Netanyahu Responds After Trump Critical Comments

This week, Trump did an interview with some rather surprising comments about former Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu was among the first of the world leaders to extend congratulations to Biden after the election was finalized.

This drew the ire of Trump, and now Netanyahu has decided to take a less in-your-face approach to respond.

I Appreciate You

When Trump dropped an F-bomb regarding Netanyahu, most of us were pretty stunned.

Netanyahu was doing what was expected of him with a new White House occupant coming into office.

However, he did go a bit overboard, gushing over his “old friend,” Joe Biden.

I am sure that is what got to Trump more than everything, especially when you consider how much Trump did to help Israel when he was in office.

It was not that I was surprised so much that it upset Trump as I was regarding the language he used.

Netanyahu seemed to take it all in stride, however.

After hearing Trump’s comments, he stated, “It was important for me to congratulate the incoming president.

“I highly appreciate President Trump’s big contribution to Israel and its security.

“I also appreciate the importance of the strong alliance between Israel and the U.S.”

Democrats have always applied pressure to Israel, so we could not have expected Netanyahu to get controversial right out of the gate.

If Netanyahu finds his way back to power and Trump wins in 2024, I would fully expect this to be water under the bridge.

Do you think Trump and Netanyahu will look past these comments if they both come back to office?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. Jerusalem, according to the Holy Bible is not the capital nor does it belongs to those who call themselves Jews today, in The Book of Revelation 2:9. Trump making that city the capital for them, might have contributed to his downfall because it is an abomination to God. It is written. Go check it out in the Holy Bible.

  2. Israel is God’s chosen !
    The book also says those who stand against Israel in the end will fall .
    Don’t count Trump out folks !
    Donald J. Trump is incredible . Full stop
    He an inexperienced politician, has made a 50 year career boy look silly !!
    Now Brandon is on sinking ship !

      1. Neither do I! Anyone who touches/sniffs little girl’s hair/skin is NOT fit to be in ANY public office let alone the Presidency! That goes to show you how corrupt and evil the Democrat Party has become. Who in their right mind would select a practicing Pedophile, who is clearly mentally challenged, as well? Democrats have finally shown their true nature. Now, true American Patriot’s need to step up and show theirs at the next election cycle!

  3. Unlike American Lame steam Media ,
    Other countries don’t lie to patrons !
    Save dictator nations and commies !
    In 1936 Adolph Hitler was time life magazines Man of the year !
    The Democrat party loves him today !

  4. I would certainly hope they would both be “big” enough to put petty differences aside and continue the good relationship they enjoyed.

  5. Trump and Netanyahu are political pros and friends. This will be water under the bridge, if both return to office by 2024. I hope that will be the case for the sake of the U.S., Israel, and the world.

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