Mike Rowe on 4.5 Million Americans Quitting Their Jobs

Americans are quitting jobs at an alarming rate.

Many of these jobs are good-paying jobs, but perhaps they are not the “dream” jobs people were hoping to have.

It is baffing to Mike Rowe, and it is something he believes will have a deep impact on everyone in the country.

Just Quit

It would be great to land your “dream job,” but few people ever truly get to say that.

Mike Rowe has always had a different way of looking at this, and it is one that I used to mold my own business model.

Rather than seek out your “dream job,” find a niche that has a need and address it.

Become passionate about that need and make that job your dream job.

Today, blue-collar jobs are getting looked own upon, as everyone wants a six-figure job right out of the gate.

Kids want to work six months at a job, then get promoted to the boss.

It’s unrealistic, but it also has big impact on the entire country in terms of benefits programs and how our economy rolls along.

Rowe stated, “This is a conversation about our workforce and the imbalanced nature of it and the way that’s going to impact every single American who shares my addiction to smooth roads, indoor plumbing, affordable electricity and so forth.”

We can look at two industries right now that are struggling… transportation and health care.

There are plenty of jobs in both sectors were you do not need an advanced degree, yet these two sectors are crippled right now, and not just because of Biden’s idiotic vaccine mandate.

In October, we hit 11 million job openings in this country, which almost broke the record high.

Rowe stated, “That, interestingly, is one of the few things that we can control.

“We need to explain to kids that working with your hands, learning a skill that’s in demand can still lead to prosperity.”

Everyone seems to believe that you need to have a master’s degree to be successful, but that is hardly the case.

Rowe stated, “It can’t be higher education, and everything else is some vocational consolation prize.

“We need to set the table fairly.

“We need to do a better job globally of shining a light on [skilled labor] stories.”

You can see Rowe’s interview in the video below…

Do you think Mike Rowe is right? Do we need to do more to promote blue-collar jobs in this country?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox Business

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17 Responses

  1. I went to college
    And also have a Master’s degree
    And the best thing one learns ==
    how stupid we are
    but then – comes the desire to always learn

  2. Mike is so right,we need more industrial schools and promote the trades. Not every one should have to get into dept just to go to college get a degree and find out they aren’t suitable for what they did,now they have a rather large dept to pay the government.

  3. Mike you’re so right, you have to start at the bottom of the latter, and work up with your skills and the better you become with those skills people will take notice. You will start to move up the latter . Remember if you quit after 6months on the job the next one will be starting all over again ! So you set yourself back 6 months, think about it!

  4. Mike has hit the nail on the head, something I often have trouble with, and the need for people who can build, fix, design and produce things is more prevalent than ever. I just turned 68 and was able to work summers at factories to make enough money to go to college. Sometimes it required two jobs and working on campus to make ends meet, but I was able to do it. It is one of my proudest accomplishments, as much as getting 3 degrees and 3 professional certifications. I am tempted to do something that involves working with my hands, which is not necessarily boring but can also give you peace of mind and a feeling of satisfaction when a job is completed.

  5. The time of the “COLLEGE BOY” making all the money are over, Finally WE have got them by the short hairs and are saying, if you want COLD BEER and working toilets, you have got to PAY FOR IT !!! YOUR COLLEGE DEGREE WONT FIX A BUSTED COMMODE OR REFRIGERATOR, so come down off your high horse and understand that WE are the ones that make YOUR life work and we are not going to work for nickels and dimes any more !!! GET USED TO IT !!!

  6. He’s so very right it’s not funny, but now even construction wants a degree and they don’t know how to work when they graduate. It’s a very real problem and those that think it’s not are part of the problem but the first to complain about lack of heat plumbing and AC

  7. He is 100% right. Our Academia/Schools are the worst culprits. They have been failing us for years and this is the result. I’m a immigrant that became a citizen and very proud to be an American. I thank this country and GOD for all the opportunities it has given me/family to help me achieve realize the American Dream. By the way I do not have any degrees. Schools have become all a big business and have lost their true reason to exist, they just BRAINWASH our kids. There is no shame on being a blue collar worker. Just go to work/want to work.

    PS. Whatever the mind of man can conceive/believe the mind of man shall archive. For every failure, for every defeat there is a greater seed of success. ONLY IN USA

    1. Two of the biggest failures of schools is, they teach to the test and program students to be nice little communists. Well, how is this working out? IT AIN’T!

  8. I entered the workforce in 1960, in the banking industry. I did not have a college degree, but I did have a lot of common sense, I worked for 3 banks, in Houston. I moved back to my home town in 1971, and went to work for another bank. I started as a peon and worked my way up to VP and Cashier. The only schooling I had other than my high school diploma, was attending a lot of workshops and seminars put on by the banking industry. I worked for that bank for just shy of 14 yrs. After several months, I went to work for a Supermarket as Bookkeeper. I learned the grocery industry, and could do orders for the store, supervised the cashiers, worked the Courtesy Booth, while keeping up with the bookkeeping duties. I worked for the same man for 17 yrs. I did not have any college this entire time. I retired in 2014, and I am proud of the hard work of a demanding, changing, banking industry and grocery industry. So, I agree with everything that Mr. Rowe said.

  9. It is very shameful that good COMMON SENSE is so uncommon these days. As a counselor for high school and middle school students for years (retired) I encouraged many students to consider taking vocational courses and going to a vocational school instead of college. Many teachers told me I was doing them a disservice. I replied that we would always need service technicians to which they usually scoffed. Shortsightedness is rampant and apparently contagious. Mike Rowe has been a beacon for common sense for decades, he has earned my respect and admiration. I wish our governmental leaders would heed his advice.

  10. If everybody thought like Mike , our country would be on the right path !! Young people nowadays want high pay , dont get dirty type jobs !! We are raising a bunch of work woosies !! They discust me ! By the time i was 16 , i worked 4 different jobs , all dirty !! Then landed a heating and cooling career , and for 45 yeats i provided very well for my family ! GET DIRTY , AND GET IT DONE !! Dont be a Working Woosie !!! Grow up ,grow a pair !!! God Bless !!!

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