Michigan AG Admits She Drank Too Much at Football Game

Dana Nessel, who has had her fair share of controversy since taking office, has again found herself under the microscope.

Nessel was spotted at the Michigan-Michigan State game this past weekend.

The problem… she needed help getting out of the stadium because she was completely wrecked.

The Empty Stomach Excuse

Nessel’s team recommended she hire a crisis management team to address the issue.

To her credit, she stepped up and took the blame, albeit with a bit of a lame excuse.

Nessel claimed she had two Bloody Mary’s on an empty stomach, but I have never seen anybody that needed to be carried out after only two Bloody’s.

Regardless, at least she did not hide from the incident.

She stated, “I laid low for a while, but my friends recommended that I leave so as to prevent me from vomiting on any of my constituents.”

She added, “Sometimes I screw up.

“This was definitely one of those times.

“My apologies to the entire state of Michigan for this mishap, but especially that Michigan fan sitting behind me. Some things you can’t un-see.”

Nessel did have her supporters, with one person stated, “So here’s the story: an adult on personal time legally consumed an intoxicating substance, had the common sense to responsibly excuse herself, got home safely, and slept it off. Where is the scandal!?”

It was not so much that she was drunk or the liquor got the best of her, however, as this is one in a long line of controversies surrounding the Michigan Attorney General.

To that point, Tori Sachs, the executive director of the conservative Michigan Freedom Fund, stated, “The issue isn’t that she got embarrassingly drunk at our state’s most-watched public event, it’s that she is completely erratic, irrational, and lacks judgment.”

Source: Fox News

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5 Responses

  1. Well at least she wasn’t trying to brief a bunch of people while she was in that condition. If she had a hangover the next day, she paid for her fun, as most of us do.

  2. Now she knows; wine’s fine, liquor’s quicker.
    LMFAO. Michigan really knows how to choose public officials…

  3. Come on people, you must all be saints. Get real everyone should be able to let loose once in a while. She is a dem all right but she isen’t stealing 1.5t from us, Piglisi and the 11 RINOs did that.

  4. I guess it is not a good idea to get drunk where people can see you, especially if you are the states AG and don’t forget we have a president who falls asleep at meetings

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