Mother of Killed Marine Says Biden Voters ‘killed my son’

Far too many media members are still trying to figure out a way to blame Trump for Afghanistan.

Parents of our dead troops, however, are now calling out both Biden and those that voted for him.

Rylee McCollum’s mother, Kathy, has outright accused Biden voters, saying they “just killed my son.”


Rylee was a mere 20 years old when his life was ended (all but one of the killed soldiers were under 30).

While the media tries to find a way to pin this on Trump, most with common sense know it was Biden’s botched plan that is the real cause of this.

By default, the people that voted to put Biden in office are just as much to blame, especially conservatives that voted for Biden simply because they did not like Trump’s personality.

Kathy McCollum called them all out, stating, “Twenty years and 6 months old, getting ready to go home from freaking Jordan to be home with his wife to watch the birth of his son, and that feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap just sent my son to die.

“I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning.

“Two Marines at my door telling me that my son was dead.

“I just want all you Democrats who cheated in the election, or who voted for him legitimately, you just killed my son.

“With a dementia-ridden piece of crap who doesn’t even know he’s in the White House, who still thinks he’s a senator.”

This never had to happen on so many different fronts.

People voted personality over policy, which was the first mistake.

Then Biden undid a plan simply because it had Trump’s name on it and put his own plan in place.

That plan abandoned Bagram and left Americans and allies on the ground with no defense.

When troops were added, it was far too late because the Taliban had already taken over and freed thousands of ISIS prisoners in the process.

Joe Biden and those who voted for him ARE responsible for this tragedy.

Our hearts go out to you, Mrs. McCollum, as well as the families of every fallen member of our military.

No words will ever make this better but holding Joe Biden accountable is a great place to start trying.

Our fallen and their families deserve that, at the very least.

Sources: Daily Caller & New York Post

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35 Responses

    1. I totally agree with her. These idiots who voted for Biden I just hope that they now realize how dumb their vote was and all of them are responsible for what has happened since this senile old man took office. A couple of my Liberal friends have told me that they regret voting for him and now they realize how good President Trump was.

      1. i agree, we did not have any new wars when trump was in, now it’s started all over with obiden, biden even handed the taliban billions of dollars in weapons and info

      2. Dang right it’s Biden’s fault – or whoever is making the decisions these days. The plain truth is we don’t have a president. We have an administration full of anti Americans who are out to purposely bring America to her knees! They’ve done more damage in just over eight months then all (even the worst) administrations in our relatively short history. We won’t survive another 3+ years of this insanity!

    2. It also angers me that most of our Republican Politicians are nothing but cowards. All they do is hide under their little desks and do or say nothing. If the Republicans in the House and Senate would for ONCE stand in UNITY against this Communist Administration it would send a powerful message.

      1. Totally agree. I feel so bad for her but am glad she realizes that Biden and the rest of these Demorats are responsible to these and probably other Americans and people who helped us being MURDERED.

    3. Can’t argue with the TRUTH! Joe was trying to be THE HERO by announcing on 9/11, that HE DID WHAT NO ONE ELSE COULD and of course he screwed that up just like he SCREWED UP HIS ENTIRE LIFE IN WASHINGTON! Together with BLM, ANTIFA, CRT, WOKENESS, Hollywood, Big Tech, Soros and the other BILLIONAIRES who helped him get where he could make the worse decisions that WE THE PEOPLE have ever seen!

  1. Everyone who really voted for Biden, as well as all who cheated and stole votes to put him in office, have the blood of every one of his victims on their hands , same as he does,. For they knew that he was not able to make this kind of decision, when they forced him upon us.

    1. True. He doesn’t even know where he is. I think those that hated Trump so much should get a letter telling them that they have blood on their hands. This maybe the beginning of a War and no one needed for it to happen.

  2. Biden is a spineless pathetic president. He needs to be impeached immediately. He puts American citizens in harm’s way. Who is calling the shots for Biden?

    1. Obama and Susan Rice are his handlers. What does that tell us? Remember Ben Ghazi? When did Black Lives Matter, Antifa, riots, burning buildings and all this division start? When did the Constitutional Rights start being attacked: gun rights, freedom of religion, and numerous freedoms? What about a clip on tv talk show, where Obama was asked about a third term and he answered by saying he wouldn’t mind having someone in the White House that he could communicate by ear device telling him what to do or say. Who campaigned the most for Biden? Wake up America! We have just witnessed the horrible situation in Afghanistan, and I believe someone we know is responsible and is achieving for the enemy just what he wanted to do….Satan is alive and well.

    2. Obama or Could be Harris or even Pelosi. There are a lot of the scum bags that need to be ousted and put out of Washington. Shame on all of you idiots. Shame on you.

  3. the Democrats nominated Biden and Harris because they were politicly correct and the voters would vote for them because they were the”anti Trump”. They would never have been elected if they had to compete against anybody but Trump. The democrats got what they wanted, a mindless old man a woman who just giggles when asked a serious question. Neither one could run a garage sale without screwing up.

