MS-13 Gang Member, Sex Offenders Nabbed by Border Patrol

Border Patrol has once again sent up a red flag to put this administration on notice that something must be done to stop this open border nonsense we see with this administration.

Over the last week alone, Border Patrol has found an MS-13 gang member and several sex offenders with prior convictions trying to cross illegally.

In all, the Border Patrol has made more than 9,200 criminal arrests among illegals crossing the border.

Shut It Down

There are really two primary reasons you control the flow of immigration.

First, if you have open borders, you will literally crash the economy.

Allowing an unlimited flow of immigrants into the country overwhelms public assistance programs and absolutely crushes wages.

The second reason is to control the criminal element that can take advantage of lax border control.

In the case of this administration, gang members and the cartel know the system is so overwhelmed right now, they can send a small army into this country.

Yes, the Border Patrol caught one MS-13 gang member, but how many slipped through the cracks and made it in?

Drug dealers, child traffickers, etc., come in droves needing only a few out of every batch to get in.

You have to force people to abide by the rules or chaos is what erupts, and that is exactly what we have happening at the border right now.

Source: Fox News

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25 Responses

    1. Those are exactly the kind of people the biden administration is looking for.
      Give us your murderers
      Your rapists
      Your infectious diseases!


    1. What do this Demoncrats want for this country and the Americans? Those who voted for Mr. blatant liar Biden through mail-in ballots and the rest should now open their eyes that they voted the wrong person plus that old witch from San Francisco, & that
      “DO NOTHING” Kamala. I hope that the LORD should do something to get them out of power!

      1. Amen….I am Praying Daily that God Almighty will strike these Murders Down and send them packing. I hope that the Obama’s and all their Friends get Covid and do not survive. May they all get some kind of ailment that keeps them sick for a very long time. The Laws are for THEE, NOT ME. Obama needs to be run out of the USA.

  2. Another King George III he was so bad also and had the same mental issues as Biden . Who want to be a king with all the power to run every ones lives. The liberals don’t see that more power government has less freedom we have

  3. Totally agree with you Tom. This administration is so corrupt it will destroy America
    as we know it.

  4. This is exactly what going on more MS-13 gangs that mean more killings I’m sure that this gang isn’t getting the jab neither just like the illegals! Dr falsely said that the rise in COVID-19 isn’t because of the illegals if u believe that ur a special kind of stupid!

      1. Ellen that would be great. Every time someone crosses the border, bus them to the Capital Building and Pelosi will have a huge batch of new Fans. Tell them to suck on to her coat tails and pull her fist out of her Mouth.

  5. Do the dems and leftists really think that these countries are voluntarily sending their best people to enter the United States illegally? Of course not, they are happy to get rid of all their law breakers and really bad people. I am sure they are laughing their heads off that the Biden admin is so stupid to fall for this. Obviously they are that stupid. They are only looking for votes. Don’t care if they are criminals. They will all get to vote under the Biden admin.

  6. Republicans send all the illegals to the White House since they want illegals to enter the USA so bad for votes!!!!

  7. We need to lock the borders and finish the construction. Maybe we not only need to get rid of all those serving Biden and Harris, but we need our military to guard for us on the south and the north borders. I would love to see the GITMO is to keep Biden and Harris under house arrest.

  8. This is all by design. This Administration is being run by Obama, same idiotic Policies, same blunders, only this time he has a puppet to throw the blame at. This illegal invasion is designed to put of place the next Democratic Party Fraudulent election victory. The know they can’t use the voting Machine scam again, or the mail in stack the boxes scam again , so let’s fkood the country with people we know will vote Democrat cause they allowed them to enter illegally and stay. The military needs to arrest every member of this Administration. Put them against a wall and use them for live target practice.

  9. Supreme court said the ninth circuit court overstepped it power by stopping the building of the wall. It has been order to lift all restraints and the wall is going to get built

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