Navy Will Discharge Sailors Who Resist Vaccine Mandate

The decision has finally been made for the Navy as to how it will treat sailors who do not want to comply with the vaccination order.

On Monday, the NAVADMIN stated, “In order to ensure a fully vaccinated force, U.S. Navy policy is to process for separation all Navy service members who refuse the lawful order to receive the COVID-19 vaccination and do not have an approved exemption.”

This is a decision that will surely not sit well with most Americans.

Get Out

The Navy gave sailors until November 14 to get vaccinated or risk the consequences.

As long as they had their first dose by that date, they had until December 14 to get the second dose.

Now that the first deadline has come and gone, the long-awaited separation policy is finally known.

While Joe Biden supported dishonorable discharges for all service personnel that refused the order, it does appear some common sense has been used in deciding how to handle this problem.

A dishonorable discharge has apparently been taken off the table.

The worst outcome will be a general discharge under honorable conditions, which means they will get to keep their VA benefits.

However, all personnel being discharged could get hit with a bill upon leaving.

NAVADMIN stated, “Bonuses, special pays and incentive pays become unearned when a Navy service member refusing the vaccine is no longer performing duties for which they are receiving such a bonus, special pay, or incentive pay.”

The statement went on to say, “Navy service members refusing the vaccine who are in a frocked status should be defrocked as soon as feasible.”

Currently, 96 percent of active-duty Navy have been vaccinated, which means roughly 14,000 sailors are about to be discharged, and that does not include Reserve sailors.

There are significantly more reservists that have not yet been vaccinated, so that number could literally double once they are figured into the equation.

Source: Fox News

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39 Responses

      1. And they were fully tested over years of testing, not administered a week after production.

    1. There is a significant difference between shots that had/have been around for decades and a vaccine, that is neither a vaccine , until the definition of vaccine was recently changed, and didn’t go through the normal rigorous process that has historically been used. I believe that there is reasonable doubt as to the efficacy of the vaccine. I believe the Navy should allow for periodic testing.

  1. Pretty bad when a brain dead president and farting in public make a dumb decision on a illegal manadate only congress is legally able to make only goes to show the democrats are trying to be more like,china,russia,China,, n. Korea a socials country so sad he brain dead go brandon what next


    1. We have a communist dirtbag for president. But I think he will only last another two months I’m a nervous and he’s really getting bad.

  3. This is wrong .The democrats just want to reduce the military to weaken USA so they can have one world military system


  5. With these unconstitutional mandates! Dimwit biden is going to leave this country! Wide open for an invasion from their pocket filling communist friend ” China”! These mandates are taking our freedom! Those who give in to this tyranny! Are communist! Disguised as Americans! Look at how many people who have died or been crippled by the vaccine! OH! That’s right! The news media is controlled by the propaganda people with in the government! Therefore America, pull your head out of your “A***! Dim wit Biden has sold America to the Chinese! Remember ” Red Dawn”?

  6. I’m sure we Patriots can use these great warriors in our militias when the time for rebellion is at hand. WELCOME PATRIOTS! MAGA 2020& BEYOND!

  7. Well, with all the discharged and unhappy service members there is a solid core of trained people for an army to rebel against all these unconstitutional acts that are being forced upon the American people. Just saying….

  8. Biden is an idiotic, incompetent JERK. Does he realize how dangerous he’s making this nation for even his own family? If he doesn’t care about them, why would he care about us? He’ll be dead and gone and he won’t have to watch his own family suffer. We need Trump back so we can be safe again.

  9. Brain dead Biden’s plan is to deplete our strong military, make America weaker and invite communist countries to walk right in and conquer America with the least amount of resistance. Let’s go BRANDON is alive and well

  10. Biden is an idiot who don’t know anything my husband and I took our shots first one in may and second on in June by the end of June he was diagnosed with cancer past Sept 5 we only took because of my son’s diminished immune system and our family physician recommended it because of our son and we were living with him and to today my daughter believe his father died because of the shot because he was find up until then

  11. Sounds like Obama is getting his way with his puppet O’Biden !!!!!!!!!! Decimate our armed forces to make it MUCH easier for the UN or China to control us !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The great Reset can KISS MY A** !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i would like to know how many of the people that voted for biden the idiot still think he and his administration are doing a great job running this great country. how many are sorry they voted hin in. are we now better or worse than when trump was our leader. food prices gas etc are all up now.

    1. Yes! It is about time true Patriots stand up and let this administration know that we won’t take it anymore! We need to do so peacefully, but in such numbers that they know we are fed up and won’t just stand by if things don’t change immediately! Each administration has had its problems, but this one is being run by a shadow government that was not elected by the people (i.e. Obama behind the curtains). Biden is not capable of running the government and should be removed for incompetency (and he needs to take Kamala with him! Worst VP ever and
      should NEVER be allowed to be President!).

  13. GOD Will Never Allow us to EVER Win Another War !!! Such Immorality…. Such Arrogance ! Such Rebellion Against God Almighty ! Never Forget ! WE REAP What We Sow ! No Exceptions ! Don’t Agree? Take it up with God ! JMHO !

  14. Lucifer is the god of force. Got a feeling God’s blessings on today’s Navy gonna be gone.

  15. The Navy Men fight for freedom and now our government wants to take it away from them. They have really gone crazy. to put it so that everyone understands.

  16. The real problem is we don’t know who created the virus and we are not sure how dangerous the vaccines are since the information is highly suspect. The health agencies themselves contribute to the chaos since they change their support and info from day to day. The mandates are suspect because they are unconstitutional, unapproved by normal FDA standards, and required by a mindless freak of a Commander in Chief no one can trust! Fauchi should be behind bars as a corrupt patientless criminal that lies constantly. The armed forces leaders should remember this will all come back and bite them where it hurts the worst.

  17. If everyone don’t stick together we are going to let a brain dead old pervert ruin our country. Joe Biden will throw the Americans under the bus for his drugged son. I believe he’s into China for something having to do with his mistake of a son. Anyone with half a brain can figure this out

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