Miller: Biden Has Lost the Faith and Confidence of the American People

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller led a crushing attack against Joe Biden on Sunday.

Miller was appearing on Fox News referencing the call on NORAD to Joe Biden.

As well as accusing Biden of being a puppet, he also stated that Biden has completely “lost the faith and confidence” of the people.

Who is Pulling the Strings?

Miller went down to list all of the failures of this administration.

Then, Miller gave his theory on why Biden is so out of touch with everything at this point.

He stated, “Here’s my theory and I’m being completely forthright when I say this.

“I believe that Joe Biden is controlled by his staff and his aides.

“And not just senior staff. I think mid-level aides in the White House.

“You know, the recent incident that people made a great deal of fun about — well, they should have — where Joe Biden said ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ during Christmas, to me, reveals something much more insidious, which is that he doesn’t know about the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme because he doesn’t consume any of his own information. He’s completely sheltered and controlled by his staff.”

Then Miller compared this administration with the Trump administration.

Miller stated, “[Trump would] bring us into the Oval and say, ‘I read this report, I read this report, I read this report, I saw this, I saw this, I saw this, I want reaction, I want analysis.’

“It’s completely the opposite with Biden. He’s totally shaped and controlled by staff and has no inputs but what they give him.

“So they see him, his own staff sees him as a vessel to implement these AOC-style, soft-on-crime, no-borders, massive-taxation, massive-welfare, no-American-energy policies.

“He’s their vessel and we’re all suffering as a result.”

Do you agree or disagree with Miller?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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54 Responses

  1. You are right on, the American people have lost all faith in Joe Biden and his administration, he’s trying to ruin America as we know it!

    1. Actually, I NEVER had any confidence in Biden! I already knew that he consorted with the enemy (China) and that he and his son were dabbling with little girls (something China has a lot of knowledge, films, and witnesses that can attest to it). How he EVER got elected puzzles me – the only explanation for it is that Democrats have the same tendencies or don’t care about anything but being in power. Biden has always been a petty crook dealing in shady deals his whole life. Why Democrats chose him for high office is beyond comprehension!

  2. Obama, Soros, Rice, Jarret, and LOTS of the new world order crowd are calling the shots to destroy our country !!!!!!!!
    When things get bad enough, the people will ALLOW what little is left of our freedom to be taken away by these people for a SMALL MODICUM of IMAGINED security, and America will be gone forever !!!!!!!!!!! Real Americans need to rise up NOW against these people !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Everybody has to stand up, other wise like you say we will loose out country. I slowly see some people come out and also swing to a konservative opinion. But you have to have the balls to say it out loud. As my father always said, if youtell the truth, you might loose a few friends but these are the friends you don’t need anyway.
      I hope more people will come out of the woodwork. Amen.

  3. I never had any confidence in him. Knew on the day of his installation we were in big trouble. 40 years in politics, he never accomplished a single thing except for lining his own pockets.

    1. I agree. But then I knew because of Bidens record in the senate or lack of yet I was told I didn’t know anything. You don’t need a college degree to be intelligent. More so common sense is necessary. Thank God he is still in control.

    2. Agree totally. NEVER had confidence. When he helps illegals before us. I wish he knew which country is paying him. If we the people helped illegals, where would we be and had been years ago. before he got in thinking he has authority to break the laws. Using tax-payers money in killing full-term babies. Yet if the public did it. Where would they be?

    3. Everyone should have known before the election because they warned us what they were going to do. If anyone believes he got 82m votes we really are in trouble, with out the stuffing of the ballots by the RATs he wouldn’t have received 82 thousand. How stupid they are to think we don’t know all of this. It Isen’t even OBiden running this country it’s the deep swamp of which we all know also. Wake up RATs we are on to your cheating. We know you will do it again in 2022 and 24 just so you know that too

  4. I do believe that America is waking up and that the insidious rules that the Biden Administration (and I do mean the administration because we all know that Joe hasn’t a clue what is happening around him) will find out that the American people will only take so much and then their house will come down like a rainstorm on the sand. I pray that that rainstorm will happen soon.

      1. Agree, before there is literally no hope for this country. Or before it falls completely. With a so-called president, vice-president that does nothing, and other dems not doing anything good for AMERICA. Just receiving too much money and doing what they want only(only the bad).

    1. Seems to me that Uncle Joe (sleepy, creepy, Uncle Joe) exhibits all the signs of advanced dementia. He can’t remember what state he’s in, who he’s going to see, what he’s going to say, etc. He needs elder care and we need to get rid of his “handlers”, who are doing a crappy job of managing Uncle Joe. While we’re at it, impeach incompetent VP, Harris as well. She also needs to go.

      1. I agree. And, if the American people (especially Republicans and Moderates) don’t get to the polling booth and vote accordingly, then the slide into infamy will just continue at a more rapid pace. Each one of us has to take it upon ourselves to watch closely at what the Democrats are doing leading up to the next election. There is rampant proof that they cheated in nearly every election within the last few decades, and they continue to change processes and procedures to enable them to do it at an accelerated pace. This next election needs to be free and fair, but it will only be possible if Republicans and Moderates make a concerted effort to watch, ask questions, and verify!

    2. I feel sorry for Biden he been a career politician. But we’re is Mrs. Biden why put your husband in this position. He truly has no idea what is going on. I think public numbers are a lot lower then being g reported. At least I hope so. 42% is a worry that there are that many people that like him ,think he is doing a good job. Does that worry any one else?

      1. Democrats act in lockstep, so anytime I see a rating of 42% on Biden then I know that the shysters are lying, cheating, and stealing again!

