to Congress, and he will “flip” immediately!

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