Mike Pompeo: Military Pressured to Carry Out Strike in Kabul

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just confirmed speculation we had all along regarding the failed drone strike in Kabul.

Even before we knew how disastrous this strike had been, we suspected the strike was politically motivated for Biden to flip the news cycle.

The United States had just taken a massive hit by the suicide attack and Joe Biden needed a win, any win, to flip the cycle.

During a recent Fox News interview, Pompeo offered his insight, stating that “you could see the political pressure” that drove the strike response.

All About Politics

To be clear, just like most of you reading this, I wanted revenge after the suicide attack killed more than a hundred civilians and 13 of our troops.

We wanted terrorists killed, however, not civilians.

From the outset, the strike seemed suspicious.

The administration released few details and refused to offer up a name, which just raised even more suspicion, and now we know why.

Pompeo, on the strike, stated, “It looks like they were in a rush.

“They were in a hurry.

“You could see the political pressure and if there was one thing that drove this failed evacuation was the arbitrary political deadline that President Biden set, the arbitrary cap on the number of troops that could be there so we could secure [the] American departure and the departure of our equipment.

“Those things, these were all political decisions driven down to the military and I’m confident that the military was under enormous pressure.”

I cannot help but think back to the strike that Trump called off due to the possibility of collateral damage and how much criticism he took at the time.

When Trump thought there was even a remote possibility of civilian casualties, he waited for a better opportunity… and there was outrage.

Trump gave the thumbs on a strike to take out General Soleimani, a known terrorist, with no collateral damage… and there was outrage.

Joe Biden just killed 10 innocent civilians, and all you see on social media are liberals making excuses to justify the attack.

How the hell did we get to this place in this country?

Sources: Fox News & New York Post

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11 Responses

  1. Biden and his CABINET of IDIOTS should “ALL” be run out of DC before they order a strike on CIVILIANS in the USA or on the TEXAS BORDER! WHO DOES THIS, MILLY???

    Is there a MEDAL given to IDIOTS????

    1. I most certainly agree. This administration is evil, corrupt and a security risk for our country. We are being thrown into Communist rule and why the Libs can’t see this is complete incompetence on their part. I agree with the statement “How the hell did we get to this place in this country?” One reason, and one reason only, it falls squarely at the feet of the Democrats. Especially Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer/and the rest of communist liberals. Wake Up Libs. You will be going down with the rest of us.

    2. Milley may wear the battle rifle metal but he wasn’t in charge and he never actually fired a shot. He missed doing something being only four star > I don’t know exact what he missed but he missed doing something. He is even dumber than General Westmoreland when he ran ops in Nam

    1. I agree with this also. They are awfully quiet. Are all the Republicans really RINOS?? If they are, we are completely doomed.

    2. Problem is Republicans do try to follow the law. They go through process and then Democrats and media try these games and right now they are failing at their games and sooner or later the drone will be struck. They are attempting to show the world and they are failing. Now Republicans start attacking with the truth like Pompeo.

  2. what goes around always comes back to you – be careful what you do to others as they will do unto you – heed this advice Republicans – and kick butt when you regain power, investigate, spy, punish, impeach and get rid of all in the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. they are corrupt and must go!

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