      2. Mrs. Biden is too busy making sure everyone calls her “Dr. Biden” and gives her the proper recognition as the sitting President’s wife deserves (regardless that she actually doesn’t contribute much except to keep old Joe from stumbling and bumbling too much). It is sad to see what Democrats put into the White House – and what is worse is the whole world knows and is laughing/planning with that in mind). Talk about being vulnerable! The Democrats put the United States in jeopardy as the rest of the world laughs, jeers, and takes advantage. Look at the posturing of Russia and China – they know how vulnerable we are and will take immediate action if, when, they see the advantage to do so.

  5. OBiden and Obama are the two worst ever anti American, for our Country and the citizens , in the History of the United States. Joe OBiden is totally CLUELESS about everything and cannot even follow the orders that are given to him carry out by Obama and others. Our Country has gone down hill faster than any time in history !

    1. I believe 2022 will bring big changes to the biden/constitutionally illegal harris/illegal immigrant obama/criminal clinton and the islamic sharah law jarrett clown show and very very possibly result in many going to prison.

  6. Does people really think that Biden’s state of mind hit him after he won(?). If people think that, well we are in worse shape than I thought. What’s funny, is the Democrats talking about him running again in 2024. He has to get past 2021. They don’t have anyone else, so if he can stand up they might run him. Asking if we the people have lost faith in Joe Biden, I don’t think we ever had any to start with.

  7. So why is he still being allowed to ruin this great country of ours? We all know he’s not what we voted for. He is a chronic liar. Who is going to be our hero?! This is about daily life. We shouldn’t be living in a world where it is sucking the life right out of you. He’s broken laws, ignored court orders. & is really killing our spirit. With poll numbers as low as his he should be , along with this pretend administration, OUT!! Other countries are closing in. You’d better stop this for real. Just my opinion.

  8. I just left a questionaire on ‘what concerns you most’ referring to Biden’s job. I tried to pick only one but wanted to choose ALL but wasn’t offered, finally chose ‘deep state’. We, as a nation are in the deepest trouble ever. I’m 85, won’t suffer long but am concerned for our families. Pelosi gets away with criminal acts, how lax the gov’t is. We are fast-approaching being a third-world country atmosphere. Trump was imperfect but ran it like a business & we were in great shape, he did it w/o 4 years pay. Biden is merely a puppet, Obama & others pulling his strings.

  9. I posted a comment which I guess this site didn’t like as it pointed out my OPINION about the current administration. No foul language was involved, but when you express an opinion about this administration
    the thought police don’t like, it’s not allowed to be posted.

  10. JoeBoy Biden has never been an impressive politician. He was never more than a blow-hard, loud-mouthed light weight. He has bathed himself in his own self aggrandizement since his arm was long enough to pat himself on the back. This is all self evident to anyone who has paid much attention to his sorry state of exploits over the years. Now, in his advanced age, he is mush-minded, with a failing body. He rarely, if ever, knows where he is or what he is doing. When he speaks, his memory fails him as he can barely prattles off what he has been told to say and how to say it. This is when his handlers step in to reign it all in. We, on the outside, are told the signatures on documents he is said to be signing, doesn’t match his signature. Does that make the documents and their contents null and void IF someone on staff is signing as if by proxy? I would be interested to see a few copies of documents we know he signed; then have cameras capturing some actual signing videos for us on the outside looking in, to see and compare with.

  11. I never had either faith or trust in Biden
    Anyone who has spent their entire life in DC, and has accomplished nothing warrants neither the faith nor the confidence of the American people.
    He continually compensates for his lack of ability and credibility by his aggressive, sarcastic, talk and mannerisms. He fabricates stories virtually non stop, and states that they are true. A common term for a person that does that is: liar.
    He is a disgrace to the office of President, and to the United States.

  12. Biden has absolutely NO IDEA of what is going on. Most of the time, he just reads off of cue cards or transcripts, of what he is to say. He is getting more and more confused even on peoples’ names. He has a list of the news ‘journalists’ he can have asking the questions, and then of course, he is cued as to what the answers for those questions are. All you hear out of him is “I am not suppose to take any questions. I am not suppose to talk to anyone now” and/or he walks off and ignores questions. He is such a disgrace to our country. You can tell he is not leadership material. He has only ruined our country and made us a laughing stalk around the world and an open book to all our enemies. Easy targets now. That is all we are.

  13. Biden has been a failure since day 1 of taking office he has no idea the damage he is doing to this country he should have stayed in his basement

    1. They certainly have enough film and recordings on both Joe and Hunter. They used to be available on the internet, but that has been cleaned up by now. Sure shows why they are both considered to be degenerates, drunks, and losers. Too bad the Democrats orchestrated a coup in the last election. Otherwise, we would have a strong, competent, and knowledgeable patriot in office keeping America safe, strong, and respected!

  14. The sooner Sleepy Joe Biden is removed from the White House, the better! He’s not only a disaster and a danger to America, he’s supposed to be the leader of the free world, to countries that depend on the USA! He has got to go a.s.a.p

  15. Biden is nothing but a puppet, being controlled by the squad, he only got in by cheating. And that is why they want to change the voting system here and have no ids so they can keep cheating. Just like NY allowing noncitizens to vote, is illegal! These people who let the forgeiners in our government is why our country is going to hell! Biden loves China they have him in their pocket, I think he needs to go live there and never come back!

  16. How could anyone have faith in a man who believes a racist actor that faked a hate crime and was found guilty .
    Either Brandon is partisan or stupid !
    The big guy will slip up and China will pounce . They all farmed COVID 19
    Covid harmless before GOF ! Fauci lied !

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