Most Major Outlets Forego Coverage of DOJ Whistleblower

It has been about a week now since a whistleblower came forward with an explosive report regarding the DOJ.

More specifically, the report showed that Attorney General Merrick Garland has been untruthful under oath while testifying before Congress.

If this report had broken under Bill Barr or Jeff Sessions, it would have been all over the front pages and dominating the nightly news broadcasts, but that has been far from the case here.

Ignore It…

It appears as though the mainstream media will take the same approach with the DOJ whistleblower as it did with all the Biden controversies during the election.

If we don’t report on Hunter’s laptop, it doesn’t exist.

If we don’t report on Biden’s business ties to China, they don’t exist.

If we don’t report on Joe Biden’s daughter’s diary, it does not exist.

Parents are being targeted by this DOJ and contrary to what Merrick Garland claimed under oath, he knew all about it.

Parents were being monitored and tagged with a “threat tag,”

An internal email from the FBI read, “The purpose of the threat tag is to help scope this threat on a national level, and provide an opportunity for comprehensive analysis of the threat picture for effective engagement with law enforcement partners at all levels.”

However, Garland, under oath, stated, “I can’t imagine in which the Patriot Act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children, nor can I imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism.”

Of course, there are also emails that make it seem likely that teachers’ organizations were colluding with the Biden administration regarding the National School Boards Association email that labeled parents as domestic terror threats.

Even so, most major outlets other than Fox News have not done any reporting on this.

The few pieces that were done were mainly sympathetic to the idea of monitoring parents while completely ignoring the fact that Garland appears to have lied under oath.

Thankfully, at least Fox News covered it honestly…

Do you think Garland should be impeached?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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49 Responses

    1. The DOJ and all the other Federal agencies are corrupt under this Administration. They all need to be EXECUTED for what they are doing too our country. LETS GO BRANDON!!! Or in plan English, FU.K JOE BIDEN!!!


      1. Impeachment isn’t enough for what these people have DONE and are DOING to OUR country. Truthfully, Politicians are EMPLOYEES of the American people, they are not our RULERS and we are NOT THEIR SUBJECTS. They work for us is the way it really is.

  1. YES, Garland and the whole Biden-Harris Communist Administration should at once be Impeached and put in Prison for the rest of their sorry lives. They have litterly done absolutely nothing but seeing how fast they can Destroy America and it’s People.

    1. Where are the d**n Republicans in Congress? I realize you are in the minority, but shouldn’t you at least be up in arms about this issue? Wake Up Republicans. Do something besides sit on your hands and let our country be completely destroyed. Yes, we can vote the Dems out in 2022, but will there still be a country to save?

  2. Lying under oath is punishable by law. He should be impeached and sent to jail like all common people would be

    1. He’s a Democrat. Democrats are above the law. Just see how many Democrats there are that should have been charged and arrested. Not many have seen the legal system catch them. Democrats are corrupt. Merrick Garland is just one more in the Biden administration to fit that low standard.

  3. The old adage ” if a man will lie to you he will cheat and steal as well.” Know the truth and the truth will make you free not set you free. Lying under oath is perjury. Bill Clinton lost his law license because of it. The head of the DOJ must be impeached and removed if he were honest with himself he would resign and save us the expense of an impeachment trial. A man the Democrats wanted on the Supreme Court. Fie! Attorney General Merrick Garland has to go now.

    1. BRAVO!!!!
      As a retired teacher I can tell you that many poor and by this I mean unsatisfactory teachers are kept on board due to their union. If you want to improve education get rid of their unions!

  4. The whole damn democrat administration should be impeached. Then brought before courts, locked away for a lengthy time frame and never be allowed to serve as anything in government again.

  5. It is totally sad the whole Biden/Harris administration are corrupt and liars and nothing is done about it. They need to be rounded up and put in prison. Biden has lied his 47 years In politics . OAN and Newsmax has videos of al lot of them. Sad that these communist democrats can never tell the truth !

