MSNBC Host Shuts Down Biden Official on Bogus Narrative

White House National Economic Council (NEC) Brian Deese is one of the biggest spin artists in this administration.

He has been able to spin the administration’s take on inflation almost untouched for most of the last year, but that all changed this week.

It was beautiful to see MSNBC host Willie Geist call him out right on the spot.

Not Buying It

We have been told inflation is due to everything but Biden’s policies.

For the most part, the media has allowed that narrative to spin uncontested.

That ended when Geist called out Deese on live TV.

After Deese again blamed Biden for high gasoline prices, Geist stated, “Brian, it’s true of course that Russia’s war in Ukraine is impacting oil prices, yes.”

That is actually wrong, as the gas prices were soaring out of control before the invasion and the release of the strategic reserves have offset the oil we would normally get from Russia, so the impact in this country on oil prices as a direct result of the Ukraine-Russian war is minimal, if at all.

“But I promise you, the landscaper two days ago I talked to at the gas pump who was trying to fill up two cans and backpack blowers and mowers in his truck was not going ‘damn you, Putin.’ So what do you say to him?

“What do you say to families who can’t afford all their groceries right now?”

Nationwide gasoline prices just went over $5 per gallon and that price is expected to go as high as $8 per gallon by the end of the summer.

Biden has not offered a single solution, yet his people keep saying everything is on the table.

Well, how about you take something from the table and put it into action!

Source: Daily Caller

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