Mike Pompeo: World ‘very concerned’ About Biden Foreign Policy

Is the United States abandoning its allies on the world stage?

Is the United States putting its own agenda and personal benefits over major issues such as the use of slave labor?

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo believes that is the case, and he also believes our allies, the entire world, for that matter, is getting terrified at what the future holds because of it.

People Are Getting Nervous

Other than Kayleigh McEnany, a regular contributor on “Outnumbered,” Mike Pompeo has probably been the most visible member of the Trump administration.

He has been front and center to challenge many of the bogus claims issued by the Biden administration against the Trump administration.

This time, however, he is hitting Joe Biden on the world’s perception that the United States is abandoning some of the key issues it has policed in an effort to push Biden’s agenda forward.

Regarding this administration’s foreign policy, Pompeo stated, “I think the world is very worried.

“I think they see the first nine months, and they are very concerned that America is leaving the international stage.”

He continued, “At its very core, what the Biden administration fails to understand is there is a harsh reality out there, that there is evil and there is good.

“And if you withdraw from Afghanistan without considering the ramifications and dealing with them and making sure the conditions are right, America will be diminished.

“If you don’t make clear that you’re going to be an unbreakable ally of the state of Israel, then the Iranians will provide rockets to Hamas in the Gaza Strip and they will fire them into the state of Israel.

“And if you don’t understand that American energy is an incredibly powerful national security tool, and instead, you shut it down and give the Russians access to European markets, and beg the Middle East to build more production capacity, you put America at risk.”

He concluded, “Those are just indisputable facts. That is the reality of the world that we live in, and the Trump administration was serious about using American power as a force for good in the world against the backdrop of reality.”

What do you think? Is Joe Biden not only putting the United States at risk but also the entire world?

Tell us what you think about Pompeo’s comments as well as Biden’s foreign policy in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. I could not agree more!! Our country and the world we live in has become a very scary place. And all of the decisions being made by this administration is taking us down a destructive path!!!

  2. “Is Joe Biden not only putting the United States at risk but also the entire world?” Yes he is. He has NEVER had even a hint of good domestic nor foreign policy in his entire political career. Even Obama said “never underestimate Joe’s ability to “f” things up. The was also someone (I don’t remember his name or position in the Obama admin) that also said he has never had a good foreign policy (or words to that effect).

    so yes,”F…Joe Biden”

  3. This administration is horrible and is very fast killing the American traditional values and integrity with our allies. I pray every day that someone will put these people OUT out of our misery. FAST and NOW.

  4. Who Died and made Biden boss of the world??? he can’t even take care of AMERICA!!!!
    He is letting Millions of Illegals in our country, we have laws prohibiting Illegal entry???
    How can he keep getting away with everything??????

  5. Pompeo knows biden has sold out america for communist evil doers on the left .promises to be their puppet if they steal the election and keep trump from winning and throwing his whole greedy family in prison.

    1. Whether Biden realizes or not, the fact that is starring us in the face is he is leading us and the free world down the road to perdition.

  6. Fjb and his anti America policies. Creepy Joe and his whole administration are corrupt. The world sees what is happening and they are also being sucked under.

  7. Mike Pompeo Trumps best pick after a list of deep state liberal moles and rino’s . And he’s right !
    The big guy is the bad apple that will ruin the barrel ! JOE BIDEN IS A BAD GUY ! (ABOVE THE LAW )
    And the Democrats said no one is above the law . Lies all Lies !!!

  8. I think we are in serious trouble on many fronts, what kind of people we are allowing illegally to get into America, why we are having ridiculous mandates on Covid shots,even to those who have natural immunities and stoping the oil from Canada. Plus sending all manufacturing and meds prepared in China, a communist country. Are we totally insane???

  9. Why would all these dems/leftist want to bring down our country. They will loose their cushy jobs and all their dirty money will dry up. Guess they have all their marbles lined up so that they won’t be hurt like the rest of us peons. This country has given them a great life but they are so ungrateful and so selfish. Let them go live with their communist friends and see how they like it.

  10. Are we so stupid that we’ll let all this go on in this country and across the world because Biden wants us to have a few dollars in our pocket. All those Stimulus checks are putting American’s to sleep, waiting for the next check to be dropped into their mail box or Bank. Wake up before its to late, we need to do something to fire this bunch of Terrorists we have in office right now before its to late to save our country. If you voted for Biden and his Minions and still support them, you’re a terrorists just like they are.

  11. Mike Pompeo is absolutely correct in regards to concerns of our foreign policies right now.
    Our country is in dire straits and DemocRATS have caused it all due to their stupidity to spite President Trump’s policies that were working for our Republic! It is crashing down on them right before our eyes. There is No leadership whatsoever on Capitol Hill, Pentagon, or the Military. All they are good at is lying to the American people and trying to cover their own a$$es!! Bring back MAGA policies!! President Trump- Promises made-Promises kept!!🇺🇸

  12. Brilliant article by a brilliant man. Thank you Mr. Secretary. Do hope
    our Supreme Court is paying atention to you.!

  13. Vicious Biden needs illegals to vote for him in the next election. Only Biden’s USA and in no other country in the world can non-citizens vote. Biden cheated his way in the last election and it is only getting worse.
    Never imagined that the US government could be so corrupt.

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