    1. What makes this ever worse is that their power to destroy our once great country was STOLEN!!! Please tell me any other time you have seen the polls shut down for hours so that truck loads of fake ballots could be dumped at the pollong stations?! They knew they couldn’t win so they cheated and have continued to do so ever since! Please consider how close a relationship Joe has had for many years with Chi Jin Ping. Perhaps we all need to start learning how to speak mandarin?

  6. Yes he should lose his job, and be locked up. This lie about parents being ,,” Not Targeted by FBI for being a parent and not wanting their children to be taught CRT,” is inexcusable as well as his son,/son in law was selling the CRT to schools and made a whooping 27 mil from it. Garland was a horrible pick in the Biden, he would have been a horrible Supreme Justice. He should be locked up. Biden likes to choose any person in his Administration that was horrible at there jobs prior and or completely unqualified for the position. He has built a Administration on gender, past poor performance, and by ethnicity. I am all for qualified individuals on ethnicity, gender and so forth as long as they are actually qualified. You can not run a company or the Country on unqualified people regardless. I pray the Democrats have Biden and Harris on their 2024 President for election, or Harris and Pete Buttigieg because both are not all above ARE NOT competent nor qualified to Run this Great Country, that at current in 11 months they have destroyed. I am really sad that people voted for personality Vs policies. Garland needs to be removed as quickly as possible. And the Banking nominated needs to not be appointed her background is communism, from every angle, she was not truthful when asked if she was a comrade.

  7. Certainly he should be along with Fauci and Lieing Biden ! The press needs to be held accountable they are biggest liars of all. The have exceeded their authority granted by the constitution.

  8. Between Garland having a conflict of interest plus receiving the FBI involvement information before lying to Congress, yes he should be removed.

  9. What actually needs to happen is get RID of Washington period start over with a complete NEW government out with the old same old games and have a FRESH START.

    1. This is exactly what Biden is doing. The sad part is Biden and Company are ushering out of our Constitution straight into Communism. Why the MSM continues to support this corrupt, evil, criminal, demented administration is beyond me. I sure hope it all comes back to bite every one of them.

  10. American people, wake up! Get your head out, and quit voting for Democrats! The Democrats are communists, and Garland is one of their leaders! They stole the election for Biden, and they are now trying to get this country under communist control, and they are doing a good job of it! If the American people don’t stop voting for Democrats, get ready for communism, because it is coming, and the communists will control your lives!

    1. Trouble is they’re all at it.
      No consciences any more.
      Lies and skullduggery abound in the cesspit of corruption.

  11. This whole administration needs to be impeached! They said they would be honest and transparent. They are all liars and the media covers for them. Most Americans see through them. The ones who don’t are in denial or plain at stupid.

  12. Impeach the lying cheat. He should be in prison with all the other democRATS in Washington.

  13. The PRETEND “Attorney General Merrick Garland” is just like the PRETEND President !!!!!!!!!! In Name Only !!!!!!!!! He is just a PUPPET like O’Biden and just does what Obama WANTS him to do, say, and think !!!!!!!!!!
    A totally useless POS !!!!!!

  14. This one is hilarious !
    The Media had a President willing to talk and be available !
    Now they have Brandon who ignores and belittles them ! ….karma
    Brandon jr can finger paint !
    CRT is inappropriate like BLM
    Election fraud in 20 gave us Brandon !
    Hidden behind Covid rules !
    Brandon will destroy America !!!
    Democrats are a sick bunch !

    1. I agree with almost all you said, except Brandon Jr paints by blowing through a straw, it only took him a year to master blowing through it instead of sucking the paint up his nose.

  15. Our Laws Are Not Equally Applied to ALL people in This United States. The Law Does Not Apply To The ones In Charge. The Law Obviously Does Not Apply TO Demorats.

  16. The whole democrat party needs to go. Every last one of them are liers, thieves, n cheets. In my 73 yrs. Ive never seen anything like whats going on in my country. Psst. 1/2 of the republicans need to be gone to. We need to cancell the woke idiots n cancell doing any business with those who support them.

  17. Hey admin, why didn’t you post my comments?
    I’ve seen a$$h*l* posted on here before, what’s up?

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