Mother of Uvalde Mass Shooter: ‘I know he had his reasons…’

As we all know by now, an 18-year-old opened fire at an Uvalde school, killing 19 children and two teachers, injuring more, before he was neutralized by the brave father and husband of a teacher and student in the school, as well as being an off-duty Border Patrol agent.

The parents of the shooter are both mortified, as they should be.

We can understand that, but what we cannot understand was the statement made by the shooter’s mother.

Forgive Him

Some people can lean on their faith to offer forgiveness during times such as these, but I am not one of them.

No, I want accountability… not revenge, mind you, but I want to find out why this happened and hold everyone involved accountable.

The shooter’s mother would be one of those people solely because of the signs missed.

After the shooting, her utterly bizarre statement has me even more angered, stating, “He had his reasons for doing what he did and please don’t judge him.”

Don’t judge him… is she serious?

Oh, he will be judged, as will you, and there is no forgiveness here at all.

You ruined the lives of dozens of families because you failed to see the rabbit hole your son went down.

Adriana Reyes, you are just as guilty as that maniac son of yours that pulled the trigger.

Source: Daily Mail

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9 Responses

  1. The woman is suffering overwhelming grief (she lost a son, too) and I would expect a sense of guilt — or maybe not. We don’t know her intellectual capacity so there’s no telling, at this point, what her own accountability is. If she is fully clear headed, she probably should have been aware of her son’s bent for evil. On the other hand, she may not be the brightest candle on the cake and could not see his evil let alone his desire to carry out satan’s instruction. Do not judge lest ye be judged by the same standard.

  2. If people would sit and think about it. #1 where did this evil “shooter” get the THOUSANDS of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for these weapons and ammo, (on a “fast food wage”) as well as the “instruction” and training to do what he did? WHY were the “police”after training for “active shooter scenarios” months earlier sitting on the fat asses for over an hour? ALSO it was reported that police officers wen in and removed THEIR children from this school just before the carnage stated.
    In MY OPINION, this was a CIA, or FBI “operation” and the “police” were AGAIN ordered to “stand down” and let the carnage occur, because (just like always) EVERY TIME the democommunists are attempting to RAM THROUGH more UNCONSTITUTIONAL “GUN CONTROL BILLS” to disarm all law-abiding citizens, “mass shooters” seem to pop out of the woodwork all over the country, in order to help push their agenda. Anyone else see the “pattern” here??? Democommunists do NOT care how many are killed, as long as they get “their way”

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