  4. I applaud this mom. Finally, despite her grief she has spoken up for what the majority of us believe. Yes, Biden and his voters did kill her son and the other 12 veterans. Will he ever be held accountable? Unfortunately I doubt it-he’s being protected and we’re seeing more dumb excuses and lies coming from this administration. Only God will judge him. I thank this mom for raising a wonderful son who so willingly served this country for our freedoms.

  5. We need to dismiss all of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Shumer, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush to name a few of the sewer dwellers, NO SECURITY guards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what they are doing to our Americans in Afghanistan & the southern border! Our laws & country is being bullied by Democrats who only want votes at any cost! WAKE UP!!

  6. Now finally someone has put the blame and ultimate responsibility on the right guy. These feckless demoncraps and the MSM are each complicit in this fiasco . The MSM in America has for some reason become a communist supporter and a way to blame America for EVERYTHING wrong in the world instead of putting the blame on the right people. So sorry for your loss , there are no words sufficient to express and no way to console you and your family . May GOD bless you all!

  7. I am so sorry for your loss. It was totally uncalled for. To put a Dementia Mental Patient in the office. He was in Congress for 40 years and failed to do one thing for America. His Handlers and the Obama’s and at least 2 other Presidents back need to be brought to Court. You Know Pelosi and Schumer are backing this mess. For some reason True Americans need to take back this Country. We need to put Pelosi and Schumer and Harris and Biden on Trial. You all need to pay for this. This would never have happened if Trump had been in the Oval Office


  9. I’ve been so sick inside for all our military etc that died. To hear that mom that her son so so young died for nothing. All because Biden and his cronies. I agree eith her yes all who voted fir Biden is to blame for putting him in office, when they all knew he wasn’t fit to be President. Biden needs to be arrested now, no excuses. From the day he got in by cheating and started destroying all what Trump did. Arrest Biden now ! And all the others Pelosi ,shummer, the squad, schiff, and so much more. They will be. God will c to it. He knows everything Biden and all of them being doing for a very long time . Obama is mot innocent and Clinton’s and George Solos. Their day is coming and very soon. The Lord says: Vengence is mine I will repay. God bless all the families. I really feel for them. All who died and is critical injured all for nothing . That’s why I’m mad to and my heart is aching . God bless everyone. We need to look to at God right now. 🙏❤️🥲

  10. My heart goes out to Mrs. McCollum and I grieve and cry with her and all those who suffered such great loss as Mrs. McCollum; our Country has been sold out in front of our eyes and at such a great cost. The regime in the White House now is illegitimate and that makes the situation even worse, but I know only our God and His Providential Will can turn things around with the right persons in place.

    I am so sorry Mrs. McCollum, and I pray for peace for you and your family. God Bless You

  11. B^i^d^e^n is the most heartless, heathen, incompetent, inept American traitor ever to occupy the WH. Every political appointee of this administration needs to resign immediately. The blood of Rylee James McCollum is on the hands of EVERY g^o^d^d^a^m democrat in public office today. I lost a loved one in Afghanistan in Aug 2009 and I will not mince my words. This heartless incompetent administration doesn’t care one bit. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that Air Force 1 crashed with B^i^d^e^n and his henchmen bums in it. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that N^a^n^c^y P^e^l^o^s^i and her heathen heartless bums and their financiers like Soros caught the corona virus, or were permanently term limited by a good stroke, heart attack, or a high speed collision with a drunk driver. Add to the list executives at big tech and media who censor on line posts in a public forum .

  12. biden/harris,military command, and central command need to resign and biden/harris need to be tried for murder.

  13. Amen – this really didn’t need to happen a pull out could have been accomplished better. But also, jo and ho are scum of the earth and General Milley – satan is waiting for him.

    to this fallens family – God Bless you and your family. Your son was a patriot and doing his duty.

    to this administration – you are evil, sick, pathetic and aren’t worth being on this earth. You are murdering brave men and women by leaving them to be butchered and guaranteeing they will be butchered by providing a list of their names. May you all rot in hell.

  14. I have much sympathy for Mrs McCollum at the loss of her Son…she is absolutely on the money when it comes to these morally inept demonRats..all of them are guilty of Murder and Treason and they need to pay the piper…TIME HAS COME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The ONLY thing that the TRASH of the Democrat party, and it’s Obama leadership, can plan well is stealing elections !!!!!!!!! They use O’Biden as their FRONT man and get away with murder from the shadows !!!!!!!!!!! I can only hope to live long enough to see them PAY for their treachery !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This grieving mom is right. Her son died because of the inept, bumbling of Biden and his ilk. He should have never put his feet under the Presidential desk. May our Lord give Mrs. McCollum & her family,( as well as the 12 others who were murdered) due to the glaring Democrat leadership breakdown, peace & strength.

  17. I agree with everyone of the above messages! To have these “Young” Americans die for a “worthless cause”…ordered by someone who does not know “what” he does is heartless and cruel!..Where is Pelosi and her followers…Where is the cry of IMPEACHMENT? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO “A M E R I C A ?”

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