Meadows Texts Appear to be More Damaging Than Helpful to Pelosi Committee

This week, one of the more important stories was the leaking of Mark Meadows’ texts during the January 6 riot.

Pelosi’s committee hoped the texts would prove collusion on Trump’s part, but it seems to have done the complete opposite.

After seeing the texts, it seems very apparent nobody in the Trump camp had any idea what was going to go down on January 6.

Stop It

Either Meadows and company were pulling off the biggest scam of a lifetime or they clearly had no idea what was about to happen on January 6.

I am going to vote for the latter based on the language of the texts.

One of the most damning texts in terms of the committee linking Trump to the riot came from Donald Trump Jr.

At one point, Trump Jr. reportedly texted Meadows, who was serving as Trump’s chief of staff at the time, “We need an Oval Office address. He has to lead now. It has gone too far and gotten out of hand.”

If one person in Trump’s camp would have known about a plan, it would have been Trump Jr.

The panic in that text clearly shows he did not.

The texts also show that the entire Trump camp was trying to figure out the best way to respond, so they were all caught by surprise here.

At this point, the only thing Democrats have on Trump was that he did not respond quickly enough for them, but that is about it.

This all may be for naught anyway if the Meadows’ lawsuit is successful.

Among other points of contention, Meadows claims that since the committee did not follow its own rules regarding its formation, any subpoenas ordered are void.

Regardless, Pelosi and company clearly did not get what they had hoped from these text messages.

Source: Breitbart

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28 Responses

  1. Once again another dem witch hunt with know facts, just lies and propaganda. Have we ever seen a group of people like the dems who can waste so much of the taxpayer’s money to push their anti-American agenda.

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  2. Well PELOOSI AND THE JAN 6 COMMISSION are a bunch of SAD LOSERS LOOKING FOR A WAY TO KEEP TRUMP FROM RETAKING THE WHITE HOUSE IN 2024. Sorry to tell them the sad news this early but they are fighting a losing battle !!

    1. If you noticed before, they come out with some stupid thing to try and get people watching Trump and NOT paying attention to what the Dems are really doing before any election time. It is just fake bs with hopes of distracting the people and having them not vote for the Republicans. True Republicans are smarter than that. The Biden Administration thinks ALL Americans even democrats are stupid, so go figure. Anyone with any amount of intelligence would never vote Democrat, especially if they knew how much Trump did for our Country and all of the American people.

  3. You just cut-off my reply, looks like you just lost a person who believes in free speech.

  4. joe biden harris and nancy pelosi and aoc and her mob all need to be removed .they need to be impeach. there not for our constitution and bill of rights. there all a communist corrupt demorat party.there trying to change our constitution.aoc needs to leave our country and take her mob with her. this demorat party and there president and vp and pelosi are all crazy they hate america they need to go. lockem up and throw the key away.

  5. It appears that this is another goat rope that is going to blow up in the democrats faces,

  6. Meadows is right this committee is rigged with all anti-trump players. The speaker has broken the rules for this committee to be valid. That’s why everyone calls it the political circus show. She dropped the ball on doing her job and shouldn’t be involved with this committee because of her actions on Jan. 6. Failing to back up her own security officers. She needs to answer some questions as well as her head security officer. Why was an officer firing at an unarmed citizen that wasn’t even in the room he was in? Why were officers beating people that were already on the ground?

  7. All of the Dems and RINOS need to face Life in prison with no chance of parole! They are all traitors to America!

  8. What if: Nancy told all of the security involved at our nation’s capital, to stand down? What if the FBI or other three letter Federal Agencies were behind the violence or even participated in a staged drama? After all: this faux committee exists to draw attention away from the farce of the last election, and this was planned years ago!

    1. President Trump called her and asked her if he should call in more guards, she said NO to him. I believe Pelosi set the whole thing up. PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS – PELOSI!

  9. The liberal democrat scum that is infesting OUR government MUST be Eradicated, NOW !!!! IF IT TAKES WAR TO GET THE JOB DONE, SO BE IT !!! F**K JOE BIDEN !!! F**K LIBERAL DEMOCRATS !!! and F**K YOU IF YOU BELIEVE IN THEM !!! LOCK AND LOAD, LET’S GO BRANDON !!!!

  10. What about all the times the democrats keep telling blm to keep up with the rioting, burning and killing and calling it peaceful protests as lives were being lost all for the black vote and still going on today. But citizens going after a corupt election on Jan 6 ,oh they are the terriosts.

  11. I agree with you James in JESUS NAME. “GOD Will rule against the wicked and Destroy them with The BREATH of HIS MOUTH. GOD Will be clothed with FAIRNESS AND TRUTH.” (Isaiah 11) These WORDS OF ALMIGHTY GOD ARE Decreed and Released throughout The DncDemocrats, Biden-Harris, Pelosi Obama Soros Rice Schumer Schiff Clintons Blinken Milley Austin AG Garland, Mayorgas-Regime, globalists, Facebook-Mark, Twitter, CNN, And Everyone who’s connected-partnered. “THE LORD HAS MADE THE HEAVENS HIS THRONE; FROM THERE GOD RULES OVER EVERYTHING.” (Psalm 103) “IF GOD IS FOR US HE IS MORE THAN THE WORLD AGAINST US.” I Decree in JESUS NAME 🔥 And AUTHORITY!

  12. Nancy and the Evil Democrats know exactly what is going on and exactly what happened! THEY SET IT ALL UP WITH THE HELP OF THE CORRUPT FBI. NANCY and the dem commies are the ones that need investigation. Just look at all the evil crap they have tried to frame Trump with that they set up with help from the FBI / CIA / DOJ ETC. These people are pure EVIL and are the ones that should be in PRISON or a FIRING SQUAD! Anyone who thinks this investigation is legit is one French fry short of a happy meal.
    God help us

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