Mike Rowe: Society Looks Down on Hard Work

For years, Mike Rowe has railed against the need for everyone to go to college.

It’s not that he necessarily has anything against education, but it is a lot of fish entering a very small pond.

To that point, many of the labor shortages we see today are in blue-collar jobs, which Rowe blames on the perception society has created for getting your hands dirty at work.

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Mike Rowe made a nice living promoting jobs where people have to get their hands dirty.

“Dirty Jobs” was the start of much more than a show for Rowe, as it created his legacy and helped him realize that we need more people to be willing to do hard work.

Rowe stated, “There’s something in us, it’s the fault in our stars, you know, where we begin to resent the very thing we rely upon.

“My career has been spent mostly trying to find the workers who are out of sight and therefore out of mind, just tapping the country on the shoulder and saying, ‘hey! What about him? What about her? Check these guys out.'”

He continued, “Look this whole problem, this disconnect, this skills gap, 11 million open jobs, this isn’t a mystery.

“This is a reflection of what we value.

“And our country has become disconnected from the kinds of jobs that you’re talking about right now.

“We’re not properly gobsmacked when we turn on the switch and the lights turn on, or when we flush the toilet and it all goes away.

“So, it’s no great mystery why our kids aren’t eager to fill these positions, we take them for granted, ourselves.”

One of the greatest pieces of advice I ever heard regarding work came from Rowe.

I am paraphrasing here, but he basically stated that rather than chasing your passion, find a need in society, become great at filling that need, and turn that into your passion.

That is how you create success rather than chasing success.

Source: The Blaze

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10 Responses

  1. But, but, if the DEMONRATS and establishment elites don’t push for everyone to go to college, how can they brainwash them even further than just PreK-12? Plus, the colleges/universities need their palms greased along with union profs to proliferate their ideology of stupidity.

  2. Trade jobs are where it’s at today. Where else can you make almost $100K a year 2 years out of high school. My son-in-law took a 6 month welding course. Now works for a manufacturer in town and makes $1200 per week minimum. If he works 60 hours he gets paid double time for overtime pay. Name one college degree that could get you that kind of coin with a 6 month degree. Know there isn’t one available. Schools need to stop teaching kids they can only succeed by going to college

  3. I agree with all of the above! This county **THE UNITED STATE Of AMERICA** should all get back to WORK.

  4. Germany has completely rebuilt their society several times in history by using an apprentice system… by far the cheapest & in my opinion the very best way…

  5. Dirty hands is something a Biden can’t recognize ! Work is not for Joe !!!
    He is King Joe !!! BCF BLM, DOJ ,Antifa
    The deep state Commander and Chief !!
    TRJMP 24


  7. learn how to work not at just one thing I did car repair at dealerships also Electrical work running conduit and wires, AC/heating ductwork, small engine repair and drove a rollback wrecker as well as drove a van and school bus for Senior citizens I was never without work until was injured and could not work regularly was put on disability but still did what I could to help friends and pick up a little extra hear and there until I could not anymore now I just tell others how to do stuff so they can People need to learn to not be scared to get dirty my kids are not

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