REPORT: New Data Says Unvaccinated NOT Who Media Says They Are

If you listen to mainstream media, you would think every Democrat and liberal, regardless of race or creed, has been vaccinated.

It is Republicans and conservatives, specifically white Trump supporters, that are failing to take the jab.

Well, a new report put out by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) just blew that narrative right out of the water.

We Are Being Lied To…

Let me give you a few recent headlines or snippets from left-leaning publications…

POLITICO: “The Biden administration is casting conservative opponents of its COVID-19 vaccine campaign as dangerous and extreme, adopting a more aggressive political posture in an attempt to maneuver through the public health conundrum.”

Vanity Fair: “Joe Biden is done coddling conservatives and their anti-vaccine bulls**t.”

The Intelligencer: “The willfully unvaccinated are the newest Republican martyrs.”

The funny thing is, those reports are misleading at best and outright lies at worst.

The KFF data just obliterates those narratives completely.

The study states, “The percent of White people who have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose (48%) was roughly 1.3 times higher than the rate for Black people (36%) and 1.2 times higher than the rate for Hispanic people (41%) as of July 19, 2021.”

Here is another cruel little twist…

Among the states with the lowest vaccination rates are what Democrats would consider to be red states: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Do you know what else these states have that the media ignores? Large minority populations.

Issues & Insights also recently released information on some of the biggest anti-vaxxer movements in the country, writing, “The ‘dirty dozen’ of anti-COVID vaccine influencers compiled by one research group is made up of people such as: a Nation of Islam member, a regular columnist at the left-wing Huffington Post, the head of the Urban Global Health Alliance, a ‘holistic psychiatrist,’ a former owner of an organic farm, several alternative medicine quacks, and long-time anti-vaxxers including … Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”

The report continued, “Not exactly a bunch of right-wing Trump supporters.

“In fact, some in this ‘dirty dozen’ have targeted the black community with anti-vax messages.”

Like we said, at best, the media is being misleading. At worst, they are printing outright lies to target conservatives and Republicans.

Source: The Blaze

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25 Responses

  1. Don’t the Democratic politicians have anything else to do but make up various ways to not state the truth?

    1. They found out they are s*rewed and want us to be as well. Misery loves company.

  2. So Big Tech…what about all this disinformation about vaccine that the dems are posting? Will they be taken off your site? So far they have been allowed any disinformation they want to put out there.

  3. I wouldn’t believe one thing that this government says after the total, bald faced lies that they have already told us !! I also WILL NOT BE “MANDATED” TO DO ANYTHING BY ANYBODY, PERIOD !!! I do not take orders from government idiots and WILL make my own decisions about EVERYTHING that I do without the “HELP” (interference) of anyone !!! The government works for ME, not the other way around and I will not be told what I can and cannot do, I only answer to GOD ALL MIGHTY, no one else !!!! Confront me at your own risk, I am a free American !!!!

    1. J.R.
      You are 100% right. I don’t Understand WHY BIDEN is even still in OFFICE The Dems LIED and Cheated to get Him there ALL HE has Done is DISTROY what TRUMP DID WHY Putthe A– Hole LIEING A– in Jail along with his Son

  4. Everyone, did you know that this web site will delete your respone if they don’t like what you have to say. Mine was just deleted.

  5. With the border wide open and the influx of Covid carriers how can the government mandate anything? Sorry, close the border then we might listen to you!

  6. Man , what a SURPRISE that the dems. are the worst at dragging their feet and the minorities are the most complicit . Who would have believed it?

  7. 1. The Democrates that ran from Texas were all fully vaccinated. How can they be “superspreaders?”. 2. They the White House will not devolve how many cases they really have… CUOMO? CMON MAN. GIVES US THE REAL TRUTH‼️

  8. maybe if biden would close the border covid wouldnt be so bad. all these illegals coming in sick with it are unvaccinated too. Its bidens fault covid is so bad

  9. I agree, close the borders back up and quit inviting infected people in here. Biden is making the infection here a lot worse. He has changed America in less than a year. I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon. I’m praying Trump can get back in there in 2022, then it might get better. I didn’t love everything he said all the time, but he sure cared about us a lot more then the clown in there now.

  10. I’ll get the jab when Biden and the Demonrats admit they rigged the election and not until then

  11. Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) statistics seem to give a strong impression that it’s more of an individual decision than a political one. You could also say it’s cultural. Being the majority of ethnic groups have a mistrust of their government’s honesty. People have always put out false information and people should have enough sense to make their own decisions. With all this radical stuff going on and hearing that all information is being censored. Probably causing even more distrust. If it is misinformation talk about it and clear it up.

  12. Both my primary care doctor, and my cardiologist specifically told me not to take the jab because of blood clots I developed in January.

    1. It’s lovely how the msm doesn’t like to mention exceptions to their wishes, especially when trying to collude with the private sector. Should your employer make “the jab” a requirement, who will stand with these people? Politicians just muddy the water.

  13. hey i ain’t taking that crap poison regardless uk dang vaccine takers are just as vulnerable to the virus as the non takers considering 41% of the recent covid outbreak over there have already been fully vaccinated but they ain’t gonna show you that nor are they telling you the full story of the side effects and the sterility issues among other things all that matters to them is the #’s not whether it leaves you childless or causes deformities in your children down the road or drops the bottom out of your heart or lungs a month down the road no i am waiting to take the covid and get over it like nature intended and get my antibodies from it not the folks that created this mess and every damn one of them should be hanged for genocide for their parts in this.

  14. Things aren’t adding up, as far as the virus is concerned, there’s over a 98 percent recovery rate, if this is true, then why is there so much hoopla about getting vaccinated. Yet the southern border is wide open and the illegals coming across haven’t had any shots. It’s all just another way to keep track of every body.

  15. Agree with all posts! Something isn’t right with those vaccines! They aren’t supposed to cause health issues such as blood clots, myocardia and other issues. And how, if you are fully vaccinated, do you still contract the virus? Someone needs to tell the truth here.

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