MSNBC Tiffany Cross Goes on the Attack Against Justice Amy Coney Barrett

The outrage on the left over the Texas abortion law has gotten completely out of control.

First and foremost, the ruling hardly has the new law etched in stone, so the narrative the left is putting out on this right now is utterly ridiculous.

Second, the media is blatantly attacking the only conservative woman on the bench with utterly shameful statements.

Handmaid on the Court

Whether we always agree with Barrett’s decisions or not, there is no doubting the fact this is a very accomplished and independent woman.

Barrett graduated magna cum laude from Rhodes College and summa cum laude from Notre Dame Law School.

She has clerked for, among others, Justice Antonin Scalia.

Barrett practiced law for three years before transitioning to professor, where she earned the “Distinguished Professor of the Year” award three times at Notre Dame.

Now, does that sound like a woman that is subservient to a man? No, I didn’t think so either, but that is exactly what MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross called Barrett after the Texas abortion law was permitted to stand for the time being.

On her MSNBC show, Cross stated, “We have an actual handmaid on the court.”

Liberals are acting as though Roe v. Wade was tossed in the shredder here, and that is hardly what happened.

This law can still be challenged, something the Court noted in its decision.

Just imagine the outrage if someone on the right in the media had said something like that about Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she was on the bench.

Source: Daily Caller

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46 Responses

  1. When the left talks about rights they talk about man given rights our Constitution which is what Barrett ruled on are inaliablel God-given rights! Two completely different sets of rights!

    1. How about this ladies, “STOP SPREADING YOUR LEGS TO EVERY GUY WHO COMES ALONG.” This is the 21st century and there are so many burth controls out there. Try some and stop being sl.ts.

    2. I have commented on this before but never really got any feed back. If a woman and Politicians can say, “ITS A WOMANS BODY AND THEIR CHOICE” then I take it that it’s “ALL OF OUR BODIES AND OUR CHOICE.” IF that is the case then why can’t a person, lets say 65 and older in good health walk into a clinic, sign a few forms and get what they need to end THEIR life in a painless and peaceful way?? Why does a person have to wait for a devastating health condition that is painful and expensive to ourselves and our families and our lives are turned upside down?? Why do we have to wait for death to come knocking?? If it is truly “MY BODY MY CHOICE” then why can’t we have that option??

  2. There are many things a woman can do before she gets pregnant. The birth control pill, diaphragms, IUDs.
    After the woman is pregnant, there is the day after pill.
    Or, the woman can actually carry the baby to term and give the baby up for adoption.

    Remember, this is all about, my body, my choice. What choice does the baby have??

      1. Leftists are totally and completely self-centered and they despise decency, God, Heaven,and probably their parents and their children. They love only their rotten selves, and it is time to put a stop to them. I want them OUT OF THE USA….NOW!!!!

  3. The media needs to have a good comeuppance – they are not in charge of our laws; they do not have a law degree; and their personal feelings are their personal feelings & do not reflect the feelings of all Americans. The day is going to come when the 4th Estate is going to lose their freedoms to say whatever they want. They are supposed to be reporting honestly as to what is happening in the US – not blowing up at another person because they don’t agree with them!

    1. Opinion seem to be all the news has anymore never stating any facts at least few and far between

    1. With the DEMS in charge now you can do pretty much “ANYTHING” and not worry about the CONSEQUENCES, they KILLED a Veteran in the Capital for no good reason and they say the DC cops are COURAGEOUS when it should be OUTRAGEOUS, they FOLLOW BIDEN on the BORDER, the Pullout in Afghanistan, Shutting down the OIL PIPELINE, and FIRE shots at the POLICE and found NOT Guilty. We are living in a CRAZY USA brought to you exclusively by creepy ol BIDEN, Pelosi, Schummer, and Harris!

      1. Eating all of that abortion soup is making them crazy otherwise the Babies are sold for parts or research or some other pleasure to the Democrats sometimes cutting their heart out while they’re still beating

  4. The ones on the left are a bunch of whiny baby low life pile of HOG CRAP and need to have HOG CRAP shoved in their mouths.

  5. Take the vaccine, no choice, take it or your killing people. Explain to me abortion again? Does the left even know they sound like hypocrites?

  6. All these comments are wonderful and true. I 100% agree with each one. The ugly democrats and unacceptable news reporters will have their own judgment day before our Lord and our Lord will be truthful and send them all down the elevator shaft. Who’s to say if Satan even wants them. He may send them down his elevator shaft to only Satan knows where.

  7. “SAFE ABORTION” = SAFE MURDER. Why can these people NOT see that the “continuum of life” STARTS at
    conception and continues right on along until the child is delivered from the womb??? Arbitrarily “deciding” WHEN the child “became alive” is absolutely uncanny. The little one became alive as soon as that sperm and egg

  8. The Left say they are protecting women’s productive health right.
    If a woman is not allowed to keep her baby, her productive health right is violated.
    Afghani women are beaten with a cane by the Taliban men.
    Why the Left not raising their voice to protect them ?

    1. When you allow yourself to be beguiled by Lucifer as both Obama and Hillary have both endorsed Saul Alinskys book “Rules for Radicals” Little do they know you cannot murder a child-/ they live on in glory (your aborted child) when you who murdered them in this life will see how glorious and perfect they were in the next – you will put your arms out to embrace them and they one and all will turn their backs on you for eternity-// that will hell for you

  9. That bimbo Tiffany Cross should attack someone on her level if there is anyone dumb enough. Amy Coney Barrett probably could have debated Cross when she was two years old. MSNBC does not have anyone on their roster that are in a league strong enough to even interview Coney Barrett. I have disagreed with some of Coney Barretts decisions but I do not have the Constitutional background to make a decision according to what is in agreement with the Constitution, Coney Barrett does. Face it, if these women constantly getting abortions would go so far as practice birth control instead of using abortion as their birth control method, this would not be such a hot topic. Women today are just plain lazy and self indulgent. It takes too much effort to practice birth control when you can just go get an abortion on the government if you get pregnant. Slackers, pure and simple. It you can’t manage birth control then get sterilized and you won’t have to worry about it. Actually these women who have multiple abortions should never be parents to begin.

  10. The left has been drinking water tainted with “the juice of hypocrisy” for so long they can no longer discern the difference between fact and fiction (delusional) beyond a normal person’s ability to comprehend.

    Tiffany Cross is one of those commentators that a normal person cannot comprehend. Her commentary is without merit and has no substance in truth, therefore she is right where she belongs, on MSNBC spouting biased, hypocritical nonsense to the few that listen and watch such a biased, fictional fairy-tale creator and promoter such as MSNBC has relegated itself to be.

  11. all you got to say to any one of these baby killers is this ” your out of the womb why don’t I just abort you” works every time!!!this is revised from my original post..lets see if I’m allowed to post this!

  12. I don’t know why the courts are involved in this at all. This is not in courts purview; this should only be between the woman and her doctor. Once again the government is exercising powers it does not have.

  13. The liberal left can go against GOD’s law all they want but in the end HE will be victorious.

  14. Babies in the womb should have more rights than anyone involved. Why? Because they feel excruciating pain when they are aborted. And they are all gifts from our creator. If you can’t realize that, then you’re in idiot

  15. The baby has no voice, it’s people like me who speak for the baby,SAVE AMERICA 2024 vote Trump 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😎😎😎😎😎😎 I speak for the unborn who has no voice grow up America!

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