Mike Pompeo: ‘Biden knew the truth’

The revelation of the leaked transcript between Joe Biden and the former Afghanistan president has raised many questions.

Biden, to this point, has tried to act as though he was ignorant of what was happening on the ground.

While we know that is not the truth, it is hard to prove it, but this phone call is a game-changer on that front.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo now says Biden knew the truth the entire time he offered a different narrative to the American people.

Biden Knew

According to Joe Biden, his intelligence initially told him the Afghan Army could hold.

That statement goes against what many in the intelligence community have stated was common knowledge.

Hannity addressed this specific topic with Pompeo, asking him, “Let me ask you about Joe Biden’s lie. He was telling us in July that this is one of the best-trained armies, the Afghan — our allies — the Afghan army was one of the best-trained militaries in the face of the earth.

“…What’s your reaction to that lie? Because it was obvious the Taliban was on the march and it was obvious that they were collapsing and his statement to Ghani is obvious that he knew when he lied to the country.

“He just wanted – – he just felt it was a perception problem.”

Pompeo answered, “Yeah. President Biden knew the truth he knew the truth that the Afghan army still needed continuous American support.

“The intelligence community, our military leaders were all very clear during our entire four years that they continued to need our support in spite of all that we had done for them.

“So, President Biden would have most certainly known.

“It’s the fact that he got on the phone with Ghani, that’s true and said what it is. He said to essentially lie about what’s really going on.”

You can see the full segment in the video below…

At some point, the full truth will come out, but we can only hope it happens while we still have time to hold Biden accountable for his lies, deeds, and actions.

Source: Breitbart

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26 Responses

    1. You are so right! After all this, a stolen election, and crooked Biden as president, you would have to be a fool to vote for a Democrat now. What I’m afraid of is that there are still a lot of fools in this country!

  1. We HAVE to get these treasonous criminals OUT of our White House! They didn’t win it, and need to be booted out. They have proven what traitors they are to the American people over and over again, starting with stealing the election. AMERICAN DID NOT VOTE FOR BIDEN HARRIS! Get them OUT! Pelosi and Schumer right behind them! The most incredible traitors this country has ever seen.

    1. Amen to everything you have stated, and right now, would not be soon enough. DC is in need of a complete overhaul… TERM LIMITS on every state ballot.

  2. Biden and his administration, aka “cronies “, have committed at least 2 counts of treason against the country, the taxpayers, and the constitution. Why are we still allowing them to dictate policy?

    1. Jeffery … cause we’re plain stupid and our “supposed leadership” .. that’s rich, ain’t it?” .. lack the balls to do anything about it, that’s why .. 😡

  3. Hopefully,those who voted for this empty suit will realize what a catastrophic mistake they made .

  4. NOTHING is going to happen to these traitors because the spineless Republicans, who are supposed to be on our side, will not step up and take action against them.

  5. You are blaming Biden for his actions. Rightly so, for he is the face of the Democratic Machine. However he is only a puppet, and is too weak as an actor. He lacks in demeanor and personality and leadership.
    He was put in place by big dollar, power grabbing liberals. Such as Soros, Pelosi, Emmanuel, Schumer, Blumenthal, and the star studded actor’s guild, and the main stream media. He has absolutely no idea what to do and is surrounded by yes people , “three bag full kinds”. who are supposed to keep him aware of what he needs to do, (sometimes erroneously). He does not have to think, it is done for him.
    As for the VP she was only put there to appease a part of the base for votes.
    But who else can we put the face on, the ignorant voters. who have let this machine take over. And believe me when I say power, not only, but their intimidation, fingered pointing and blatant lies of their opponents, some of whom are also weak, a** kissers.
    We need a new congress not one controlled by a few but will reflect the will of their constituents and not some outside interests.

    The Conservative Patriot.

  6. Yeah right exposing it and doing anything about it are two different things I’m about tired of hearing to talk talk talk it’s time to get er done

  7. After the trial is over for treason, stand up against a wall and execute him. Then try Kamala Harris and Queen Nancy Pelosi for a similar offense and deliver the same punishment.

  8. Let me put on my SHOCK FACE !!!!!!!!!! The LIAR IN CHIEF told a LIE, AND told Ghani to LIE also ?????
    Why am I NOT surprised ??????????

  9. All good comments by thinking people. Biden should go down in history like Nero, ( The Roman Emperor who fiddled while Rome burned) . He is ineffective in over his head with diminishing mental powers. He has brought about the greatest defeat of any nation ever. He is a liar, cheat, crook that is bring ruin to the country. He has a good chance of surviving two more years if not more to top it off !

  10. When he snapped at the reporter “NO!” to the questions about pulling out and what he knew… that was a child-like tell tale sign he was lying… the kind of reaction one sees in a nursing home…

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