NYT Reports More COVID Deaths Under Biden… with Vaccine

When Trump was in office, we got a daily toll of how many people had died due to COVID.

Joe Biden has now been in office slightly fewer months than Trump had to deal with COVID, only he has had the benefit of a vaccine.

Here’s the stunner… more people have died with Biden in office, with a vaccine, than when Trump was in office.

Uhm, Joe…

Joe Biden told this country he would get COVID under control and get this country running again.

Most conservatives laughed and thought, “People are not actually going to fall for this, are they?”

Biden could make that statement because he knew a vaccine was in the works and if elected, his administration would have the benefit of the vaccine for the duration.

So, what did Dems do? They bad-mouthed the vaccine while Trump was in office, then forced the jab on Americans to try to drive numbers down once Joe sat in the Oval Office.

Guess what… it didn’t work.

In all of 2020, there were 385,343 COVID fatalities.

In 2021, there have been 386,233 COVID deaths, and we still have more than five weeks to go in the year, so that number is likely to be over 400,000 by the time the bell rings on New Year’s Eve.

Those deaths have occurred with the benefit of a vaccine, yet the daily ticker on deaths has been removed from every left-oriented mainstream media outlet in the country.

Biden cannot blame this on lower-than-expected vaccine rates, either, as there was no vaccine and our bodies had not yet adapted to the virus in 2020.

States that Democrats continue to demonize, such as Florida and Texas, are now among the lowest positivity and hospitalization rates in the country, yet that narrative still gets pushed by the White House.

Democrats are literally accusing DeSantis of murder for putting his residents at risk, but Florida currently has the lowest per capita rate in the entire country.

So, let me take you back to the 2020 presidential debate season for a quote from Joe Biden.

At the time, Biden stated, “220,000 Americans dead.

”If you hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this — anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

Well, Joe, by the time you hit your first anniversary in office, you are likely to have doubled that number, so I guess we should be expecting your resignation any day now.

Source: Breitbart

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12 Responses

  1. Just more lies coming from the Biden administration he will put the blame on other people but himself go back to your cellar

      1. Hey Clark, in Addison to the low information voters that cast their ballots for these two idiots, there were Hundred of thousands of additional ballots printed with just Biden/Harris were counted and every Republican member of Congress or ran for office were re-elected. I suspect that this is why he occupies the White House that rightly belongs to Donald J. Trump.

  2. maybe shipping all them unvaccinated illegals all over the country in the dead of nite was the culprit!!

    1. It was under production under Trump, but rushed and forced on us by Biden. Not enough time to prove it’s TRUE efficacy because Budeb, again, pushed it too quickly. Stop blaming Trump for your party’s decision.

  3. This is the most horrendous world! The USA have fabricated all those useless vaccines! In Italy those idiot ministers are forcing and forcing people even little kids! This is a dictatorship on human bodies, on the brains of people who have to be controlled by the evil state power! May the Lord destroy all vaccines’industries!! Tell to Donald Trump that God is coming back and to hurry up to make something against European dictatorships!! France is bowing down to Italy where corruption go, go, and go further! They have not christianity but only falsity like vaccines that aren’t made to save people at all! If Trump was still leading at the White House many American felt much better that now! Mafia and corruption still exist! We are commanded by these idiots!! Innocents become arrested instead tyrants have all the rights on their sides! Are we now under Hitler’s persecution?? It seems like this! Are closing our mouths!! Let’s pray Jesus comes back very soon now! Blessings!!

  4. Well now isn’t this interesting if seems that the vaccines are not doing much good, I wonder how the Biden administration is going to spin the

  5. FIRST, the radical DEMS identified INFECTION RATES AS THE SCORE CARD, NOT DEATHS! In 2020 the global RECOVERY rate was 99%, then the virus hit Brazil and India, and the RECOVERY RATE DROPPED TO 77% Even then, that means 33% of all people who catch the virus recover! This was used to enact “EMERGENCY POWERS” by radical DEMS in the states which allowed them to install easily manipulated election methods! SUDDENLY BIDEN IS PRESIDENT! Every DEM, and RINO, publicly stated THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD! Now, after several election audits, we find fraud in every audit performed! NOT RIDICULOUSLY LARGE, BUT JUST ENOUGH FOR BIDEN TO WIN! Now these radical DEM governors are trying to retain these “EMERGENCY POWERS” TO CONTINUE THIS FRAUD IN PERPETUITY! As a new strain of the virus seems to come out every day, they will try to drive the “VIRUS PANIC” AGAIN, AND DESTROY OUR FAITH IN FAIR ELECTIONS! BIDEN’S FED WANTS TO TAKE OVER ELECTION METHODS, A VIOLATION OF STATE RIGHTS IN OUR CONSTITUTION! The Inspector General has made public his concern that the DOJ (and FBI who they control) must restrain activities that are EVIDENTLY POLITICAL! EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD, ELECTIONS ARE BEING RUN NORMALLY, AS THEY WERE IN 2020! THEY REQUIRE SOCIAL DISTANCING, MASKS, HAND STERILIZATION AND PHOTO I.D.S REQUIRED BEFORE VOTING! DON’T LET YOURSELF GET SCAMMED AGAIN! WE MUST FIGHT AT THE STATE LEVEL AS THE FED IS COMPLETELY RUN BY KING BRANDON!

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