Mike Rowe Expresses Regret for Supporting Pandemic Lockdown

A fan recently inquired why Mike Rowe had not yet done a PSA regarding vaccines.

Rowe, who has taken the vaccine himself, issued a rather shocking answer in the eyes of liberals.

He not only explained why he is not pushing the vaccine, but he also expressed regret in backing the initial lockdowns.

Not Going to Happen

The fan, Steve Manchin, all but demanded Rowe do a PSA on vaccines, writing, “[W]hat are you waiting for? As you surely know, Delta is raging. The sooner we’re all vaccinated, the sooner we can get back to normal!”

Rowe shocked him with his answer, in part, writing, “The short answer is no – I have not publicly encouraged anyone to get vaccinated.

“In fact, I have recently declined to participate in several PSA’s designed to persuade people to get the jab.

“That’s not because I’m opposed to vaccines, obviously. Vaccines have saved more lives than any other advancement in the long history of medicine, and to your point, I got the shots the minute I was eligible.

“But I’m not a doctor, Steve, and even though I occasionally play one on TV, I’m not inclined to dispense medical advice to the people on this page.”

Rowe then expressed regret for promoting the lockdowns, writing, “I did appear in a few PSA’s early on, back when they assured us that locking down was essential to keeping our hospitals from being overrun. ‘Two weeks to flatten the curve!’ Remember that one?

“That of course, turned out to be untrue, and I regret my role in helping perpetuate that particular falsehood.”

I think Donald Trump would agree… I would suspect that when Trump does his upcoming tour, he will say that allowing himself to be convinced locking down the country for what was supposed to be two weeks was the biggest mistake of his presidency.

As we all know, weeks turned into months, and here we are 18 months later still having the same conversation.

That decision gave Democrats what they needed to derail a thriving economy and utterly wreck the country so they could take power in the House, Senate, and White House.

It’s hindsight, of course, which Trump did not have the luxury of at the time, nor did Mike Rowe.

I just know that he (and more than likely Trump) will never make that mistake again.

You can see Rowe’s full response in the posting below…

Source: The Blaze

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12 Responses

  1. The sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner thousands more will die from the vaccine. It appears that it does not prevent infection anyway as over have of some vaccinated groups have gotten Covid anyway. The vaccine is just another thing that Dems want to shove down our throats. No thank you.

  2. Did you know that Biden said that they had now inoculated 350 million people. That is about 50 million more than live in the United States. He said it not once but twice. Need we say anymore about his cognitive abilities. As President, he should have the correct figures in his head at all times. That was one of his big selling points to be elected President. (He would stop the Virus). He has been such a disaster to America. Where are the 80 million people that voted for him. I don’t ever hear a peep from them. Guess they are happy with the way things are going for our country. Most of Americans are not.

    1. The only reason Biden is in the White House is because of the hatred of Donald Trump, the most productive and honest president in many years.

      1. Really the only reason Biden is taking up wasted space in the White House is because the Democrats are highly skilled in the art of creating fake ballots, running a cheating voting machine operation, counting and recounting the same ballots many of which were from dead people as well as destroying other candidates ballots ! ! ! All while the Republicans were being up right and honest. . .AND LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT !! !

  3. Gods judgement is Coming, sooner than people think. All the Glory will be given to Him.

  4. Fraud 2020 that’s the only reason JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT is in the basement Whitehouse aka Bunker.

  5. Good for Mike Rowe! At least he is honest in his answers. And I agree that doing psa’s Only further the covid panic. We want to know WHY push vaccines that cause more harm than good? If they don’t protect you from getting the virus, what good are they? And—- they cause blood clots, heart problems, etc. what is in those vaccines? Why aren’t they telling us that? What are they hiding? We want to know!

  6. Mike, Mike Mike the “vaccines” have killed 45,000 and had over a half million adverse effects! Look up graphene oxide or pencil lead as I call it or antifreeze (ethylene glycol) are in the jab and then, why does it make you magnetic?

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