New Dem Enters Florida Governor’s Race to Defeat DeSantis

Democrats have thrown everything they have at Ron DeSantis so far in the early stages of this governor’s race.

They have failed.

Every candidate has failed to get any real grip, so the Dems are putting a new hat into the ring.

Enter State Senator Annette Taddeo

Dems and the media will say that DeSantis is struggling, but the data tells a far different story.

To that point, neither Charlie Crist nor Nikki Fried has generated enough of a dent into DeSantis’ polling numbers to pose a real threat.

So, Florida State Senator Annette Taddeo has entered the race.

While she is clearly getting a late start and behind the other two candidates, she is expected to gain the party’s full support to surpass both of them.

Taddeo is already going after DeSantis on his stance for allowing parents to decide if kids should wear masks and get the vaccine.

She stated, “When the governor decided to politicize our kids health and well-being that was one thing too much.”

She is also taking the tack that DeSantis is only governing for conservatives, not the entire state.

Taddeo is hoping to unite the candidates, throwing an olive branch out to Charlie Crist after announcing.

She stated, “This race is not about Charlie, it’s not about me.

“It’s about the future of Florida. Democrats are going to have a choice to make about who is the fighter who is going to stand tall on our values.”

Taddeo was on Crist’s ticket as his Lt. Governor in 2014, so he quickly returned the kind words.

Crist stated, “Time and time again, Annette has stood up for her community, and that’s why I asked her to be my Lieutenant Governor in 2014.

“Annette will bring spirit, heart, and important perspective to this race.”

Taddeo is also going to have to decide whether to resign, as there are campaign laws in place that will not allow her to raise campaign funds for another office while the State Senate is in session.

If she does not resign her position, she will not be able to raise money during that two-month stint, which could cripple her campaign financially.

Source: Politico

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19 Responses

  1. Of course Taddeo has entered the race for governor, Democrats can’t afford responsible leadership, it shows how inept they are and they can’t have that.

  2. She’s just another hypocritical Lefty criticizing The Governor that every stinking Democrat has done with the China virus. They used it as a weapon against all American in the pursuit of power. So sad that they think they know better than us parents. Just more of the same BS.

  3. She will never beat DeSantis fairly, even though our election officials are dems they ran a great election in 2020. They are both new and hopefully still have the decency to keep the election fair. DeSantis has beaten down bitme far more than any other Governor and we stand behind him. He kept our state working and free from the mandates and shutdowns. If a dem was to win here it would be another NYC and most would probably leave like they did from NYC.

  4. “She stated, “When the governor decided to politicize our kids health and well-being that was one thing too much.””
    AAAH, excuse me, but, hasn’t the biden/illegal harris and their democrat cartel already done this?

    1. Yep, If Desantis has done anything he has taken steps towards depoliticizing the response to the China virus.

  5. Good Morning there’s no reason for the people of Florida to elect anyone else but DeSantis unless they don’t want the freedom’s that the dems are running like my state nj and the even the united states are lossing the freedoms of choice but the democrats want to run everything there way which is wrong so Wake ⏰up America United We Stand Divided We Fall Remember M A G A Americans

  6. She’s a low life radical leftist who will destroy Florida instead of making it a great state like DeSantis has done.

  7. Governor DeSantis I stand with you and hope we have all learned a hard lesson from the democrats! DeSantis has done well for the people of Florida. MAGA and stay the course!

  8. DeSantis has to react to all the bad actions thrown at him!
    Parents have the right to decide whether to mask and/or vaccinate their children. Period!
    He did not politicize either mandates! The Dems are the ones who politicize everything! I’m surprised that haven’t thrown the racist card or climate control at him over this yet!! YET!!
    Keep up the good work DeSantis!

  9. Me up the good work De Santis stay the course, maybe others will follow. We need strong leadership in our country.

  10. So another democrat that says that parents have no right to decide for their kids if they should wear masks guess the democrats think that they know what is best for other peoples children

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