Mother Who Just Lost Fatally Shot 5-year-old Gunned Down


That is the only word to describe what happened to Kaylynn Davidson.

Only days ago, this poor woman buried her 5-year-old son after he was shot dead.

On Tuesday night, Davidson was also shot dead.

Accidental Tragedy

Five days before her death, Davidson’s son, Kyler, was shot dead in an accidental shooting.

Kyler and his cousin were playing when the 9-year-old who accidentally discharged a gun, killing the boy.

Why there was a loaded gun around those children is a mystery.

Regardless, she had only just buried her boy when Davidson was shot dead.

South Bend, IN Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski stated, “I don’t know if I have any tears left.

“I can’t even imagine or fathom what that family is going to have to contend with from here on out.”

Of course, this is also a tragedy for the boy who shot Kyler, as he has been reportedly mentally traumatized by the incident.

Councilman Pastor Canneth Lee stated, “They have had three tragedies: Kyler, the nephew and now Kyler’s mom.”

Like many other Democrat-run cities, the Pastor added, “This is a tragedy for our city because violence is a disease.”

According to reports, Davidson’s death was due to an altercation with another woman, but there was no “imminent threat,” so the woman who shot her has been charged with murder and manslaughter.

Source: New York Post

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7 Responses

  1. This is why you need GANG Control and open carry
    so the gangs have a resonable fear of death

    if you know there is consequence you fear the consequence

    put the democrats in jail so we can live again

  2. Now it is people shooting each other over perceived views and talk I do not like what yoy say pulls out a gun and kills the other boy do we have friendly people.

  3. Yes! Open the borders and let drug users and worse come in, then let criminals out of prison for votes, defund police and wonder why the crime rate is up? Duh!

    1. This is all because the ‘demon rats’ (democrats) only care for themselves, votes, power, greed and the hell with the rest of the people.

  4. A consequence of Democrats policies.
    Coupled with the fact black peoples are generally a violent culture with tribal aspects….Mainly killing each other.
    Joey big guy Biden likes that.
    The red wave coming in November will likely be Democrat blood and tears.!!
    Democrats may need 10000 mules !

  5. Stop allowing people to advertise their “money making schemes”. We’re here because of an article. Not for reading an advertisement that’s probably 99% bogus. You guys block or change anything YOU don’t like so how about getting rid of “Craig’s List”?

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